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The Congresswoman from Wyoming is one of only two Republicans on the House Select Committee tasked with investigating the January 6th attack on the U. Earlier this month, she was appointed as the committee's vice chair, cementing her role in the inquiry and pitting her further against members of her party. Because Rep. Cheney continued to speak out against former President Donald Trump and his false claim that the presidential election was stolen, fellow House Republicans in May ousted her from her Republican caucus leadership position. In Wyoming, where she is the daughter of the state's most famous politician, former Vice President Dick Cheney, Republicans have called for her resignation. Cheney is at odds with Mr. Trump, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Republicans in her home state, and the 78 percent of her party who falsely believe that Joe Biden did not legitimately win the presidential election.

I recall the photograph of their cosy lone togetherness on the cruise.

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Per favour of a reader please put up the video of that testimony. I have just seen it but not able to link it at present. Cohen is smart, just enough for fun but is a distracting bullsitter. Is he completely ignorant? Nah; Cohen must know as much as we!

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Yet he does not go for the obvious kill shot. He is BS. Protecting whom? When you look at our politicians is that the best Australia can come up with? Surely notwhen good people cannot get a foot in explains a lot about who is really running the show here.

Everything has been inverte bad is good etc. However he was recently embarrassed when he was caught out by a US gun shop owner who recognized him through his disguise.

Full Interview: Dick Cheney on Iraq. ABC New' Martha Raddatz Interviews Vice President Dick Cheney. By. ABC News. March 24, , PM Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins Dick Cheney signs Col. Erran Morad's (Sasha Baron Cohen) waterboarding bottle. by Dee McLachlan. Sacha Baron Cohen is a very successful British actor and comedian, known for his outrageous fictional characters, such as rapper Ali G, Borat Sagdiyev, and Bruno, the flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion show presenter.(And there is an Australian knitswhereitsat.comted Reading Time: 6 mins The Cheney Exit Interview. January 4, / PM / CBS. Vice President Dick Cheney is confident that not only have the Bush administration's controversial Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins

The gun shop owner called him out and he fled like a coward. However this gun shop owner was articulate and well-informed as well as well-armed. Baron-Cohen is a disingenuous, dishonest disgrace and every single piece of work he undertakes is carefully calculated and measured to advance the interests of one small group of people.

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Dick Cheney on US defense and the Middle East Full interview - VIEWPOINT

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Meanwhile, her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, has long defended same-sex marriage and said that policy on the issue should be left to the states. Now for the first time, Liz Cheney

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Create an account. Gumshoe News. News World. The Need for an Independent Foreign Policy for Australia is Now Urgent.

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Notes on Poppy Fields, Big Pharma, Military-Industrial Complex and Immunity. Will Australia Draw the Necessary Lessons from the Fiasco in Afghanistan?

Speed of Capture Slightly Faster Than Speed of Objection, Then Mobilizing Insane Against Sane.

Australians Brought Into Global Focus in The War Against Tyranny. Arrest the Law Breakers Now. Why Wait?

And a Request for Tradies To Assist Us. HOPI Prophecy - A Crossroad of Great Problems A Self-inflicted Apocalypse? And they said no. And he was there.

But the fact was he couldn't even find it. He had to call my office for a copy of the letter that he allegedly had written, some years before, raising some questions that he had about the program.

Despite the fallout from the Bush administration's program to ignore FISA law and avoid judicial oversight of its surveillance activities of Americans, Cheney said that he did not think the White House went too far. I think what we did was one of the great success stories of the intelligence business in the last century I think it provided crucial intelligence for us. It's one of the main reasons we've been successful in defending the country against further attacks. And I don't believe we violated anybody's civil liberties.

Cheney likewise characterized the fact that a major terrorist attack on the U. Subsequently, after news of the warrantless wiretap program was leaked, Congress modified the existing FISA statue in accordance with the administration's wishes.

While Cheney could not say whether any action by a president in wartime should be considered "legal," he pointed to historic precedents for presidents taking extra-legal measures in order, he said, to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Cheney said other examples may have crossed a line, such as FDR's internment camps for Japanese-American citizens.

But what we did was modest by those comparisons. Cheney also said everything the White House did was done with the "support and involvement" of the Justice Department.

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When Schieffer pointed out that some of the orders put out by Justice were flawed, Cheney said, "[Those were] the rules that we had to operate by.

And the attorney general of the United States signed off on every single one of those exceptions. But what we did was authorized by the legal authorities that were to be the source of that kind of advice.

judicial system. The administration has even admitted that prisoners have been waterboarded, against international laws banning torture. Despite the international outcry against the abuses of prisoners, at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and elsewhere, Cheney said that he did not feel the administration went too far. The vice president said that high-level approvals of torture were required because the CIA would otherwise not want to pursue such interrogation methods without a clear understanding of what was authorized and appropriate.

Think Iran-Contra. Why didn't you find out what the enemy was planning to do?

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Why didn't you interfere with the attacks? And to the incoming Obama administration, which has pledged to end what it called unconstitutional practices, Cheney even offered advice: maintain current interrogation policies.

We were very careful. We did everything by the book. And in fact, we produced very significant results.

Dick chaney interview

And I would hope that for the sake of the nation, that this administration and future administrations will continue those policies. On the matter of Guantanamo Bay prison, Cheney said it should remain open because, if the prisoners held there were to be relocated to prisons within the United States, "they immediately fall here to certain legal rights and privileges that will create problems.

Cheney said he had no final commitments beyond January 20, when he will be leaving a government job for about the fifth time, following his work in the Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush 41 administrations.

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We'll split our time between Washington and Wyoming. Maybe I'll write a book. Facebook Whistleblower Free CBS News App Stream CBSN Live Sign Up For Newsletters How Conspiracy Theories "Infiltrated" The Wellness Community COVID Pandemic CBS Village. DICK CHENEY: The Torture Report Is 'Full Of Crap'.

Julie Hyman discusses the rally in Alibaba shares in early trading on Thursday, making it the top trending ticker on Yahoo Finance.

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Shares of hydrogen fuel cell specialist Plug Power NASDAQ: PLUG inched up yesterday on news that - on closer analysis - wasn't really "new" at all. Today, in contrast, Plug Power is enjoying even bigger gains as its shares shoot up 5.

What happened Electric vehicle stock Nio NYSE: NIO jumped Thursday morning, rallying 7. EDT after a huge analyst upgrade.

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Shares of Moderna NASDAQ: MRNA were rebounding somewhat on Thursday after several days of declines. Moderna actually had more bad news today.

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Finland joined Denmark and Sweden in pausing the use of the company's COVID vaccine for some individuals due to concerns about a rare heart inflammation issue. Market research firm IDC's semiconductor industry report indicates that the demand for chips isn't going to dry up this year. The firm expects the semiconductor market to record IDC points out that the semiconductor boom is being driven by smartphones, servers, notebooks, smart homes, gaming, wearables, and automotive, along with robust pricing for memory chips.

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The U. International Trade Commission recently ruled Philip Morris International's NYSE: PM IQOS heated tobacco device violates two patents held by rival British American Tobacco NYSE: BTI and that the electronic cigarettes can't be imported or sold in the U. While the ruling is obviously a major blow to the tobacco giant because the U. is potentially the world's biggest, most lucrative market for e-cigs and IQOS is so far the only e-cig that has earned a modified-risk label from the Food and Drug Administration, the decision is a devastating blow to Philip Morris partner Altria NYSE: MO because it has no vapor products to fall back on and no other markets it can sell into.

The trade over the past month has been to bet on two of the oldest automakers in the game.

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Here's why. Every October, the Social Security Administration SSA announces its annual changes to the Social Security program for the coming year.

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Below is our analysis of the Social Security changes that were announced in October to take effect on Jan. Keep them in mind when you ate or track your Social Security status. Raytheon Technologies stock is ready for takeoff to new highs. The only question is whether you want to buy it here on Thursday or higher on Friday.

Former VP Dick Cheney discusses the GOP field and what President Obama has gotten wrong during his presidency and the state of Iraq during the Bush admi Author: MSNBC Dick Cheney accused Obama of 'playing the race card' in a Playboy interview What it's really like to drink with the Secret Service DICK CHENEY: The Torture Report Is 'Full Of Crap'Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins FULL INTERVIEW: Vice President Dick Cheney. MUSCAT, OMAN - MARTHA RADDATZ: Mr. Vice President, I want to start with a speech Barack Obama gave. I doubt you've seen the entire speech, but he Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins

Let's check out the charts and indicators. In the daily bar chart of RTX, below, we can see that the shares dipped towards the rising day moving average line last month. Shares of Alibaba NYSE: BABA were rallying today on news of thawing tensions between the U. and China after President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to hold a virtual summit.

Chinese stocks are often sensitive to geopolitical events, and news that Biden and Xi will meet later this year could signal a thaw in relations between China and the U. The Trump administration attempted to pressure China via a trade war, and Biden seems to want to unwind some of the tariffs imposed during the Trump years. When a company's shares are trading below book value, that can be a sign that the stock is significantly undervalued.

Also, they may believe the company's assets are overvalued. Healthcare company Viatris only began trading on the Nasdaq last year after it spun off from industry giant and COVID vaccine maker Pfizer.

Pay attention. These three Thiel stocks can surge at any moment. In a recent regulatory filing, The Daily Journal NASDAQ: DJCO disclosed that it had bought more shares of Chinese giant Alibaba NYSE: BABA with its corporate cash.

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