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No way would I ever care that much. lucy van pelt Repeat the sounding joy ROCK STAR.

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yet you were all riveted to KOAM what time did he start? My lineage is English, I got up to watch Charles and Diana, I watched William and Kate I will watch Harry and Megan I enjoy it. Last edited: May 14, QList Q is for "I have Questions" Stern Graphic Tormentor.

lucy van pelt said:. yet you were all riveted to KOM Felt Pelty Who me?

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Dlist said:. That was when monarchs had power. Now, not so much. I will watch royal weddings right after I watch the return of Super Train.

Don t give a rats ass

Msb83 Friend of the Court ROCK STAR. It already gets too much news as it is. I wonder if Pippa has a pretty english whisker crumpet?

You must log in or register to reply here. Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Email Share Link. That is, a trifle. Patootie is taking on the meaning of "rear end" by the late '30s, and somewhere between there and the '60s we have the emergence of "I don't give a horse's patootie," where patootie is an obvious euphemism.

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Ergo, "I don't give a rat's ass" is a humorous back-formation of the same idea, made a bit punchier for effect.

I have heard the phrase came from the military in WWII.

Define don't give a rat's ass. don't give a rat's ass synonyms, don't give a rat's ass pronunciation, don't give a rat's ass translation, English dictionary definition of don't give a rat's ass. n. pl. asses 1   Ergo, "I don't give a rat's ass" is a humorous back-formation of the same idea, made a bit punchier for effect. "I don't give a flying f_ck" is common by the early '70s and the construction is a common trope. Share. Improve this answer. Follow I don't care. Worker: "I was late to work because my car broke down goddamit!" Boss: "I couldn't give a rat's ass if you got anally raped this morning!You're fired!"

When US soldiers saw the Japanese flag they called in a "flying rat's ass" go look at flag. And they didn't care for it at all!

  Don't give a shit about the royal family but I'd be getting up at 4am on a Saturday to watch them eat some box. Reactions: Beth's Arab, Gary_Puppet, pelican season and 1 other person A Mysterious Man   I Don't Give A Rat's Ass. It's just general slang that started up sometime during the 20th century. While nobody knows for sure how it came Answer (1 of 3): This encyclopedia entry explains everything. ;) Under the section entitled "Rat's ass in ancient times", it says: "In ancient Greek times people would sacrifice rat's ass to the gods. If someone didn't sacrifice any rat's ass, than it was said they didn't care about the gods. So

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Learn more. Where did the phrase "I don't give a rat's ass" come from? Ask Question.

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Asked 10 years, 5 months ago. Active 5 years, 4 months ago. Viewed k times. I would love to know the origin of this saying.

  How many times have you heard or used these sayings? Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment suggestions for upcoming "Stupid Sayings" videos!Twitter - http: Author: The Average Nobodies   Provided to YouTube by DistroKidI Don't Give a Rat's Ass Rap RatzI Don't Give a Rat's Ass? Spark It ProReleased on: Auto-generated by Rap Ratz - Topic

etymology phrases offensive-language. think about it, they dont give a rats ass. they dont they scream the house down. The African Tokolos.

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He will bite your ass if you dont sleep on bricks. it came form your butt and ass. I think it means " I am going to come over and kick your stink ass" muli is ass, muli elo is stinky ass.

he likes it dont worry. You dont do that lmfao. Kick Ass was a Marvel comic book, published under Marvel's Icon imprint in February cuz they come from your ass duhhhhhhhhh. Realy,i dont think you need to,ass long as you have a house and a bed.

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YOU DONT. You have to evolve eevee to get vaporeon.

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It is believed that they originated in the arid regions of the Horn of Africa. i dont know im not a smart ass you know!!!!

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See Answer. Best Answer. I Don't Give A Rat's Ass It's just general slang that started up sometime during the 20th century.

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Source: Mindlesscrap One theory: there used to be a bounty on rat's heads, and you could turn them in to the county office for a nickel a piece. This answer is: ?? Helpful. Q: Where did I don't give a rats ass come from? Write your answer Related questions. How many shark spieces are there?

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Is Hawaii a hometown for Texans? John Cena why when you were in Alabama did you not come and see your fans one whoose dad died in Iraq?

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What country has the most letter a in the word and also ending in a? What are some good signs when pet rats first meet?

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