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Peggy Ann Freeman August 31, - May 17, , known professionally as Donyale Luna , was an American supermodel and actress who gained popularity in Western Europe during the late s. She appeared in several underground films like the screen tests of Andy Warhol , and had roles in Qui etes-vous, Polly Maggoo? Donyale Luna as she later became known, was born Peggy Ann Freeman in Detroit, Michigan , to working-class parents Nathaniel Freeman and Peggy Freeman nee Hertzog in Luna's parents married and divorced on four separate occasions due to their "headstrong characters" and Nathaniel's relatives alcoholism. They lived a "financially stable upbringing in a middle-class neighbourhood of Detroit" on Scotten Avenue. As a child, she would frequently go on trips to local cinemas with her father and in summer to swim at the " Kronk Gym " in Detroit.

She was wearing a Chloe dress and Mimi de N earrings in the shot. In the editorial images she was dressed in Christian Dior silk tunics, Mod dresses by Pierre Cardin and a silver Yves Saint Laurent dress. In popular internet lore such as on blogsit has been speculated that the shot was angled so "Luna's face, most notably her lips and nose, are obscured on her British Vogue cover, also somewhat hiding her race" a proponent of featurism coded in privilege and Eurocentric beauty standards.

visible through her fingers, which form a V for Vogue". Fellow model and friend Pat Cleveland noted: "she had no tits, but lots of presence, we'd walk down the street and men's mouths would drop open in awe.

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When we walked into restaurants people would stop eating and stand up and applaud. She was like a mirage, or some kind of fantasy. Bethann Hardison stated of Luna that "no one looked like her.

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She was like a really extraordinary species. Donyale Luna, as she calls herself, is unquestionably the hottest model in Europe at the moment. She is only 20, a Negro, hails from Detroit, and is not to be missed if one reads Harper's BazaarParis MatchBritain's Queenthe British, French or American editions of Vogue.

In April she appeared again in Vogue UK shot by David Bailey in a feature called This Summer's dancing patterns in mod styled luxury brands. She then appeared on the cover of Harper's Bazaar UK in Juneher features and skin color had not been edited out in this cover, shot by Bill King.

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In the October 15 edition of British Vogueshe was featured in a Klein shoot with Audrey Hepburn. In the world-leading fiberglass mannequin designer Adel Rootstein released a model based on Luna's statuesque figure, the previous figure been the popular model Twiggy. On the March 27,she appeared on the cover of the British magazine Queen in a headwrap. Around November 10,Luna and a party of five including Iain Quarrier and Mia Farrow went for breakfast at the Mayfair Cavendish Hotel, Jermyn Street, St James's, London, when at 4 a.

they were asked to leave due to because the men being informed they were "not properly dressed" in not wearing ties. When Iain pointed out that other seated men were not wearing ties, Luna asked the managers if it was because she was colored.

Eventually, all five were denied service in the hotel restaurant and kicked out by police for causing a disturbance. In her usual extravagance, she "arrived in a maroon-coloured Rolls Royce wearing a yellow coat of Mongolian wools lamb Quarrier defended Luna in the London Bow Street court noting when the judge, Kenneth Harrington, said: "I am quite sure it had nothing whatsoever to do with Miss Luna's colour" Quarrier shouted from the dock in the courtroom "that is not true[!

Luna later stated to the American press how that incidence of "rowdiness" occurred and that they were thrown out "because I am colored. It was a nightmare.

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The Hotel staff and police were pushing me around. The Hotel refused to tell us why we were being thrown out. Luna was initially supposed to cover Vogue Paris before British Vogue when she arrived in Europe in December Edmonde Charles-Roux who had fostered the talent of William Klein, had shot Luna for the cover, but prior to release, the cover was changed overnight to that of two acceptably white models, in a move to not offend readers for its capacity to 'shock' because Luna was a woman of color.

Byof her modeling, she was quoted as saying "Being what I am, I can get what I ask". She was shot for Guy Laroche for Match on a skating rink and by Charles Courriere b. She appeared on the cover of Elle for July shot by Ronald Traeger in a long toga dress by Galeries Lafayette and in beach shoot with Jill Kennington.

In she modelled in Sydney a number of paper dresses for the store Paraphernalia, which was a short fad popular at the time with teenage girls.

Luna appeared in the Italian magazine Amica in a number of animal print and fur coats in and Vogue Italia shot by Gian Paolo Barbieri. She modelled later in a number of camera advertisements in She bought an apartment in Italy inand would drive around in her Cinquenta car, and "fold herself into like an accordion, squeezing her knees up to her chin" to get to new modelling shoots.

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In this time she was reportedly thrown out by Italian police for not having the correct paperwork to reside in Italy, but her husband recalled later that she was harassed for her skin color in Rome. When Luna moved to Italy in she was a collaborator with her husband in photographic shoots and other media such as a "hand-illustrated fairy tale, avant-garde film scripts and beautiful coloured prints" which remain unpublished.

She was said to be the most creative as a content creator of art in this period of her life. She would return for a year between and Aprilwith her work later published and returning again between October and Juneto the US to do runway modeling in New York and California and Toronto. In the shoot she depicts herself as "characters of her own devising - as an angel soaring over the Los Angeles skyline or as a mermaid perched on a rock by the Pacific Ocean".

Powell notes, "Although fulfilling Playboy's prerequisite for female nudity, the photographs were far from titillating or sexually explicit.

Luna seemed not only at ease with her nudity, but completely beyond societal structures and moral rectitude. By this time however, Luna's modeling career began to decline due to a variety of factors; the first being a shift in her career from modeling into acting on her behalf; secondly a negative reception from mainstream popular media, which chastised her "dependency on drugs like heroin, LSD, pot and her eccentric behavior" see Artistry section.

Ask her where she's from- Mars? She went up and down the runways on her hands and knees. She didn't show up for bookings. She didn't have a hard time, she made it hard for herself. In June she attended a Zandra Rhodes show at the Circle in the Square in New York where she was seen "posing in a veiled harem outfit". Whilst Luna did have a regular walk for the catwalk defined as "a free-form, hip-popping strut" but she was also known among the high fashion circles for her unconventional walking styles still used by models like Pat Cleveland.

Luna was known for her eccentricity since childhood which derived from her time in acting doing local and experimental theatre in Detroit. In a method she developed based on method acting known in internet lore as method modelingshe developed her own theatrical style of catwalk walks such as "crawling like a lion, grooving to the music or suddenly freezing and making direct eye contact with journalists", "walking like a robot, stopping abruptly midway through a promenade, crawling on all fours", "like a stalking animal", "sometimes slither like a snake" or simply having "laid down and rolled from one end of the runway to the other".

Method modeling employs techniques "within one's individual consciousness Bill Cunningham described watching the experience as how "Her body moves like a panther, her arms, the wings of an exotic bird, the long neck suggests a black trumpet swan. The audience responds with shattering applause - for the model's performance rather than the designer's clothes.

It is the birth of a new fashion era - that of the spectacular show that rivals any on Broadway. Luna had initially planned to work in theatre having done work in local theatre in Detroit after school hours and doing bit parts in Detroit's repertory theatres. he recalled. On British TV she appeared on Late Show London on March 14 and The Eamonn Andrews Show on May 1, Luna appeared in several movies produced by Andy Warhol.

Warhol created a series of short Screen Testsengaging his "stars" only if he deemed them to be film-worthy subjects. Of the Screen Testseach around four minutes long, Luna, the filmmaker Pat Hartley, who appeared in Warhol's full-length Ciao! Manhattan and in two Screen Tests and Prison inDorothy Dean in My Hustler inand actress Abigail Rosen in Tub Girls inare notable for being only 4 African-Americans that Warhol shot for the series.

In upon having moved to London, she appeared in Michelangelo Antonionis Blowupa satire of fashion photography. Luna also appeared in The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus as the assistant of a circus performer's fire-eater act. In the French film Who are you Polly Magoo? In Tonite Lets All Make Love in Londona documentary on London art and youth culture, she was said to embody "the film's idea of the most swinging model of the time". Luna's only mainstream Hollywood film was the Otto Preminger comedy Skidooin which she was featured as the mistress of crime boss "God", who was portrayed by Groucho Marx.

Preminger also signed her with MGM for 3 years after she secured the role at a party for Twiggy. By this period, she had sold her apartments in London and Paris to live full-time in Italy and focus on acting.

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In the Federico Fellini film Fellini Satyriconan Italian film portraying the fall of Ancient Romeshe portrayed the witch Oenothea, who according to one commentator, "in a trade-off with a wizard long ago ended up with fire between her legs. And it's real fire too, because Fellini shows us a scene in which a long line of foolish-looking peasants wait with unlit torches at Oenothea's bed. When their time comes, each devoutly places his torch between her legs to her sex, and, Poof.

She then appeared in the Happening documentary film Soft Self-Portrait of Salvador Dalia biography narrated by Orson Welles for French TV. Luna's last acting role was the title character in the Italian film Salomedirected by Carmelo Bene.

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In May at the Cannes Film Festivalconsidering herself as an international star, she pitched her life story to European and American film production company executives, like Berry Gordywho was at Cannes supporting Diana Ross in promoting her new film Lady Sings the Blues. Interest was sparked in relation to The Battle of Versailles Fashion Showbut the pitch was never taken any further.

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In an interview for the Italian publication PanoramaLuna claimed that Gordy based the film Mahogany on this pitch. Luna was known to be a muse of Salvador Daliand acted in many of the ways Dali did in accord with the philosophy of Surrealism.

Aqui nos gustaria mostrarte una descripcion, pero el sitio web que estas mirando no lo permite Peggy Ann Freeman (August 31, - May 17, ), known professionally as Donyale Luna, was an American supermodel and actress who gained popularity in Western Europe during the late s. Generally cited as "the first black supermodel", Luna was the first African-American model to appear on the cover of the British edition of Vogue, in March Cat Backhoe Loaders are versatile machines used for digging, excavating, trenching and more. Pair them up with our backhoe attachments for increased productivity

The American photographer William Claxton introduced Luna to Dali when he met her in Catalonian village of Cadaquesbecoming Dali's lifelong muse whom he would refer to as "the reincarnation of Nefertiti ".

The eccentric character of Donyale Luna can be seen as both a hyperbolic alter-ego and an extension of a fake it until you make it persona which Luna may have thought of as a "metamorphosis".

Luna used camp to give off a larger than life character, using hairpieces, lengthened eyelashes, and "a collection of blue, green, yellow, purple and orange [coloured contacts] which she changed like underwear" to play fast and loose with defined boundaries she may have had as Peggy-Ann.

She would both employ others and use her own designs for her clothes, experimenting with bindi's on her third eyeand often wearing loose-fitting or flowing garments. These two Peggy-Ann and Donyale were succinctly distinct however to Freeman, she stated of viewing "Donyale" in photographs: "If I had seen something like me in a magazine as a child, I would have died laughing, or been scared I find my own photographs weird, terribly sophisticated and different".

The alter ego of Donyale Luna was created in what Freeman termed future visioninga New Age approach culminating when she completed attended Central High Theater in Detroit, a technique drawing from pantomime and experimental dancing and acting which allowed the individual to create an altogether new identity by drawing on traits seen in "visions" from a desired individual like Baker, to form a new identity.

Luna would alter her attireappearance, social circlesmannerisms and paralinguistic features like altering the pitch in her voice for instance, to create the character of Donyale, crafting subtle bodily perceptions to alter or shift the viewers perception of her as a black body; too increase her pragmatical social prestige or standing.

Exemplified in an advert for a polyester peasant blouse in for Ebony magazine, the iconography work was said to evoke the black and white images of Man Rayacknowledging the shift of the early 20th century "visual modernism" morphed into the "disjuncted body" see Mikhail Bakhtin 's theory of the grotesque and read Negro: An Anthology by Nancy Cunar Hugh D.

Ford, p.

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exotic or erotic roles that did not provide occupational transitions to more fulfilling, post spectacle lives". Brown notes of how in the early 20th century "the expression of primitive - by self-consciously urban sophisticates such as Baker could equally be produced as a reimagining of subject-object relations, a paradoxical critique and deployment of pleasures[,] despite the motion, vitality, energy and erotic fission imagined to be at the heart of the primitive.

on the use of personae, impersonation, or a kind of eclipse of the human subject, became her signature [pose]" used to entrance her audience, Freeman used "Donyale" to create an altogether new image or aesthetic of what constituted Black - knitswhereitsat.coma new beauty paradigm for African-American visual imagery and black subject agency ; developed from Baker's era of primitive -; into previously white spaces.

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She was believed to have met the artist Mati Klarwein who made psychedelic album covers for artists like Jimi Hendrix through Sam Riversat an "occupational gathering" for Miles Davis in New York in where her likeness appears in his painting Timeof a circle of gold leaf surrounded by scimitars representing the earth and sky.

In the circle sits a 'polymorphous figure an aggregate of fire, water, multiple faces of beautiful women, female breasts, male genitalia, rainbow patterns, animal heads, skulls derived from Tibetan and Hindu religious imagery topped off by Donyale Luna's trimorphic head', also being portrayed in as in a self-portrait.

In Europe she was also a part of the 'rock music scene', having been featured in the Italian music video for Patty Pravo 's song Michelle In her Playboy interview, she held the belief that beauty was 'something not physical but something beyond that', she also noted that children were more readily accepting of her form of 'beauty'.

She reported to the Argentinian Press in [For me] beauty is something else, something inexplicable that each person carries inside [themselves]. There's a great division coming about on this planet. There are going to be a lot of people who will die because they just don't know how to live. They don't know what life's about, they don't know how to give, how to love - nor do they want to.

And those who are beautiful enough - I don't mean physically but something beyond that - they will have the chance to learn how to fly, to be beautiful, to rise above the level of the normal human - to be superior beings first and eventually gods and goddesses.

She anticipated a spiritual "armageddon" she called "The Great Division" due to her perception that other peoples lack of understanding between themselves would lead to this great divide based on superficial issues like physical beauty in the future which she foresaw.

Throughout her life and career, Luna claimed to be of various, mixed ethnic backgrounds, often playing down her African American ancestry since being a teenager in Detroit.

According to Luna, one of her grandmothers was reportedly a former Irish actress who married a black interior decorator, however, the historical accuracy of this is questionable. In fact constructing a new identity [as Donyale Luna]'.

Dream Cazzaniga on her mother leaving Detroit for New York writes of the likelihood of employment as a model how 'there were virtually no modeling opportunities for non-white faces anywhere other than dedicated African-American publications such as Ebony. Darker models such as Helen Williams later became more accepted by the s. Fashion finds itself in an instrumental position for changing history, however slightly, for it is about to bring out into the open the veneration, the adoration, the idolization of the Negro".

As for the United States, "until the advent of the American Civil Rights Movement in the s and s the fashion industry operated its own kind of apartheid, which entirely excluded non-white models from its magazines, advertising and catwalk shows.

Almost against her own will, she became a symbol. Some people declared her a Masai warrior, Gauguinesque, Nefertiti reborn. Others claimed she was another species entirely - or from outer space! Time in called her a 'creature of contrasts.

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One minute sophisticated, the next fawnlike, now exotic and faraway'. She said in late to a reporter that "Fashion photographers saw me as something different but I'm certain it has nothing to do with my color. I never think of myself as a brown girl".

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Due to the color barrier, by then "the prestige of her modeling jobs had now shifted, from photo editorial work for Harper's Bazaar to the secondary advertising market [in Ebony magazine]". Jane Hoffman described the evolution of the acceptable negro from white-passing models first used in s advertisements in magazines like Jet to the s replacement, the exotic negrowho was 'the Negro girl you'd think of as something else.

She wasn't even beautiful-just a weird creature, some kind of space thing, She had to be so bizarre that no [black person] could identify with [them]'.

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This typecasting of black models limited Hoffman's own chances because she was "not Negro enough" to be black under the respectability politics of white industry standards for black models at that time. White American society preferred 'exotic' Luna over women like Hoffman as they provided an existing false narrative which fuelled their preexisting media biases about blackness and its otherness, reinforced existing stereotypes, excluded black women, and narrowed the definition of what black beauty could take the appearance of how an acceptable negro would appear, in opposition to whites who would be seen as the default of acceptability and whose appearance would not be called into question so easily.

Indeed they infantilized 'Black women [who] could be sexy, sinuous, glamorous marvellous entertainers magazines and advertising, They were not considered to have the necessary spending power that publishers and agencies wanted to exploit. Until when in Luna broke the color barrier as a model and created new media content which showed an African American woman for the first time in high fashion magazines within visible beauty standards, prior to this an African-American woman wearing scant clothing was 'the stuff of the white man's sexual fantasies For years, [black] girls [had] literally been through torture in their efforts to achieve a white hairstyle or chemical solutions like sodium hydroxide or lye which could burn the hair away The same thing applied to cosmetics.

The Supremes [then being] a perfect example of how black girls built their - around white ideals of beauty and so theirs was the look longed for by blacks from Brixton to Harlem : there was simply no one else you could try to imitate.

In the factor of race, she further stated: "Most of my publicity has been because I'm dark-skinned. But I think the reaction would have been the same if I were white because of my [body] features" referring to her uncommon height and bodily proportions which these companies regarded as exotic.

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The American print journalist Judy Stone wrote a now-infamous profile of Luna for The New York Times indescribing Luna using racialist language such as "secretive, mysterious, contradictory, evasive, mercurial, and insistent upon her multiracial lineage-exotic, chameleon strands of Indigenous-Mexican, Indonesian, Irish, and, last but least escapable, African".

Luna responded that "the civil-rights movement has my greatest support, but I don't want to get involved racially". It could be good, it could be bad.

I couldn't care less" [36] [49] which are indicative of the limited and poor quality of jobs and opportunities available to Luna at the time in an environment which seemingly only accepted models who passed the brown paper bag test.

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Comments such as those have meant that she has been widely forgotten in favour of Beverly Johnson, whilst revealing the complex dynamics that she refused to be defined by in being typecast in the roles such as Diana Ross in the film Mahogany ; a media portrayal that may have been a cause for conflict in her identity as a black woman and someone in the public eye; such as when the protagonist of Mahogany is referred to as an inanimate object and the misogyny of the modeling industry in the film which as a "black body" altered how Luna was to be both remembered and perceived in the short and long term, placing more value on her as a body valuing looks and the profit involved from her modelling than Freeman as a person, thus disregarding her full worth and objectifying Luna.

Luna's response was to wear the mask [of one of Giacometti's skeletal sculptures] and to become a negligible component of life, hovering between existence and nothingness" in Italy in the public eye. From this time on, she had problems figuring out who she was as a black woman eventually becoming a "soul on ice": a entity encased and obscured by its own false image, which only hinted at the naked power and creative potential that lay beneath the surface", or a shell of the former aspirations she held in her identity in youth.

In the mids, Luna was married to an anonymous German actor for ten months. InLuna was purportedly dating the Australian pop artist Martin Sharp.

She would later move to Italy and continue her acting career there. However she was then rumoured by the Italian press to be dating the Dominican actor Juan Fernandez whom she met aroun and is thought to have been dating in when filming Salome. Luna later married Italian photographer Luigi Cazzaniga after having met him at a party in Italy.

For the first two months of their relationship they could not speak to each other as Cazzaniga only knew how to speak Italian, he noted he "liked her [for] her love of creativity and for everything that wasn't square.

During the early morning hours of May 17,Donyale Luna died of a heroin overdose in a clinic in Rome aged only Luna was survived by her husband, Luigi Cazzaniga, and her month-old daughter, Dream. This continued with British Vogue using black models Gail O'Neill in MarchNaomi Campbell 5 times between December - Augustand Jourdan Dunn in November as solo cover models under Anna WintourElizabeth Tilberis and Alexandra Shulman 's tenures.

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