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After several drinks too many, this group could barely walk in a straight line, and one girl finally gave in to the force of gravity and fell to the ground. Unfortunately, she regretted her choice in clothing as her dress flipped up and showed the world her underwear. You scream, we scream, I scream for Ice Cream! As things start to warm up outside and on social we're putting out our collection Ice Cream to help get your audience in the mood for summer! Dogs and cats are great, but there are plenty of other interesting pets that people have learned to tame. Surprise your audience with some unique pet videos including spiders, snails, lizards, and more!

cheers, beers! so basically you are always the designated driver, right?

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late into the night, people remember you exist so they call you out. god i wish i had you or someone like you at my parties.

Drunk women stripping

you are cool, dude cheers, beers! The people pictured above are having a good time.

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You're an asshat who puts himself on a pedestal for never drinking. You suck. I prefer the middle pathI drink responsibly and I drink good stuff. Being high and mighty about never touching a drop just makes you a tool, or a mormonor both.

I believe you when you said that you had your dick in some anorexic girl at those parties.

apologise, but

I just don't believe that she was conscious at the time. THAT'S why he's the driver. You awake? Looks like a quick stop by the woods is in order.

And, what here

make me look like a douche? then why did you fail even at that?

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i regularly puke myself from alcohol and dont need any self-righteous, preachy, high-on-his-horse, sour and lonely idiot like you to make it out better than how i started. the world of booze is way better without guys like you, thats why theres a minimum drinking fee.

cheers, heavily drunk beers! What are you guys arguing about? I don't get drunk. If i somehow should get drunk I just stop being drunk and be awesome instead! Sounds like the making of a great story.

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so uh. you remember pulling out your gun last night? I hope you like the taste of floor in your beer, kids. Not to mention all the other fun stuff that's going to find it's way from the ball to the beer to your stomach.

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Yea, the point of making a cup is to make them drink. If you're just going to sip a beer while throwing a ping pong ball into water there's no point. They may be "amatures" amateur but at least they aren't a wuss afraid of floor taste. There's also a thing called a wash cupso you don't taste "floor" and if you're so afraid of the taste of a floor, you shouldnt be in a frat.

You sound like the biggest pussy ever. It's probably not that cool to party wth you. You and eh?

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should hook up and blow each other. Love how people like Picard think they're being so cool dissin' JC. How about some Chive post of Muhammad cartoons while you're at it?

Oh, don't have any balls for that shitforgot. Don't understand why this warrants an "EPIC" - it's like three times as many cups as usual.

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EPIC doesn't mean anything on here anymore - EPIC in like the new normal. Not sure why all these geezers are bashing college kids for partyingits the only 4 years of your life where its encouraged and a societal norm.

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probably drunk the night before, knees locked or not if your hungover on parade the odds are bad. Cool Moms. Promoted Videos Promoted Videos. JV : save. Truck Driver Patiently Waits For Massive Herd of Elks to Cross Road Before Driving Forward.

Girls Drunk On Nights Out (Gone Wrong ) ??

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Baby Goslings Jump Into Water to go For Swim With Adult Geese. Date Added: 11 Aug 21 D A. Drunk Girl Falls and Flashes Underwear. Date Added: 20 Feb Which license do I need?

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I mean a totally drunk girlfriend having sex with you and your best friend?

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