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Ducktail hairstyles originated at os, but so far ducktail hairstyles have remained generally attractive. Modern ducktail hairstyles are as varied as women. Ducktail hairstyle maintenance and upkeep requires a lot of attention. A man must have thick hair to complete this hairstyle, because styling involves combing the hair on the side down to the back, and the hair on the side will merge to form a central portion or fold. The forehead is usually a pompadour or slicked back hair. Make sure you are using a good hair product, such as a styling gel. Otherwise, it will look strange and may deform after a while.

For a unique take on the classic style, brush the sides back and then up to form a horizontal line along the midsection of your hair.

The piecey strands on the sides look perfectly styled and we love how they meet in a choppy line down the middle.

This adds a nice texture without that heavy vintage vibe. You know what would make a mohawk even bolder?

02/04/  Ducktail hairstyles originated at os, but so far ducktail hairstyles have remained generally attractive. This is actually a back-curved hairstyle similar to a duck's tail. Modern ducktail hairstyles are as varied as women. Ducktail haircuts are like magic wands that can change someone's appearance in a minute and magically add a retro feel 01/07/  The ducktail is a classic cut dating back to the 50s, where both sides of the hair are slicked back to meet in the middle. There are loads of variations of this style, allowing you to get a look as classic or as modern as you want. In this picture guide, we're walking through ten of the top ducktail hairstyles for men. 1 / 17 Hair was greased with oil or brylcream and combed into a ducktail at the back. That's why it was also named a duckbill, duck butt or duck ass (D.A.) hairstyle. The "greaser look" was also used to describe a group of people in the 50s. Boys would wear white T-shirts, black leather jackets, black tight jeans and black boots

This is the style you need to copy if you want to go for the quintessential ducktail. It has that heavy vintage feel with its slick look, extreme height, and very pronounced line running down the entire length.

Try adding a little more variety to the top of your hair for a different take on the ducktail. This style features a part on either side of the head for extra pizzazz.

by barber. Who doesn't love old school cool?

by The Editors Of H. September 16, Inverted Ducktail on Crop This inverted ducktail hairstyle takes the concept of the ducktail and flips it around.

Modern Ducktail with Tapered Neckline This is a more modern take on the ducktail, where the slicked sides have been layered onto the back hair.

Front Volume and Curly Ducktail For a twist on the regular ducktail, use the line along the middle as a guide for adding extra volume at the front. Adscape International, LLC. PO Box Brandywine, MD We would love your feedback.

Previous Next. The D. About Bad Fads Thank you for visiting the Bad Fads Museum. To ensure that the hair was just so, the wearer often touched up the D. many times during the day by running his greased comb through it.

This led to a stylized means of handling the comb by drawing it out of the back pocket of a pair of jeans using the extended index and middle finger, and, holding it thus, running the comb through the two side "wings" of the style to adjust their shape.

The character "Kookie", played by Edd Byrnes on the s television drama show 77 Sunset Strip was constantly tending his hair in this manner, leading to Byrnes's hit song with Connie Stevens, "Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb".

Tutorial haircut elephant trunk / the ted / duck ass / jelly roll

The D. quickly became a stereotypical feature of rebels and nonconformists, and gained popularity especially after the rise of rock'n roll legend Elvis Presley, who sported the same look.

Although the ducktail was adopted by Hollywood to represent the wild youth of the Fifties, only a minority of males actually sported a D. The style became popular in India after film star Shammi Kapoor started sporting it. The lyrics warning the listener, "Don't mess with my ducktails", echo Carl Perkins's " Don't Step on My Blue Suede Shoes", which appeared the same year.

Several characters in various comics, manga, and anime sport DAs. For example, It is common to many characters in the series Jojo's Bizarre Adventuremost notably Josuke Higashikata, who is identified by the hairstyle. The Happy Days character Fonzie also has one, as do "Squiggy" David Lander and "Lenny" Michael McCean on the TV series Laverne and Shirley.

Al Davis also has worn his hair in a DA, as did Ken Wahl in his role as Vinnie Terranova in the dressier sequences of the cult TV drama, Wiseguy.

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12/01/  #2 Elvis Presley Inspired Ducktail Haircut. The King of Rock N' Roll is the best source of inspiration for a symmetrical ducktail. After dabbing your hair with pomade, use a pick comb from the front to the back for the airy top and a roller brush along the sides for a 26/11/  Ducktail haircut womens the front duck is just as common as the back it looks just as great. Hair is combed from the sides to form parallel sections in the rear. Apply top quality styling gel to the hair then comb the hair from front to sideways on the back creating a central part on the backside. Layered short haircut for women 27/07/  The D.A. (short for Duck's Ass) was the haircut of the s for cool white males. Formed by combing the hair back on the side of the head and holding it with place with hair grease (hence the term greasers), the hairstyle was created by Philadelphia barber Joe Cirella in and took off when it was worn by television, movie and musical
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