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What did Dick Cheney know? The US supreme court decided earlier this week that it will allow a nine-year-old lawsuit against Halliburton to proceed. The case isn't about Iraq, or even the Nigerian bribery scandal , but about asbestos and whether or not company management misled shareholders. Most people assume that Halliburton made a fortune when Cheney, who had just left his previous job as secretary of defence, took over the company in But in reality, the company made a gigantic loss because of a very bad deal that Cheney made for Halliburton - by buying a company called Dresser Industries in

  Cheney's Halliburton Made $ Billion on Iraq War. By Angelo Young, International Business Times. 20 March 13 he accounting of the financial cost of the nearly decade-long Iraq War will go on for years, but a recent analysis has shed light on the companies that made money off the war by providing support services as the privatization of what were former U.S. military operations rose to   Halliburton and other companies set up in this Caribbean Island, because of tax and secrecy laws that are corporate friendly. Halliburton is the company that Vice President Dick Cheney used to run. He was CEO from to , during which time Halliburton Products and Services set Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins   Former US Vice-President Dick Cheney. spending about $m in total between 1 June and 1 January Two such violations took place while Cheney was the company's knitswhereitsat.comted Reading Time: 6 mins

When Presidential Records Act restrictions on George W. Bush documents elapse inthe missing emails will no doubt rank at the top of the list for Freedom of Information Act requests. On February 11,Dick Cheney accidentally shot his hunting partner, Harry Whittington, in the face, on a ranch in Texas. Within days, given the media interest, the local sheriff released an incident report, and the Smoking Gun web site published the document.

Although the movie VICE depicts Cheney shooting Whittington from the back of an automobile, Whittington stated in a recent interview that the incident happened when the hunting party was on foot, following dogs which flushed the quail. The owner of the ranch, prominent Republican activist and former Ambassador to Great Britain Anne Armstrong, told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times that Cheney had been involved in a hunting accident at AM on February 12, The White House did not announce the incident until the afternoon of February The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department released a Hunting Accident and Incident Report on February The statements and affidavits of the hunting party have not been released to the public.

Posted at Federation of American Scientists.

Kean and Lee H. Skip to main content. The VICE File: Dick Cheney Declassified. Oscar-worthy Documents on the Dark Side, from Cheyenne to Baghdad.

Document Selective Service Classification History, Richard Bruce Cheney, Selective Service No. Jan 1, com contributed by Caryn Shinske, The Star Ledger.

Answer (1 of 14): Because it's the easy conclusion to make. Full disclaimer, I worked for Halliburton during the late 90s when Cheney was CEO. I was too young and too focused on my work to hold any strong opinions at the time. I had more to say about Street Fighter III and Tekken. I did mod Quak   Dick Cheney's slimy business trail He may take to his bunker to hide from the SEC and Congress, not Osama bin Laden, as the probe into Halliburton's accounting tricks heats knitswhereitsat.comted Reading Time: 5 mins   USA: Dick Cheney's Oil Connections. Having ensured the continued flow of cheap oil from the Gulf by waging a war with Iraq, and after his boss, George Bush's ouster from office by Clinton in , Dick Cheney turned his attention to the corporate world. In he joined the American Enterprise Institute in Washington as a senior fellow

Document 02A. Cheyenne, Wyoming, Municipal Court Police Court Docket, November 19, Nov 19, Document 02B. Rock Springs, Wyoming Police Arrest Card, circa July 27, Jul 27, Donald Rumsfeld handwritten notes of September 30,White House staff meeting.

Sep 30, White House, Richard Cheney, White House Chief of Staff, Extracts of Handwritten Comments on a Draft of the Report to the President on the Commission on CIA Activities within the United States, circa June Jun 1, Minority Report of Members of House and Senate Select Committees on Secret Military Assistance to Iran and the Nicaraguan Opposition, November 18, Nov 18, US House and Senate Select Committee on Secret Military Assistance to Iran and the Nicaraguan Opposition.

Nov 24, Vesser to Secretaries of the Military Departments, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Program Analysis and Evaluation, and Comptroller of the Department of Defense, February 18, Feb 18, Mar 5, Jul 22, CIA Memorandum for the Record, Subject: Review of Interrogation Program on 29 JulyAugust 5, Aug 5, Office of Special Counsel Patrick J.

Fitzgerald, Re: United States v.

Lewis Libby, January 23, Jan 23, Document 12A. Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunting Accident and Incident Report Form, undated, circa February 13, Under Cheney's leadership, Halliburton has been accused of involvement in human rights violations most notably an incident reported by the group, Environmental Rights Action ERA which occurred in September of when eighteen Nigeria's Mobile Police MOPOL officers on the orders of Halliburton contracting for Chevron Oil Co.

shot and killed Gidikumo Sule at the Opuama flow station at Egbema in the city of Warri 2.

  As Bush Sr.'s secretary of defense, Dick Cheney steered millions of dollars in government business to a private military contractor - whose parent company just happened to Author: Robert Bryce   Washington D.C., February 22, - The movie VICE, nominated for eight Academy Awards including the best picture Oscar, shows on screen several documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Those documents relate to then-Vice President Dick Cheney's meetings with oil company lobbyists discussing potential drilling in knitswhereitsat.comted Reading Time: 8 mins

Cheney's record on environmental issues is dismal too: as a house rep from Wyoming from tohe cosponsored a measure to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil drilling and voted against the Clean Water Act which required industries to release publicly their records on toxic emissions.

The Sierra Club quoting from a EPA data point out that, Halliburton's facility in Duncan, Okla.

have thought

Brazilian environmental groups, Defense of Pantanal Association and Brazilian Institute of Cultural Heritage have expressed concern over the project. Trade unions in both countries have expressed anger over the private sector role in the project.

Global Business Summit 2017 - Dick Cheney On Trump Politics

Several environmental groups from the United States, have asked why the project is proceeding without allowing communities to respond to the company proposals 3. Cheney is a member of a group called COMPASS Committee to Preserve American Security and Sovereignty that is affiliated with the conservative George C. Marshall Institute. COMPASS members including Cheney wrote to President Clinton in to protest the Kyoto climate change treaty, concluding with the Zinger that Kyoto appeared to be "nothing more than a 'feel good' public relations ploy.

Cheney once drew parallels between his role as CEO of Halliburton to his role as defense secretary. Addressing the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies convention in Corpus Christie inhe stated; "In the oil and gas business, I deal with many of the same people. His motivations are clearly guided by his stated philosophy.

In October speaking at the Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition he said that members of the oil business could help the industry to become more effective by becoming active in the political arena and helping elect the right people to office.

He also noted that the oil industry needed to do a better job of telling its story to the public, such as the importance of the oil and gas industry, and the task of finding, producing, refining and distributing energy at a bargain price 7.

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