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Disable the NSFW warnings that refer to content considered inappropriate in the workplace N ot S uitable F or W ork. According to HipHopRX. Afterward, you can see, Eminem along with his entourage apparently walking out of the Awards ceremony. Was this a prank, or was it a real accident? Was Eminem really angry or was he in on it? What many people are wondering now is whether the incident was real or fake?! Read Later Add to Favourites Add to Collection.

He was subsequently lowered upside-down into the lap of Eminem, with the actor's nearly naked bottom planted in the face of the visibly disgusted rapper - whose entourage roughly removed Cohen before Eminem stormed out, cursing.

Eminem said Cohen called him when he was in Europe with an idea to do something outrageous at the Movie Awards.

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Scott Aukerman, one of the ceremony's comedy writers, posted on his blog earlier this week that the incident was "all anyone wants to talk about. The incident was the most memorable highlight of the two-hour, celebrity-heavy event and was subsequently streamed more thantimes on the MTV. com website during the 24 hours following the Sunday night show, MTV said. Eminem admits 'butt' incident with Bruno staged, website reports CBC News Loaded.

What an idiot.

He was in on it Fish writer is pissed he did not get man nuts in his face during the show, he had to wait until after. As much as i hate this dude, he was in on this joke, watch the video. He was mic'd which is wht you can hear eminem, how else would you have heard eminem talking? As much of an asshole Eminem is, he wouldn't run out of the venue like a little bitch if this was not staged. If however, i do learn it was in fact real, all his fans should take his music to their local dumpster because who would be able to support such a whiny fag who can dish it and not take it.

Anyways, he was in on it.

He was wearing a microphone, and they had cameras to capture every angle. LOL Eminem for believing MTV will help him move units. I heard that he was in on it, obviously, since he was mic' but that he had no knowledge that SBC would be wearing a thong. In other words, he knew SBC would be falling on him and stuff, but not that he'd have his ass and nuts in his face. as might the Backstreet Boys. BiggStankDogg - June 1, AM. BRUNO was mic'd, jackasses. What good publicity comes from having nuts in your face then storming off likea baby on television?

To Amanda: That sort of makes sense, that he would be in on it then get all pissy cause a fast one was pulled on him, LMFAO so great. Maybe how he landed was the problem and that Em was pissed he landed with his ass on his face - possibly expecting that he'd land on his lap.

Plus, how many bodyguards does he need? There were 4 guys there - no one sits with that many people - especially at an awards show! These guys were needed to throw Bruno around to make it look like it was an accident - well done guys!

Richard McBeef - June 1, AM. the little track thing SBC is on stops right above Eminem's head, the camera cuts to E being showered with feathers, then SBC slowly descends on to Em's head while he fails to get out of the way Who the fuck still watches MTV anyway? Oh right, tweens and tween wannabe 30 year old women with a twilight obession and the reading skills of 8th grader.

Alli Watermelon - June 1, AM. Dude, it's Sasha. Not some random guy. You guys need to remove the sticks from your ass.

Eminem admits 'butt' incident with Bruno staged, website reports. Rapper Eminem has reportedly admitted that everything about the outrageous bare-buttock incident involving provocative actor Sacha Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins eminem was NOT in on the joke, sasha was mic'd that's how you heard em's voice, and duh cameras were all over the place, the awards had cameraman everywhere to film celebs in the audience, eminem is a known homophobe, he would never allow a man's naked butt to be in his face, and em's album is already out and at number 1 so he wouldn't need the publicity, but sacha cohen teams up with eminem for great entertainment!!!

That was hilarious! Get a sense of humor LOL. And it appears to me. that Eminem WAS in on it. Hahahaha even if he wasn't. I would have laughed if it happened to me! He got a taste of his own medicine: humiliation.

Maybe now he'll stop talking shit about people in his music. Oh wait SBC is probably the last one. Meream - June 1, PM. Horse Mailman - June 1, PM. Um, I think you guys are confusing the issue here, between, was it staged and was eminem in on it.

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Of course it was staged, no question about that. Was he in on it? Not so sure, he looked pissed as hell and he isn't that good of an actor. Yeah, you could hear what he was saying, Sasha was mic'd, and they do have they things called parabolic mic's, so I don't think just because you can hear what eminem is saying that proves he was in on it. Also, he could have been rolling with his entourage because he was worried Mariah Carey was going to put a beat down on him.

I agree with Matt, many of you are confusing whether it was staged vs was Em in on it. Was it staged? Of course. Eminem wasn't wearing a mic, you were getting the audio off SBC and the cameras that were right there. You guys do know that video cameras have mics as well, right?

And that these people with mics on arms follow them around as well? Hell, I don't think MTV knew the full extent of SBC's plans. They knew he was going to drop from the ceiling and land in Eminem's lap, yes.

But I don't think they had teabagging in mind when they planned it. eminem was NOT in on the joke, sasha was mic'd that's how you heard em's voice, and duh cameras were all over the place, the awards had cameraman everywhere to film celebs in the audience, eminem is a known homophobe, he would never allow a man's naked butt to be in his face, and em's album is already out and at number 1 so he wouldn't need the publicity, but sasha's movie "bruno" is coming out in a few weeks, HE needed the publicity and he got it!

ctTech - June 1, PM. they didn't edit his curse word which makes me believe it was NOT staged, i mean come on if sasha told the producers he was planning on falling on eminem's lap with his ass in his face, im sure they would have had the "bleepers" on high alert lol. Eminem is not the type of artist who knows how to laugh at himself, no way in hell was he in on it. LMAO DO YOU THINK SBC WILL PUT THIS CLIP IN HIS UPCOMING MOVIE?

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HE'D NEVER WILLINGLY DO THAT. HE WALKED OUT THEN TOO. WHAT'S WORSE, A DOG IN YOUR FACE OR SOME BALLS IN YOUR FACE LOL? gerard vandenberg - June 1, PM. CakeSnifferer - June 1, PM. Listen close, about 4 seconds after he lands he farts right in Eminem's face - that when Eminem decides he has had it and asks for help. RichPort's Ghost - June 1, PM. I wish it was me who got teabagged and got a pressed ham on national tv. Although I would prefer a black guy to Sasha Baron Cohen, because as you all know, I'm all about the big black cocks in my face.

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I think it's hilarious-Eminem is always poking fun at others in his videos, but he can't handle it when somebody makes him a punchline. What a whiny little pussy!

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Proud White Dude - June 1, PM. TV is filth since we were taken over by the pigs. I would have slammed that scumbag on his face!

Eminem Gets Bruno Ass In His Face At The MTV Movie Awards

I am not sure how this is entertainment. I am not sure how The Family Guy is allowed on television either. Boy how we have fallen. Poor stupid 'anglos" they have taken you country away from you and sent your jobs overseas for cheap labor and now we are a "Financial Services" economy.

Where are all the rednecks anymore?

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Dying breed Someone needs to take the flag down and replace it with the blue and white. We are done. The Rake - June 1, PM. SBC is one funny dude, but this incident kind of screams of lame IMO. Whether Em was in on it or not, seems to make sense he was, what does he gain from this?

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The whole thing doesnt make a lot of sense, but nice landing by Sacha. I cant wait to see BRUNO. I have vivid memories of getting high for the first time and receiving head from a hot asian chick in the back of my car, listening to "Girl you know it's true, ew ew ew love you, girl you know it's true ew ew ewww".

Its Russian a pet form of Alexander. Its actually more incorrect when westerners name their daughters Sacha and Misha short for Mickhail. I'm amused by people who say this prank was tasteless, yet voice no objections to the musical medley containing "Jizz in my pants" and "It's my dick in a box" lyrics.

Personally, neither gag bothers me. I just think the people offended by the brilliance that is SBC are the homophobic douchebags he sets out to mock. Congrats guys, you just proved his point. NeverPlayedWOW - June 1, PM. I'm pretty sure you don't have to be afraid of gay people to be offended by having someone stuff their balls in your face, its common sense.

Looks delicous to me.

Eminem 'Thrilled' About Pulling Off Bruno Stunt

If he's passing out tea-bagging experiences, just call me the little teapot. Looks delicious to me. If he's handing out the tea-bagging experience, dress me up like Angela Landsbury and call me the little teapot. It certainly took his bodygaurds a while to react to this.

if he was in on it and I'm starting to believe he was then I give him credit. He did look pissed though maybe it was the position SBC landed that pissed him off. Can't wait for Bruno!!

The rapper stormed out of the ceremony in Los Angeles on Sunday after Cohen's homosexual alter-ego Bruno fell with his crotch in Eminem's face. Initial reports claimed the Eminem Gets Bruno's Ass in His Face. Featured 06/01/ "Is the real Slim Shady about to stand up". Autoplay On. Next Video. spc Uploaded 06/01/ Ratings Get this motherf-cker off me, man," Eminem, seemingly angry, tells his entourage, following the prank. In the video, as Eminem's entourage was shoving Bruno off Eminem, you can hear Bruno saying, "Don't touch me guys, I've already got a boyfriend," followed by "'s continue this in my hotel room.". Afterward, you can see Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

antoine bugleboy - June 1, PM. The only one who wasn't in on it was Zac Effron - he looks genuinely pissed and confused that Bruno didn't lay those balls on his chin. They're acting like dogs who get to know eachother by sniffing under the tail.

I guess they become good friends now!

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Man that was hilarious. It may have been planned, but Eminem is definitely not in on it. But it's nice to see that he can't take what he dishes out. He truly is a punk.

No one will ever take a wigger rapper serious. Except white people, sorry to break it to you white boys. Eminem is not the great white hope. He's just a joke. Obviously, SBC flying in on wires was planned in advance, but having his bare butt in Eminem's face. HE may have planned it, but you CANNOT convince me Eminem was in on that part.

So Eminem thought, "Yeah, that's what I want the public to see, a man teabagging me.

all clear

That'll be great for my image as a rapper. Next thing you'll say is that Kristen Stewart PLANNED to drop her golden popcorn on stage. Israel Rodriguez Zapatero - June 1, PM. Eminem really Sucks is the worst Raper of all history, que bueno que le dieron a oler el culo es un hijo de mil putas, el hacia videos burlandose de como le ponia el trasero a los chicos de nsync y ahora le salio el tiro por la culata espero que fracase en todo lo que haga mediocre de mierda!!!

Yay to Homophobes Entertainment - June 1, PM. bitingontinfoil - June 1, PM. Narcissist - June 1, PM. Oh man, SBC will be so sorry he was born when MMs next album comes out! MM will make fun of him! And then all the 12 year olds boys will boycott SBC movies!

he IS a joke!

Well! Bravo, eminem gets bruno ass apologise, but

that single of his is about as close to hip hop as madonna is to being young and hot. Well, obviously it was planned! They panned to Eminem before Sacha even fell on him! Then they had cameras in the isles to "document" his exit. The planner of this whole thing should be fired, because it was so OBVIOUS it was a set up. Probably directed by Casey Affleck. Anybody that believes this shit wasn't set up owns all of Britney Spears albums and believes she is a good mother and was a virgin as long as she said she was and think the paparazzi should just "leave her alone".

Scary shit man, and I thought he was just a punk, annoying artist, but he sexually violates people as well, oh that dirty dog!! Whigger Hater - June 1, PM. Isla Fischer should do stunts like SBC does. I don't think it was a set-up. Entertainment 73 entries. Archive 48 entries. Fashion 44 entries. Search for: Search. NSFW Disable the NSFW warnings that refer to content considered inappropriate in the workplace N ot S uitable F or W ork.

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Eminem gets bruno ass

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