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A MOTHER has been charged after allegedly giving marijuana and alcohol to two year-old boys and engaging in sex acts with them. Amalia Utz, 47, from Chicago, US, was arrested last week after police received an anonymous tip-off about a woman alleged to have assaulted a minor last September. The boys are thought to be friends of Utz's son, who is currently enrolled at Medea Creek Middle School in the Oak Park district west of Chicago. Officials from the Ventura County sheriff's office said the allegations first emerged via the Report It service, an online tool that allows people to report concerns to school district officials anonymously. The allegations reportedly concern mostly students from Oak Park High School, which is situated across the road from Utz's apartment.

Have you ever sat back and thought about the last few compliments you've received?

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If they took place at work, it could have been due to the research and thought you put into a recent project. Compliments about your appearance, however, may have felt a bit more hollow.

It's hard to receive praise over something so superficial.

Desi Mom And Son Mms Video

These types of compliments are harder for women. Women are often judged on their looks.

Mom + Son have to Pee - Part 2. "Your turn, Mom.". He said and smiled from ear to ear. How in the world did I get myself into this? It started off as a playful dare. I mean, after all, we A MOTHER has been charged after allegedly giving marijuana and alcohol to two year-old boys and engaging in sex acts with them. Amalia Utz, A Bengali Mom massaging her son with Coconut & Mustard Oil before bath. Hanson Cole. Follow. 6 years ago. A Bengali Mom massaging her son with Coconut & Mustard Oil before bath. Report. Browse more videos. Browse more videos. Playing next. Son Gives Mom Special Message on Hand for Birthday

Just think about movies from the past few decades. If a woman was blonde and thin, she was viewed as a romantic interest.

Desi nude mum and son

Since these stereotypes became so common, we started to believe them. Even though we've come a long way in recognizing the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes, many people still use appearance as a way to categorize individuals.

The mum and daughter have only started speaking again in the last year. Jamie's son no longer has a relationship with his dad or granny, while she is still forced to co-parent her year-old Mum breastfeeds five-year-old son naked in the bath and says there's nothing wrong with extended breastfeeding. Comment Faima Bakar Wednesday 19 Sep am A MUM was left mortified after her son painted a naked photo of her at school. Nikki Britton was highly entertained after coming across a "masterpiece" her son Jack had painted of her in infant school. Nikki saw the funny side of Jack's drawing but was mortified that it was shown in

You might not think about it, but behavior like this can be extremely damaging to children. That's an incredible drop.

Here we go again. When a picture of a mom and son in the bathtub with her son made its way around social media, the internet went crazy. Words like inappropriate, child pornography, and abuse While the mom and one son are smiling, the other two sons look completely miserable, which is strange since this photo appears to have been snapped on Christmas. If there's a day to be happy and joyful, it's that one. Many people would probably look at this photo and say that there's something creepy about it 2 days ago Raw video: New Jersey mother catches her 6-year-old son asking an Amazon Alexa for answers to his math homework

Sure, kids will always suffer certain hardships as a part of growing up. But adults still need to do a better job at guiding young women in the right direction.

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That means we need to start offering compliments that have nothing to do with appearance. Girls need to know that they're valued for so much more than what they look like.

Here are 11 compliments to give young women to remind them that they are far more than their appearance.

With all of the negative headlines out in the world, it's often a struggle to get through the day without a feeling of impending doom. Girls who are positive - even if they don't actively follow the news - deserve a bit of recognition. Making a point to compliment her on her positive thinking will show her that her words and actions matter.

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Strength is more than physical - it's also mental. Girls who are mentally strong can handle whatever life throws at them.

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A compliment like this also acknowledges any sort of hardships a young woman has had to overcome. Reminding a girl of her strength at a young age will encourage her to never stop fighting.

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We all know that friendships come and go as we get older. Telling a girl early on about how you appreciate the way she keeps in touch with her pals acknowledges both her effort and the fact that she's a good friend. So the first question a lot of people probably asked was the age of the boy.

So not only were they inappropriate to everyone, there was a chance they were both not even fully washed. But I digress.

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To each his own. Like many others, I saw more harm done by posting the photo.

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We know the type of backlash something like this could get so this was a bad decision by tubmom or the anonymous photographer maybe dad? Truthfully, I highly doubt there was anything inappropriate going on, and it really did just look like she was taking a bath with her child.

The exposed boob that was covered was probably a bit much.

Admittedly, I have taken a bath with all of my kids at some point up until they were about two. Not because I wanted them to infiltrate the only time that I had alone, but because it just seemed like the only way I could preserve time back then.

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I know a lot of moms who do this. As the kids become more aware of things and get curious about body parts, it makes things uncomfortable. So it eventually stops.

My daughter asked why I have three belly buttons once in a busy swimming baths changing room. If you like stories about honest mum stories you will love this one about a woman who didn't get how tedious being a mom was before kids.

And you may also enjoy this video of a mom-hack on how to ensure babies or children using a highchair keep their toys off the floor.

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