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ated GMT HKT April 19, Shocking rape video goes viral in South Africa By Nkepile Mabuse, CNN ated GMT HKT April 19, JUST WATCHED S. Africa rape case outrages community. More Videos Africa rape case outrages community Story highlights Youths aged 14 to 20 are arrested over a cell phone video showing a rape A newspaper got hold of the video and handed it to police A government minister says the case will be a priority Tens of thousands of women are raped in South Africa every year.

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Taking her back in the car, men dumped her in a street about half an hour's walk from her home. Walking through the door, she caught sight of her reflection in the hall mirror. A gash in her head was oozing blood. Her father, Ron, and some extended family were in the living room about to have lunch.

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Still bleeding from her stab wound, she explained what had happened to her. At the hospital, Rose was greeted by a male doctor and male police officer.

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The male police officer asked her if this had started as consensual. Was it a night gone wild, he wondered. Stabbed and bleeding Rose told them no, it had not been consensual. And still reeling from what she had been through, she said she didn't know who had attacked her. The police had no leads to go on.

When Rose was released the next day, she attempted suicide, unable to imagine how she could possibly live a normal life now. Her brother found her in time. A few months later, Rose was browsing MySpace when she found several people from her school sharing a link.

She was tagged. Clicking on it, Rose was directed to the pornography-sharing site, Pornhub. She felt a wave of nausea as she saw several videos of the attack on her.

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One had overviews," Rose recounts. Seeing myself being attacked where I wasn't even conscious was the worst. She made an instant decision to not tell her family about the videos - most of them had not been supportive anyway.

Telling them would achieve nothing. Within days it was evident that most of her peers at school had seen the videos. That I led men on. That I was a slut. Some boys said their parents had told them to stay away from her, in case she seduced them and then accused them of rape. Rose says she emailed Pornhub several times over a period of six months in to ask for the videos to be taken down.

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I pleaded with them. I wrote, 'Please, I'm a minor, this was assault, please take it down. I disassociated," she recalls, "I felt nothing.

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I kept to myself. She would wonder, with every stranger who made eye contact with her, if they had seen the videos. Had they gratified themselves to my rape? She couldn't bear to look at herself. That's why she covered the mirrors with blankets. She would brush her teeth and wash in the dark, thinking all the time about who could be watching the videos.

She set up a new email address posing as a lawyer, and sent Pornhub an email threatening legal action. Months later Rose began to receive counselling, finally revealing the identity of her attackers to the psychologist, who was duty bound to report them to the police.

But she didn't tell her family or the police about the videos. The police collected victim impact statements from Rose and her family.

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The attackers' lawyers argued that Rose had consented to sex, and the men were charged not with rape but "contributions towards the delinquency of a minor" - a misdemeanour - and received a suspended sentence. Rose and her family did not have the energy, or the resources, to fight for a tougher sentence. It's clear that Ron Kalemba thinks a lot about what happened to his daughter all those years ago.

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What could he have done differently, if he'd known more, he wonders. His daughter changed after the assault.

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She went from being a straight-A student to missing classes, rarely handing in her homework. We're sitting in a park near his home that Ron visits often. He and Rose sometimes read from passages of the Bible from a picnic bench together.

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They don't talk much about the past. It changed her life completely, and people let her down every step of the way. Ron only heard about the Pornhub videos inwhen a blog that Rose shared about her abuse went viral on social media. He had no idea that his daughter's rape had been seen by so many people, nor that people in her school had mocked her for it. And none of us would say anything, we just watched it happen. In reality it had only been a couple of people who actually hurt her but she thought we were all against her because we watched it and said nothing.

That's what the silence felt like to her. She had a digital crowd of bullies too.

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Some silent and some abusive. Hers is a different world. Over the next few years Rose would often disappear into the digital world. She threw herself into writing, expressing herself on blogs and social media, sometimes using aliases, sometimes her real name.

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One day inas she was scrolling through her social media feed she saw a number of posts about Pornhub. According to Pornhub, there were 42 billion visits to its website in - an increase of 8.

And 1, searches per second.

There's no way of knowing if there are rapes on there and the victims don't know it. In the viral blog post, Rose shared a detailed account of her rape, and called out Pornhub for turning a blind eye until she pretended to be a lawyer. Dozens of women and some men responded to her post, saying that videos showing them being sexually abused had also appeared on the site. In a statement to the BBC, Pornhub said: "These horrific allegations date back toseveral years prior to Pornhub being acquired by its current owners, so we do not have information on how it was handled at that time.

Since the change in ownership, Pornhub has continuously put in place the industry's most stringent safeguards and policies when it comes to combating unauthorised and illegal content, as part of our commitment to combating child sex abuse material.

The company employs Vobile, a state-of-the-art third party fingerprinting software, which scans any new uploads for potential matches to unauthorised material and makes sure the original video doesn't go back up on the platform. When asked why videos with titles similar to those uploaded featuring Rose's rape, such as "teen abused while sleeping", "drunk teen abuse sleeping" and "extreme teen abuse" are still active on Pornhub, the company said: "We allow all forms of sexual expression that follow our Terms of Use, and while some people may find these fantasies inappropriate, they do appeal to many people around the world and are protected by various freedom of speech laws.

In October, a pair of strangers got in on the act on a flight from Los Angeles to Detroit. That trip was only 4 hours. Close this dialog window Share & More. Close Sign in. About sharing. image source, Rose Kalemba. Last year Rose Kalemba wrote a blog post explaining how hard it had been - when she was raped as a year-old girl - Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - The NYPD wants your help to catch a pervert. The suspect was caught on video reaching up a sleeping woman's skirt on the downtown 4

Pornhub introduced a "non-consensual content removal system" inbut stories about videos of abuse on the website continue to surface. In October last year a year-old Florida man, Christopher Johnson, faced charges for sexually abusing a year-old. Videos of the attack had been posted on Pornhub. A pair of shorts and a T-shirt would be perfect.

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Slippers or thongs would also be handy if you have to go outside. A few years ago now, a couple bought a python from a pet store and took it back to their hotel where they stripped off apparently. Imagine yourself in their position. In the event of an emergency evacuation, you will need precious minutes to dress up unless you are fine to bare all. Depending on your view, the silk shade white curtain might not be enough to deter possible creeps from staring at you.

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Trust me. Some housekeeping staff do not wait longer that milliseconds between announcing themselves and opening the door.

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You might be disoriented and hurt yourself worse in the dark, should you wake up in the middle of the night for a nature call. Since we had to enter the rooms of our guests no matter if they were there or not, our cards had to be coded to access-all areas. Two things happened then: We would immediately leave the room because if they wake up, it would be embarrassing to both of us.

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You are naked so you spend precious time to pull on trousers and a shirt. Unfortunately, this took too long and you die in the fire.

Police suspect the girl was kidnapped and turned into a sex slave. A local radio station got hold of the video and has been getting requests to post it. ctw intv gender rights activist_Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins The humiliating footage shows the married woman locked in a tight embrace with a man in a bar. And to compound her embarrassment, the video has now gone viral A Bucks County, Pennsylvania woman has been arrested after police say she helped two preteens get drunk and filmed them having foreplay that included the

Even if you do pee right before bed, this combinations means that needing to go again in the night is common. So wake up in the night, into the bathroom, close the door, open your eyes and If so, you need to stop watching so many slasher movies. Let me tell you what happened with me. The bed was more comfortable than my bed at home. The quilt felt fluffy and soft. The sheets felt smoother and cozy. I was unaware of the scheduled room cleaners.

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So I stayed in bed. Continuing to listen to my MP3 player. Thinking nothing of it. I heard rustling in the kitchen, sweeping and wiping.

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