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Richard Harold Smith AC born 18 March is an Australian entrepreneur , record-breaking aviator , philanthropist and political activist. He was selected as Australian of the Year. In , he was awarded the Companion of the Order of Australia. He started a business that failed when Smith was 17, [5] and his mother a housewife. His maternal grandfather was pictorialist photographer Harold Cazneaux. As a child, Smith was considered academically hopeless and, having a speech defect, called himself 'Dick Miff'.

Narrated by Smith and featuring him at spectacular mining and power generation locations across the country and abroad, the documentary called for urgent action to replace fossil fuels with renewables and concluded that nuclear would be the only solution if energy consumption did not go down.

As chairman of the National Centenary of Federation Council -an appointment made by then Prime Minister John Howard, Smith advocated renaming 26 January, Australia Day which commemorates the arrival of the first fleet of British settlers inas "First Fleet Day" in recognition of the fact it was not a day for celebration by all Australians.

In AugustSmith announced he would be devoting himself to questions of global populationoverpopulationand alternatives to an endless economic growth economy. He produced and appeared in the feature-length documentary Dick Smith's Population Puzzle broadcast by public network the Australian Broadcasting Corporationquestioning the desirability of Australia's rapid population growth.

In the documentary, Smith called the campaign the most important thing he had ever done in his life.

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In MayDick Smith published his book on the subject, Dick Smith's Population Crisis: The dangers of un sustainable growth for Australia.

On 6 DecemberSmith spoke in support of the One Nation party's policy of reducing immigration to historical levels of about 70, per annum whilst at the same time rejecting its leader Pauline Hanson 's call for a Muslim ban.

Smith described himself as pro-immigration but cautioned that the very high rates of immigration which began under Prime Minister John Howard would increase population beyond carrying capacity, causing high rates of unemployment and even greater wealth disparity, leading to discontent and, ultimately, violence.

In SeptemberSmith was reported to have joined the Sustainable Australia party. In Marchthe media announced that Dick Smith had registered The Dick Smith Party, but would not be running as a candidate himself. The party stated it intended to focus on the Senate and would run on a platform of curbing unnecessary regulation and population growth. On 15 AugustSmith launched his "Fair Go Campaign" to pressure Australia's major political parties to incorporate population policy into their platforms and to radically increase taxation on the rich and corporates.

Smith criticised the Liberal Party government's policy of paying beneficiaries of self-managed superannuation funds rebates for franking credits created upon payment of profits tax by the underlying investee corporations.

The tax commissioner remarked that never before had someone asked him if they could pay more tax.

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Smith was awarded the Baden-Powell Award inthe highest award in the Rover Sectionafter 14 years in the Scouting movement. I began as a Cub at eight and went right through to Rovers at age I was very much a loner and Scouting gave me mateship, taught me organisation and how to motivate people.

That's why I was able to be the success I am. InSmith was the UK's Honourable Company of Air Pilots Sword of Honour recipient for his "outstanding contribution to General Aviation". Smith was awarded Australian of the Year in InSmith received the United States' Lindbergh award.

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Smith was named an Australian Living Treasure in Smith was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day Honours offor his services to the community, charity and business. InSmith was named the Adventurer of the Year by the Australian Geographic Societyafter he made a trans-Tasman balloon trip from New Zealand to Australia.

The Australian Government honoured Smith with the Centenary Medal in for "service to the Centenary of Federation celebrations". The Bulletin magazine, then Australia's longest running, named Smith on its list of Most Influential Australians, with Rupert MurdochShane WarnePeter WeirBill WentworthPatrick White and Gough Whitlam. The Explorers Clubof which he is an International Fellow, awarded Smith the Lowell Thomas Award in for outstanding exploration, themed that year "Exploring Earth From Above".

He was one of six awardees including legendary aviator Chuck Yeager. InSmith was the Patron for the th Anniversary of the Wireless Institute of Australiaincluding being the major speaker at the annual general meeting in Canberra on 27 May The next day, he hosted AGM attendees at his country property, "Bowylie", near GundarooNew South Walesformerly the home of actress Maud Jeffries. On 29 June Smith accepted the commission of Rear Admiral of the Lake Eyre Yacht Club.

In DecemberSmith was appointed as a Consulting Professor in the Department of Biology, School of Humanities and Sciences of Stanford UniversityCalifornia, by Dean Richard P. In Maya newly identified 20 million-year-old koala relative was named Litokoala dicksmithi in honour of Smith.

Lead author of the research paper, Karen Black, explained she chose to recognise Smith "for his long-term financial support of Australian scientific endeavour and in particular fossil research at Riversleigh. On 16 NovemberDick Smith was inducted into the Australian Aviation Hall of Fame.

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In OctoberDick Smith received a Special Australian Geographic Society Award for 50 years of adventure. InSmith was advanced to a Companion of the Order of Australiathe nation's highest order of chivalry, "for eminent service to the community as a benefactor of a range of not-for-profit and conservation organisations, through support for major fundraising initiatives for humanitarian and social welfare programs, to medical research and the visual arts, and to aviation.

In SeptemberSmith was named Australian Father of the Year by the Australia Fathers Day Council in conjunction with the Shepherd Centre.

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For other uses, see Dick Smith. This article's lead section may be too short to adequately summarize the key points. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important cts of the article. February Roseville, New South WalesAustralia. Main article: Dick Smith Electronics.

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Main article: Australian Geographic. Main article: Dick Smith Foods.

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Dick smith electrical

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Abandoned - Dick Smith Electronics

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Retrieved 6 February Sydney Morning Herlad. Screen Australia. Retrieved 11 January Retrieved 29 July Retrieved 10 October This particular book has a completely failed thermal binding, so the pages are loose despite the attempted tape repair. One of the key things to the success was its claims of being safe and educational. It definitely was, provided one took the time to read the book and understand what the projects were about.

The book was very helpful, as each project was presented with a summary, theory of operationschematic and build instructions. Another way they ensured their success was to offer bulk discounts for educational institutions which led to some of these kits finding their way into schools and their curricula.

This was definitely the case for Sefton High, when I was there. Components were supplied in bags later, boxed and designed to be reused between projects - the first 10 projects needed the components in K, whereas the latter 10 required components in K In order to get started, one has to first purchase the book, and at least one of the component bags.

Most popular Dick Smith Electronics locations: Map: Show Map: 1 Dick Smith Electronics. Grand Plaza Shopping Centre, Browns Plains (07) 2 Dick Smith Electronics. Westlands Shopping Centre   Dick Smith's Fun Way into Electronics. This book represents the first in the Funway series. The book was written by Dick Smith himself, and edited by Sam Voron and Ross Tester. Illustrations were by Mike Middleton. It was initially published in , with ISBN 0 0 knitswhereitsat.comted Reading Time: 9 mins Get to work faster, ascend steeper hills and easily tackle the toughest terrains with this hybrid mountain bike, giving you an extra boost of speed and performance when you need it most. Shimano 7-speed gears with 25km/h max speed W Brushless motor with rechargeable 36V lithium battery Ultra-light Phoenix C alloy frame with height-adjustable seat Adjustable front fork suspension with

Part of making it appealing was limiting the cost of these items, which remained at a very similar price right up to when Dick Smith stopped selling electronics components altogether. If anything was damaged, you could easily purchase replacement components, but given the mark-up on them, it made for lucrative business! Electronics AustraliaElectronics Today InternationalSilicon Chipetc.

You can tell the age by how short those phone numbers are! All of the Funway books were personally written by Dick Smith himself, and as a tradition, featured a foreword written and signed by the man himself. This page is illustrative of the rest of the book - internally, it was a duotone print, with greyscale plus the orange colour for headers and borders.

Get to wherever you need to go faster and easier than ever before thanks to this foldable electric bike that makes daily commuting and mountain biking a breeze with its powerful motor and convenient, portable design. W Brushless motor with 36V rechargeable battery Up to 50km performance range with pedal assist Premium foldable steel frame for portability 14&#; Lightweight alloy wheels Dick Smith has all the biggest brands in tech at amazing prices. Find incredible deals on iPhone, Samsung, TVs, audio, cameras and more at Dick Smith

It was well illustrated with greyscale photos, with decent contrast and quality. In order to make the projects as successful as possible for beginners, and to introduce them to the basics, all of these projects feature purely analog components and BJT transistors with no ICs or soldering.

At a glance, the project names themselves are quite enticingbut because of the limited components, their performance was often relatively limited. For example, the electronic siren is merely a transistor based oscillator that increases its pitch based on connecting a few probes together, and decreases its pitch when the probes are disconnected. The dog and cat communicator is an LDR controlled oscillator which emits a pitch outside of human hearing, and is substantially similar to the flasher which is the same as the flashing brooch in Funway 2 as is the decision maker, morse code communicator and music maker.

The simplest transmitter, for example, took the input from the morse code communicator and uses a ferrite rod as an antenna with some impedance matching with a transformer.

I suspect this may be to confuse early builders and stop them from buying their components elsewhere. This was a precious little bonus I found in the back of the Funway 1 book, which seems to be a promotional booklet originally distributed in Electronics Today International in October Roughly comic-book sized, and printed on yellowing paper, it features information about the construction of the projects listed on the left-hand side.

However, the educational benefits still remain! The booklet itself is constructed in a similar way to the Funway recipe, with construction tips and introductory information as a preface to the actual content. This tries to ease the nerves from hobbyists new to kit building. However, the content itself was also peppered with advertisements which provide valuable information about Dick Smith Electronics in that time.

A two page spread clearly showing and extolling the quality control behind their kit production processes shows just how central kits were to the success of Dick Smith Electronics. This would have been a very advanced build for those with enough test equipment to debug it. There have been many amplifier kits available from Dick Smith, based on magazine designs with very respectable performance.

What better than to pair them up with some kit speakers? In which case, if you needed data about a component, you were likely to have catalogues from major IC suppliers filled with datasheets known as databooks. Some of the later books had tables of BJT transistor characteristics which made the job of finding compatible replacements a lot easier. The computer described above was a rebadge of the VTech Laser which sold an estimate in Australia. For historical completeness, a colour-corrected scan of the ordering page is above where a list of stores, locations, phone numbers and distributors as of can be seen.

Compared to the inside cover listing in the Funway 1 book as ofit can be seen that within a few years, the chain had grown considerably in size. The baby steps that Funway 1 took revolves primarily about basic circuit theory, BJT vibrator circuits and diode-detector AM demodulation, without the complexity of soldering or digital ICs.

Many of the projects are given exciting names, but only represent really basic functionality which is of limited practical use.

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However, the educational value of the theory that accompanies the circuit is of high value, especially if one is expected to continue self-educating and understanding the operation of more complex circuitry. It seems that their marketing insert, a very nice bonus to have discovered, follows a very similar pattern to the Funway book, but with more complex, practical and useful kits. Unfortunately, the material is probably out of print, and potentially hard to find.

Anyhow, do join me in a follow-up part where I will take a quick look at Fun Way 2 and Fun Way 3, coming soon! While the price does seem high, for today, it was probably still miles ahead of what branded competitors charged.

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By the time I really got into DSE, their product line-up had changed, and those speakers were long gone. Aside from the problem with keeping suppliers, they probably knew when to discontinue their lines as they got less competitive over time. That probably had something to do with the fact they had very fat profit margins to begin with, and component cost reductions over time due to manufacturing volume and automation.

Thanks for that! During my time as a student there, I worked for the nearby Hills Telefix as a placement student for the latter half of the class schedule was grueling - we had to attend four and a half days each week except for two semester breaks.

assignments and lab exercises were expected to be virtually faultless except for the odd puff of smoke - students were notorious for destroying TAFE equipment during jaunts in the Lab.

I was paid piece work for each item repaired. Five years later, the old Telecom was still buying the odd components to repair odd faults in the Cross Bar telephone switching system, and who do you think the boss always sent over to DSE in the company ute?

It was really sad to see Big W part of Woolworths chain stuff it all up and go out of components, tools and kits. Great read! Where can one find the kits these days? I have funway1 and want to start building kits with my 7 year old son. Or is it just a matter of going to jaycar and buying the components? Some of the particular parts, such as the audio frequency transformers might be a bit harder to find nowadays, which is a bit sad.

Dick Smith here. Great to be reminded of the Fun Way series. It gives me great pleasure when a highly qualified engineer at the Optus Satellite station tells me he got into electronics through the Fun Way series! What an honour and I truly mean it it is to have a reply from the legendary man himself! I definitely have you to credit for my ongoing interest in electronics.

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You are a true inspiration. Where can it be purchased from? Are you considering releasing it in some digital form for the present generation to build, with or without the kits?

Your Fun Way books pretty much defined a big period of my childhood. I fondly remember sneaking off to the TV repair shop around the corner from my primary school to persuade the guy to sell me the odd diode, capacitor and resistor to complete circuits from your book. Also taking the lie detector circuit in to test my grade 6 teacher; she took some convincing. Nowadays I run the Centre for Neurotechnology at Imperial College London, developing new optical and electronic tools for analysing and repairing brain function - I would say that what I taught myself through the hobby that your books started was as big a part of my education as anything more formal.

Thanks for the positive comment. Not at any stage when I worked on the Fun Way concept did I envisage that young people would turn into Scientists! Otherwise,I will need to figure it out longhand. Hi All, I found this on the wayback machine. I like the old DSE flash backs. I worked for DSE as store manager for 15 years from and then jumped ship to Jaycar for only 1 year then left.

Being a Ham operator VK7 I really enjoyed going to work. The best general manager was Geoff Grosvenor. Head office was cool too, the helicopter pad for dicks toy, the satellite dishes and swimming pool. Would build another now if I had kept the magazine. It should be a fun afternoon of filming, general hacking on projects and a BBQ.

Sounds like a great thing to do. Firstly great site and the article on the Fun Way series is an awesome read. Well done. A simple compact statement is great but if you would like to elaborate on why these books and kits were good to learn from, then you could explain that further.

Thank you for providing such great information online and entertaining my request. The offer is open to anyone who got going in electronics using the Fun Way series.

Simply upload your video unlisted on Youtube and provide me with the link to [email protected] or you could upload to Dropbox, Vimeo etc.

Thanks for that, an honour to be contacted by the man himself!

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