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They will check in, on Facebook and write statuses about where they are, who they are with and even what they are eating!? But no, these are the good kind of selfies, because when you take a photo of yourself many times there will be something you forgot about sitting somewhere behind you or someone photobombing you. Though this type of incident can take place anywhere, the worst possible and most likely place to happen has to be the bathroom. If those kind of pictures were to get published on the internet imagine the embarrassment the women who have taken them would have to cope with. Oh but wait, they did get uploaded.

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the night is getting oily by Sandra B. Damn You, Autofocus by Phydeaux I see London, I see France Skirts and mechanical bulls by Phydeaux File under: "What were they thinking? Drunken Lust by Alex Wain.

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Wasted adj. Overcome by the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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Just a Typical Saturday Night with the Girls Would you believe I was taking a photo of the Art Museum? Do you see it? by Blick Calle.

Logan Square Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is the time to remember Cause it will not last forever by Blick Calle.

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street queens by subway rat. olympus mju II fuji superia I'd Say Happy 21st Birthday But You Won't Remember by Blick Calle.

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South Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. drunk girl by Asa Perchman. one kiss is all i need by subway rat. olympus mju II agfa vista Lucila by Rodrigo Piedra. DSC by Paul Schafer.

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Addiction: Alcohol by Gregory Cinque. This is a part of my AP Studio Art Concentration and the Concentration is Addictions.

63 Girls Playing Sports Au Naturel. October 30, By AnthonyP. Writer for Total Pro Sports Since May 30, Everyone loves their male athletes to be au natural (i.e. steroid free). It Addiction: Alcohol. Model: Caitlyn Cinque. About the Addiction: Alcohol is one of the worst addictions, and not only addiction but also a disease. Alcohol can lead to plenty of things, Sex, Drugs, and even death. By the time they are high school seniors, 80have used alcohol and 62have been drunk. And also approximately 14 million people in View 2 NSFW pictures and enjoy LegalCollegeGirls with the endless random gallery on Go on to discover millions of awesome videos

Addiction: Alcohol Model: Caitlyn Cinque About the Addiction: Alcohol is one of the worst addictions, and not only addiction but also a disease. About 21 Message me if you want to be kept up to date with the newest ones or more information and help.

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oh look, a penny! by subway rat. olympus mju II kodak max Beautiful Heide by Roy Richard Llowarch.

Street Scene by TheWiseMonkey. Cleethorpes by Raymond Theakston. by nastya divo.

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Guess Who? via buzzive2. When the lighting is perfect so will be the picture be too, right? Is it just that damn difficult?

Selfie Gifs and Videos. Selfie Gifs and Videos. Theme credit. Please check out my main blog Rainbowselfies. therealenylduj: imported goods. ????. 84 notes. 24 notes. Play Instagram video Body paint costumes are basically just the precursor to today's awesome costumes made entirely with makeup, after all. And these days, makeup is pretty much an art form of its own. So whether Maybe that girl ate something so spicy she simply couldn't wait even for a couple of seconds before getting in the shot. What is even weirder is the fact that the girl taking the photo doesn't even seem to care. Maybe she thought her friend wouldn't get in the photo but

Obviously, it must be for her because she keeps on posing for her amazing selfie. Help the child, you psychotic woman!

College girl self pic

via CDN. In my opinion, that girl already had it all. She is a beautiful girl.

Beautiful girls photos - Girls Hidden Face photos - cute Girls #Girlsphotos #Cutegirls #dps #Hidden

When you use the liquify tool in Photoshop you must always be careful not to mess up your surroundings because then it is very easy to spot that the image has been retouched. I wonder what her friends commented on the picture when she uploaded it. via Pinimg. Sadly, the protagonist of the picture thought otherwise and decided to use the toilet paper as a sexy prop!?

I guess the toilet would be relatively fine but why did she think the paper would arouse her male followers? At least she gave it a go but unfortunately did not succeed.

via Pinterest. I can tell by the air pusher on the right. Even more awkward for us viewers is that the mother has also taken off her shirt and thrusts forwards to capture a better-looking photo.

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Well the result, except tragic, is also something that got talked about between thousands of people. Via: College Humour. Just move or ask her to lean the other way. Is it that difficult to do? Or better yet, go and tend to your sad friend who looks like she clearly needs a hug.

via bored panda.

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This one is more fun than it is embarrassing but I thought it should deserve a place in this list just to give you a good laugh because it sure made me happy. This was a good example of a great bathroom selfie.

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You have a beautiful girl taking a selfie in a clean and nice bathroom. The girl probably was thinking the same when she uploaded it. All in all, I would be pretty embarrassed by a picture like this but also happy that I would have captured it at the perfect moment so that I and my friends would have a good laugh over the outcome.

via viralnova. When I look at this photo there is a thing other than the obvious one that is wrong. The image is blurred on the edges which mean that the girl edited it before uploading it.

View 7 NSFW pictures and enjoy MirrorSelfie with the endless random gallery on Go on to discover millions of awesome videos and pictures in thousands of other categories This beautiful babe was featured on the "@officialmtbinsta" Instagram page, as a college girl and #golfbabe. The long-legged blonde appears to have her eyes closed, so maybe she's just that good at golf. Or, more likely, she's not a golfer at all, but a model who looks incredible while wearing an oversized shirt and no pants Rinoa natural hairy hair atk scary gallery pictures spread pink pussy taco legs waist thighs pants panties cute beauty cum cuteandhairy nude red naked model beauty sexy girl armpit she her slender tits wide crazily satin silk cunt growth strip lip lips luscious dress tasty photo photography photographer box admire asshole chinese overgrowth hotness cutely stockings tight desire credit "sean r

She just uses it for showing off purposes without utilizing it to its fullest potential. On top of that, it just seems ridiculous and stupid.

via I will give it to them, the description cracked me up! Apart from that, there are so many disturbing things about this selfie. They seem to be making fun of the morbid occasion that was happening at the same time they were taking a selfie fake-crying in the bathroom. There is not even a sample of respect.

not pleasant you?

Many of us would also have taken a selfie while in there at a point of our lives. But to upload it on the internet, that is just a bad idea, especially when you have a mirror on the door reflecting you taking a dump.

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