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The HBO show, based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore, made waves last week with its depiction of rising racial tensions and vigilante justice , but on Monday night tongues were wagging for an entirely different reason. The duo enacted how Jon Osterman was transformed into the blue, deity-like superhero after a nuclear physics experiment went awry, irreparably transforming his DNA. In other news, this is the first time HBO has elected to show a penis before breasts in a series. WatchmenHBO watchmen. Ah yes, the Watchmen themes: sociopolitical paranoia, deconstruction of the superhero genre, revisionist history, Adrian's deep unrequited love Doctor Manhattan, and blue penis. He even has the blue penis. watchmen WatchmenHBO pic.

Phillips and Ms. Crookshanks - put on a play that he has written. The play, as it turns out, is a dramatization of Doctor Manhattan's transformation in which a nuclear physics experiment goes wrong in and transforms Jon Osterman into the blue, god-like being Doctor Manhattan. However, the play isn't just a dramatic retelling. The unfortunate Mr. Phillips playing the role of Jon is fried to a crisp in the faux "intrinsic field generator" while, moments later, a blue-painted man wearing a fencing mask descends from the rafters - another "actor", this one playing Doctor Manhattan.

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Oh, yeah, and this fictional Doctor Manhattan is completely nude, just like the actual Doctor Manhattan is. Now, the idea of a naked Doctor Manhattan in general isn't a shocking thing. The character goes nude in the comics, having come to see clothes as unnecessary. The character is also famously nude in Zack Snyder's film adaptation, with much made at the time of that film's nudity.

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Given the precedent, it shouldn't be a big surprise that we'd get a naked Doctor Manhattan on Watchmen - even in a fictional context but it was still enough of a surprise that fans on social media had a lot to say about it. Read on for our curated selections of the internet's reaction to that nudity scene in tonight's episode of Watchmen and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  Why Doctor Manhattan's big blue penis matters. Doctor Manhattan has often been defined by or reduced to just his penis and blazing cerulean nudity, like what happened toward the end of this episode. But thinking his nakedness is just a matter of sex is a shallow fallacy. His constant, shameless nudity has prompted deeper conversations among   In November a scene went viral because of a large blue dildo - the Dr. Manhattan dildo to be exact. I would love to give you more context but I don't watch the knitswhereitsat.comted Reading Time: 2 mins   Outrage: Watchmen Movie's Doctor Manhattan to Have Large Penis Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a Author: Lane Brown

He even has the blue penis. watchmen WatchmenHBO pic. In other news, this is the first time HBO has elected to show a penis before breasts in a series.

WatchmenHBO watchmen. Wasn't expecting to see blue dick this soon Watchmen. Can't have a Watchmen without a blue penis, of course. But then does he circumcise it to honor a covenant.

with himself? I'm no expert in Jewish law but I think he'd have to actually cut it for it to count; no good just fashioning yourself a pre-circumcised penis.

No doubt some Rabbi has worked the details of this question out already. Back to the original subject of this post; the Dr. Manhattan vibrator.

  Billy Crudup Watchmen blue balls. He talks about big Watchmen blue balls as Dr. Manhattan. His peen is computer generated fake. Billy is one sexy knitswhereitsat.comted Reading Time: 2 mins   Watchmen's Doctor Manhattan Play Revealed Full-Frontal Nudity and People it shouldn't be a big surprise that we'd get a naked Doctor Manhattan on Blue dick and balls. Now it's a Watchmen Author: Nicole Drum Drug Basics & Safety. Commonly Abused Drugs; Taking Meds When Pregnant

I love that it exists in-universe. They exist in our universe tooalbeit in a different form. I love the TV show's sleek design, the smooth aluminum. The ambitious size may or may not be a big deal, vibrators don't require penetration to be useful. posted by Nelson at PM on November 8, [ 6 favorites ].

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Oh, I forgot to contrast the lengthy legacy of the Man-hatt-dong with the short lived tale of the Bat-manhood. That time they published Batman's joint. posted by bartleby at PM on November 8, [ 1 favorite ]. Oh of course. And another Rabbi has worked out the details in exactly the opposite way and somehow they're both right.

posted by Homo neanderthalensis at PM on November 8, [ 9 favorites ]. presumably Veidt had to have one of his Mr. Phillips clones I see what you did there.

posted by funkiwan at PM on November 8, [ 4 favorites ].

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Was a fanatic for the book, still haven't seen the show. I was very weirded out to learn that Laurie would choose the last name Blake as some sort of tribute to the man who raped her mother Uh, no? and now I find out she's apparently still pining for the blue dick of the superman she was already quite done with before the book was over. I mean, it didn't seem like she'd grown to hate him or anything, but they were done.

She recognized that he wasn't human anymore, and whatever romantic love she'd had for him was gone. She'd moved on to something much healthier and happier with Dan. They were going off to be mutually supportive partners, fighting crime and having kinky owlship sex in the sky.

But, now she's Laurie Blake, banging a Dr. Manhattan dildo?

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It doesn't just sound absurdly grim, it sounds like the last stuff she'd ever do. It's kind of like finding out that Rick from Casablanca eventually joined the nazis, or that Luke Skywalker eventually became well, that Last Jedi guy. posted by Ursula Hitler at AM on November 9, [ 3 favorites ].

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Narritively, the transition from Jon Osterman to Dr. Manhattan isn't instantaneous. It's takes decades, from to get to the giant blue god of It's as the quote from Laurie, says, after a while Osterman forgets why something is important on an emotional level because his emotions aren't human anymoreor realizes it isn't important to him anymore and stops doing it.

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One of the big things happening in the original Watchmen comic is Osterman realizing that he doesn't really understand human relationships in a meaningful way anymore long after it's obvious to others he really hasn't for a long time. He is though a creature of habits. Laurie, painfully has to go through the realization that her relationship is much more one of habit for Manhattan than the engagement and love of a partner.

  If you think there's a lot of Dr. Manhattan's big blue penis in Zack Snyder's upcoming Watchmen, wait until you see the director's cut. Snyder told SCI FI Wire in a group interview at WonderCon in San Francisco over the weekend that he actually trimmed a few scenes of full-frontal computer-animated nudity from the theatrical release, but will restore Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins   Why Doctor Manhattan's big blue penis matters. For a brief moment in the third episode of Watchmen, a show where anything can happen, a very big something came out of the blue or, rather, a big Author: Alex Abad-Santos   Dr. Manhattan is as famous for his junk as he is for his omnipotence. There have been plenty of shocking reveals on "Watchmen" so far - though none were quite as (ahem) big as the sight of Yahya Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

He has a dick at this point mostly because that's the habit of hetro couples. Laurie is one of his last mooring points to being even notionally human.

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Would a Dr. Manhattan of look human anymore? Maybe so, maybe not.

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But I will certainly bet that he loses the habit for it at some point. posted by bonehead at AM on November 9, [ 4 favorites ].

I purposely did not click on any links or do any Googling because I wanted to see what I could figure out from just this page alone, having no ancient or recent connection with the Doctor. Not too much, but I guess I'm going to have to consume some Watchmen in one medium or the other if it sparks such a discussion.

posted by MtDewd at AM on November 9, If you're new to Watchmen start with the original comic; any published version of it is fine except the annotated version, which is not in color. The Absolute Edition is very nicely printed. If you really want video, the motion comic adaptation is OK. The other choice to start is the Zack Snyder movie from I liked it myself but it leaves a lot out and most fans hate it.

Anyway, the original comic is a masterpiece and worth enjoying on its own merits.

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The TV show is shaping up to be excellent but seems to be much more rewarding if you already know the original characters and story. posted by Nelson at AM on November 9, [ 1 favorite ]. Alan Moore has got to regret the whole blue dick thing like, so much by now, if only because it seems to be the 1 thing most people remember Yeah, Alan Moore is all "Look, I did a scene where children are raped for larfs, why cant people focus on the stuff I like?

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Manhattan's big blue penis is probably heathier than talking about any of the creepy times Moore has written about sexuality. posted by happyroach at PM on November 9, [ 3 favorites ]. I lost touch with Moore's work sometime in the 90s and when I've checked out his newer stuff it just seems incoherent to me.

I have no idea what the raping children thing refers to.

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But I'll stand by Watchmen, as a work of art in general and for its depiction of Laurie in particular. posted by Ursula Hitler at PM on November 9, You could say that the new Watchmen show is nothing more than a dick-measuring contest between Damon Lindelof and Alan Moore, right?

posted by oneswellfoop at PM on November 9, Moore is famously hostile to anyone doing anything with the Watchmen property and is still angry at he feels being cheated out of the rights to the characters.

Many fans side with Moore and were mad about the Snyder movie and the Before Watchmen comics. But maybe not this show, it's too early to tell.

But Lindelhof understands the drama and wrote a really excellent letter to fans where he conveys his respect for Moore and the work. Not just in words, but also in the way the letter is written and demonstrates his deep knowledge of the comic.

It worked on me at least. As for Moore and raping children, I suspect that in part refers to his graphic novel Lost Girls. posted by Nelson at PM on November 9, Nah, I'm talking about League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

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It says something about a writer when you can say "No, his OTHER novel featuring child rape. I don't know Moore's work at all, but if there is indeed an issue with child rape, that makes his creation of a giant character with a giant penis who has sex with women of normal stature look a lot like child rape in disguise. posted by jamjam at AM on November 10, [ 1 favorite ].

Dr. Manhattan - \

The Watchmen comic is really not like that. It definitely features rape, it's a key plot point in the books, and some folks have a problem with the way that plot line is resolved.

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But it's a thoughtful and adult treatment of sexual assault and not in any way played for titillation. Doesn't involve Dr. In many ways Dr.

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