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Ex-adult film star Bree Olson - one of Charlie Sheen's former live-in "Goddesses" - has been unable to find fulfilling work after dumping her lucrative pornography career, but she is receiving helpful tips from Anthony Weiner's sexting gal pal. Olson, 29, wiped a lone tear from her face during an interview recorded last year for "Real Women, Real Stories," a viral video revealing her struggle adjusting to a world outside the porn industry. Instead of working toward a college diploma, she now works as a cam model - performing live sex acts on the Internet, CNN reports. Her heartbreaking message published last week garnered support from Sydney Leathers, an adult actress who received notoriety as the sexting partner of former mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. BreeOlson it's definitely not easy but it's possible! I'm graduating in May. CHARLIE SHEEN WAS NOT HONEST ABOUT HIS HIV SAYS BREE OLSON.

There isn't a reader in the universe who expects Joe Somebody's blogspot site to compete for credibility in reporting with a seasoned reporter from a billion dollar media conglomerate with unlimited resources and access. And, if there is, then that reader is a moron. And probably comments on perezhilton. This isn't to say journalism is better than blogging.

They're just different, and quality obviously varies within them. There is good journalism and shoddy journalism, just as there is good blogging and shoddy blogging. Part of what makes a Woody Paige column or a Jay Mariotti column so execrable is that they hold absolutely NO journalistic value of any kind. It's just braindead yammering, which makes it doubly insulting since it neither informs or enlightens, which is very least anyone should expect from a piece of journalism. Compare that to a blog, where there is NO expectation of any kind on the reader's part or, at least, there shouldn't be.

There is only the hope that you will be reading something interesting.

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And, if what you're reading happens to be a Big Lead movie review, you're gonna be shit out of luck. The problem is that many journalists, and in turn many readers, have a deeply held belief that the printed word on paper or electronically holds more weight than the spoken word.

That it is somehow sacrosanct. But that's not true on blogs, or on message boards, or on text messages. In these new forms of media, the written word is just as disposable and frivolous as a conversation between me and you and talking with me is like taking a dip in an empty kiddie pool. And it's foolish to assume otherwise.

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Most sports blogs are run by fans, and serve mainly as an online extension of the friendly banter we all engage in about sports on a daily basis. It's not journalism. It's a blog. It's its own thing, and the two needn't be confused. Yet time and again, this is what happens. And not just with journalists. But with readers as well. You know MJD moved to Yahoo this week. Check out these comments on his comments post about Herschel Walker's battle with multiple personality disorder:.

Please remove this post. Then proceed to removing this writer. Another example that there's no such thing as an editor in the age of "internet journalism".

Dafabet eSports aims to bring eSports fans and enthusiasts across the globe the latest eSports news and views. As one of the most trusted eSports betting website in Asia, we provide previews and round ups of eSports matches as well as providing interesting facts, figures and betting predictions After Porn Ends *** 1/2 (out of 4) Director Bryce Wagoner takes a look at various porn stars and find out how they got into the business, what the work was like and then what they did with their lives after their career. Asia Carrera, Luke Ford, Mary Carey, Nina Hartley, Houston, John Leslie, Amber Lynn, Crissy Moran, Richard Pacheco, Raylene and Seka are just a few of the names who are Ex-adult film star Bree Olson - one of Charlie Sheen's former live-in "Goddesses" - has been unable to find fulfilling work after dumping her lucrative pornography career, but she is receiving

I am SHOCKED at what i just read - I seriously can't believe a supposed "professional sports column" allowed this peice sic of garbage to be published - it's not even journalism, it's borderline MySpace drivel and I'm ashamed of Yahoo-Sports for allowing it.

These jackasses all assume MJD is trying to be Mike Silver, or some sort of accredited journalist. He's not, nor is that his responsibility. His job at Yahoo is entertain, not inform. He's there to be the Mighty MJD, to tell some jokes and kick some fucking ass. And if they can't appreciate the difference, FUCK THEM. It's a fucking blog. And, to prove to you just how lacking in journalistic ethics this whole enterprise is:.

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there are no fucking games this week. FUCK YOU, NFL. Super Bowl sites are announced years in advance, and tickets for the game are sold out months ahead of time. You fucks really need an extra week to get ready? Give me the goddamn game. Quit prolonging my fucking misery and get to it already. Way to put the "Bowl" in Super Bowl, cockknockers.

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Thought I sat around all day with my pants around my ankles masturbating to pictures of Summer Glau wearing a skirt indid you? Yeah, it's true. But sometimes I pause to cook up some shit. I'm a Renaissance man like that.

Cooking will get you laid. Look at Bobby Flay.

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That guy gets mad pussy. All because he knows how to grill a ham steak.

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He's my hero. There's no easier way to impress ladies than to invite them over to your house and feed them a halfway decent meal. It lets them know that you're the type of guy who cares enough to boil some pasta. It gives them the illusion that you're the sort of fellow who will take good care of them.

The movie could had also feature, life as an ex-pornstar while living in other countries. There are countless ex-pornstars in Italy, and Japan, alone.

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It would nice to see how strict, or sexual freedom, the politics are in those countries. The movie didn't even mention some of the biggest stars that the industry had. No mention of John Holmes, Traci Lords, Jenna Jameson, Linda Lovelace, Ron Jeremy and others was a letdown. In my opinion, the movie could had been told better. Many academics and spiritual leaders are consulted for their interpretation on the many pron stars interview clips.

I was disappointed and hoping that their would be more non-porn academics speaking here on these matters.

By interviewing the porn stars now, you seldom get an honest answer to even the most investigative questions. What I saw in this film that was my questionable conclusion from the film's beginning you hear adults giving rationalizations for their bad behavior or "Sour grapes".

You hear some honest regret. You see how some people have a harder acceptance of life's 'learning curve' with the sex industry. I don't see why they couldn't make better choices for their lives from the beginning. Any industry that equates people's self-worth with sex, drugs, and money should be a red-flag for all to keep away from.

Crissy Moran - American Woman

The film was a disappointment. Despite the provocative poster and provocative title, there's very little provocative material in here. For what you were actually expecting, I'd recommend Louis Theroux's documentaries on the subject.

After Porn Ends seems content with the fact that porn stars have to exist after the cameras stop rolling, and after they retire; and as such, it meanders.

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There's no great sense of purpose or depth to any of the questions. Its more than a bit depressing, but not in a fascinating way like in Theroux's works. Having said all that, some of the stars are quite likable in small doses so I got some enjoyment out of that.

Just not very much. estreet-eva 10 October Before we start, a quick nit - why the "Ends" in the title, it doesn't add any understand-ability and it sounds more dramatic without it.

Anyway, the documentary which covers precisely the material as advertised could easily have been a "Frontline" installment except for the spliced in footage of the subjects' past lives. Kudos to Bryce Wagoner for using that footage both sparingly and as archival material rather than wallowing in it to raise the titillation factor of the film. Also kudos for a balanced presentation between "actors" who suffered from their prior involvement with those who profited from it and those for whom it was just something they did for a living in the past like selling insurance or bookkeeping.

After Porn Ends: Directed by Bryce Wagoner. With Amber Lynn, Asia Carrera, Bobby Slayton, Crissy Moran. An exploration of the lives of several former adult Selena Gomez. Compare Taylor to her bestie, and Selena is pretty average at 5'5" and size 7 shoe. It really puts in perspective how tiny Taylor's feet are for her height. But apparently size doesn Teigen, 30, faced an awkward moment when she posed for photographs at the AMAs, showing so much skin that some images had to be blurred. "I was walking. It floated. It's over. I can't take

Of course, this does take some of heat out of the proceedings and the film does allow the audience's minds to wonder on several occasions particularly during extended interviews. Also, the subject is limited: of course, most former stars will go on to some of a normal life while others will hang on to the industry given a lack of other employment options.

In short, a tidy but limited documentary. take2docs 14 May If you've ever wondered what becomes of a porn actress once she is put out to pasture, AFTER PORN ENDS examines that very curiosity, and more than satisfactorily so. Moreover, the documentary helps to explain how it is some women end up working in the porn industry. For a few it's the fame that attracts them to the business; for the majority, however, it is strictly the money. I'm guessing none feel they are divinely called to this line of work, and with good reason.

One learns that even the most popular of porn stars work only a few years in the biz. The industry simply isn't kind to cellulite, double chins, crow's-feet, liver spots, and the like. Rare is the actress who's over the hill and still performing. By thirty, most female porn stars have hung up their panties and have moved on to other attire. You may be wondering, what previous job skills and experience do these ladies possess that would look good on a resume or be impressive to one conducting a job interview?

The good news is is that for most of these women they somehow manage to ease their way into the workforce and make the transition effortlessly, and are not entirely stigmatized for the remainder of their lives, if at all.

Here we meet a former porn actress turned Christian activist. Three of the eleven subjects which the movie spotlights are men. One of them talks about the decision he made to become a porn actor over the life of a rabbi. Another among the eight, following her retirement from the industry, ended up running for governor of California and finished in tenth place.

These are for the most part post-smut success stories. Far from landing up in the gutter, we're introduced to still other former porn actresses who would go onto become counselors, or real estate agents, or private detectives. No joke! So much for their not being cut out for the daily grind.

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AFTER PORN ENDS is tastefully presented i. Non-explicit and does not glamorize what is essentially in the eyes of many a degrading, loathsome industry.

We learn, for instance, about the dysfunctional backgrounds a lot of these women had prior to their starring in pornos and how some of them were runaways. It is interesting that some of these women were discovered and approached by industry recruiters while at one time enrolled in modeling school or as contestants in beauty pageants.

So sad that these women were brought down to the level of the demeaning sleazeball. Fortunately, their time spent in the industry was brief and for some was a regrettable experience. As with the one former actress who, upon exiting, started a foundation that helps to rescue women from the industry.

ascheland 5 March Changing careers is never easy, but it's even harder when your previous job includes starring in movies with titles like "Sorority Sex Kittens 3" and "Backstage Sluts," and doing anal is listed as a special skill.

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Bryce Wagoner's documentary, "After Porn Ends," interviews a variety of ex-porn stars to find out how they transitioned from adult video stardom to more mainstream lives. Real estate seems to be the preferred profession for a lot of them, though none of the women who went into that field-Houston, Raylene, Amber Lynn-stayed in it.

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Asia Carrera became a stay-at-home mom, while Crissy Moran and Shelley Lubben became born-again-Christians, renouncing their porn pasts. Self-employment is the easier path to building a life outside of porn: Randy West became a semi-pro golfer; the late John Leslie was a musician and painter a pretty good one, too ; and, perhaps the most interesting career switch, Tyffany Million a.

Sandra Margot became a P. and bounty hunter. Seka is self-employed, but earns money from her website, capitalizing on her porn fame. Mary Carey used her porn notoriety to get some D-list recognition on reality shows and a couple publicity-grabbing runs for governor of California. Though "After Porn Ends" is fascinating, many of the stories start to sound alike. For the women, the narrative usually involves running away from an abusive family and battling drug and alcohol problems. For the men it's often a less complicated "Can you believe they PAY ME to have sex with all these women?

Though a good number of the former sex stars are fairly well-grounded - notably Pacheco, Leslie, Seka, Million - there is, predictably, a lot of sadness here. The pain is not always explicitly detailed and seldom explored, but it's usually visible.

Just look at the eyes. Lubben, whose videography is so scant it barely justifies her inclusion in this documentary, and Moran seem to have psychological scars that go beyond their porn careers-scars that a devotion to God hasn't fully healed. As porn legend Nina Hartley observes: "A lot of people who are in porn have no business being in it.

One of those pitfalls, it seems, is dealing with men like Ford and Margold, both of whom make it clear they don't have a high opinion of women in the industry men in the X-biz are cool, though. Ford refers to women in porn as "prostitutes" and "hookers," and while starring in porn is similar, Ford's disdain is disingenuous.

Margold at least acknowledges the hypocrisy of porn consumers looking down on adult video stars, but otherwise he's a Hawaiian shirt-wearing stereotype of a sleazy flesh peddler. Director Wagoner himself offers little insight, letting his subjects speak for themselves.

On the surface this hands-off approach is a positive thing, preventing any moralizing or self-conscious sniggering, but there are several instances where I wished he'd asked follow-up questions, like when Lubben talks about how she and the man she eventually married got high on meth and discussed the bible!

As other reviewers have mentioned, making a documentary about the lives of retired porn stars is so obvious it's amazing it hasn't been done before. Though Wagoner does a respectable job with "After Porn Ends," it's hardly definitive.

There's room for this subject to be done again. iNickR 13 January In fact, that's the exact reason why I watched this doc from However, in reality, I'm disappointed that it didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know. That's just one of many issues I have with this doc. They tell their story in the first person, revealing their admiration's and hesitations about their past and current lives. They explain how and why they entered the industry and the feelings they experienced along they way.

Take your best guess on how they answered these questions and you'll probably be right. Paul Thomas Anderson's "Boogie Nights" pretty much hits the nail right on the head about what it's like before, during and after the on-camera sex.

What I learned from that movie already confirmed what I guessed to be true about the real porn world, making this documentary moot. Some of the women were tricked into it, and some were sexually abused as children, and some felt that sex was the same as love and that's why they stayed.

That's pretty much the gist of this doc and Boogie Nights: art imitating life imitating art. Watch that instead. Swish-pans and quick-zooms that look like the editor forgot to cover them up with B-roll. Actually, considering the amount of material these porn stars shot in their lifetime, I was expecting a lot more B-roll and less talking-head. If you need to have a second clip of someone talking, fine, just make sure you have seconds of interesting visuals to cover that.

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You learn that in your first year of film school. What I found the most interesting were the scholars talking about the psychological affect the industry has on both porn-stars and viewers, and how being an adult film star current or former will follow you everywhere until your death. Like the mafia, "you are never really out. I know, right, tell you something you didn't already know. This documentary is a great look at the effects of working in the porn industrybut you do need to take some of what is said with a certain amount of salt.

Shelley Lubben, for example, is clearly unhinged and almost everything that she says in this and in interviews in other places is at best a distortion of the truth. She was severely mentally ill and worked as a prostitute for several years before working in porn, but somehow the porn industry ruined her life.

Anyway, it's a great look at the industry, and one thing that really stuck with me is that it's difficult to tell in some cases whether or not the person was damaged by the industry or if they were already carrying scars from earlier events in their lives.

johnmiasjo 18 May Ok I watched 20 minutes of it and turn it off, Netflix has another show on porn documentary called "Hot girls wanted" this is great this After porn ends will show you women past their prime and old guys, I mean I am sure guys want to see women only but is not an interesting story who cares what this people do after porn, I am sure they will make a sequel called After porn Ends elderly porn stars, skip this one is horrible, director go for the hot young chicks next time far more interesting.

pacvik 13 October The stories are the stories of people. John Leslie Self as Self.

The liquid in the pot should reduce into a nice, thick stew. Dip in a chip to see if the You can use it to show ass naked pictures of Crissy Moran dry humping a balance beam (I strongly

Juliana Gordon Self as Self. Kathleen Lucas Self - John Leslie's Wife as Self - John Leslie's Wife as Kathleen Leslie. Luke Ford Self as Self. Mary Carey Self as Self. Nina Hartley Self as Self. Randy West Self as Self. Raylene Self as Self.

Richard Pacheco Self as Self. Tiffany Million Self as Self as Sandra Scott. Seka Self as Self.

Bryce Wagoner. More like this. Storyline Edit. After Porn Ends is a documentary that not only examines the lives and careers of some of the biggest names in the history of the adult entertainment industry but what happens to them after they leave the business and try and live the "normal" lives that millions of other Americans enjoy.

They hailed from the rural South, steel towns, and the San Fernando Valley. As teenagers and young adults, none of them thought that porn was in their future.

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They were artists, baseball players, child prodigies, and even Ivy Leaguers. Now, after their lives in porn, they're TV stars, bounty hunters, writers, and social activists. What happened in between?

And, now that they've moved on, can they really live a normal life after porn? porn porn industry adult film industry porno porn star 13 more.

Can they really live a normal life after porn?

simply magnificent idea

Not Rated. Did you know Edit. Trivia Tiffany Million was known as Tiffany Mellon when she wrestled for GLOW-the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling-in the mid-'80s. She always wore a sexy shiny gold costume and her gimmick was that of a wealthy New Yorker.

She always seemed to lose her matches, often in devastating fashion and pinned after she was on the receiving end of a pile driver or some other big finishing move. Quotes Asia Carrera : [on their exit from the porn industry] The other girls leave with a bad taste in their mouth and they Connections Features Talk Dirty to Me

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