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Welcome to the world's best fakes selected for their realistic and artistic interpretation of the subject. Post a Comment. skip to main skip to sidebar Male Celeb Fakes - Best of the Net. Wednesday, January 13, Cobin Bleu American Actor - Disney's 'High School Musical'. Posted by victorfakes at PM. Labels:hunks, male celebs,fakes, fake nudes, corbin bleu , corbin bleu fakes , corbin bleu nake corbin bleu nude , high school musical.

Man, he really did have a nice body. His chest was well defined and he counted 6 abs as he grazed his hand over his stomach towards his cock. I wish it would always be this big. Corbin was still in the kitchen. Zac pulled his shorts all the way down and began to watch himself jack off in the mirror.

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A little bit of precum began to leak out of his cock so he grabbed it and used it for some lubrication. He kept on thinking about it as he stroked his 10 inches faster and faster. Corbin walked back towards the couch with two fresh vodka and Gatorades.

He put the drinks down and glanced directly at Zac. He was feeling quite drunk and was starting to not care about what anyone would think.

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After all, Zac did leave the door open, and he wanted to do it on the couch. He was about to cum, all he was thinking about was how Corbin touched his cock. He opened his eyes to watch himself cum when he saw Corbin standing there.

Corbin Bleu - Marchin (From \

About to explode he motioned to him. That was all it took to send Zac over the edge. He just knelt there as shot after shot of warm semen covered his face. After about the sixth squirt, Zac opened his eyes and looked down at Corbin. Corbin's left eye was shut and covered with a huge glob of cum.

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There was also a large string looking piece hanging down from his fro. The rest of the cum seemed to have accumulated on his chin and was now dripping off onto the floor.

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Corbin grabbed the towel from Zac. He still could not believe what just happened. Why didn't I get out of the way when Zac's cum hit my face? I don't know what came over me.

I want to be alone for a bit" Corbin stood up, put his head down and walked towards his room.

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Zac felt a little bit bad and called after him, "Corbin man, like I said, I hadn't been laid for a while. I was just too horny buddy. Its not like we are gay" "I I know man, you know its just well, I think I am too drunk.

You don't have to leave, I am just gonna jump in the shower.

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The distinct smell of Zac's cum was still in his nose and he had yet to spot the cum dangling from his curly brown locks. Zac sat back down on the couch. He kept on thinking about what just happened. Quite frankly, Zac thought that it was really cool.

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Girls are great and all, but there is so much work involved. Sometimes I just want to get off.

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Corbin is my best buddy. I know I am always horny I know he is always horny. I really am always horny' Meanwhile Corbin was in his bathroom looking at himself in the mirror.

Still lost, Corbin at this point felt relieved that Zac didn't seem to care. The real issues that Corbin had was that he could not figure out why he listened to Zac and also why he still had a raging boner!

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He is not the type to just take orders like that. Corbin took off his clothes and surveyed his body in the mirror. His cock was still raging, he grabbed his dick and walked closer to his long mirror.

It felt a little different than his cum. He transferred the cum to dick and began to use it as lubrication. He was close, so he moved over to the sink, put his head back an continued to stroke. Corbin could not help but think about the day's events.

First the measuring incident, and then getting dumped on by Zac. Just then, as he replayed the instant Zac spewed out onto him, he came, shooting his load all over the mirror. Corbin, now relieved that his cock was back to its normal six inches, jumped into his shower. Zac continued to play with his cock while watching TV and drinking his Gatorade.

By the time Corbin came back he came to a conclusion about his new 'buddy' theory. Almost fully hard again, Zac began discussing and explaining this with Corbin. Corbin looked down and away from Zac, "I don't know man, I mean I guess that is logical, I just feel like I don't know I just have a funny feeling.

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we are buddies I won't tell anyone if you don't. Remember, I know that I would be jackin off anyway, this way we can help each other out with our busy schedules. He also noticed a little tingling in his crotch as well. Zac noticed Corbin's bulge as well. and I just came!

Come sit over here next to me. Zac had never done anything like this, but he was a feeling the effects of this third drink. Zac enjoyed being in charge. His heart was beating really fast, but Zac seemed to be as cool as could be.

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Zac took his shirt off as well, so they were now both sitting there with their pants around their ankles looking at each other's oversized wangs. He didn't know whether it was Zac's hand lightly stroking his cock, or just the excitement of this new situation, but he didn't want to cum too quickly.


His entire hand was now wrapped around the base of Corbin's thick piece. A few last drops oozed out and got onto Zac's hand.

Cobin Bleu American Actor - Disney's 'High School Musical'. Posted by victorfakes at PM. Labels:hunks, male celebs,fakes, fake nudes, corbin bleu, corbin bleu fakes, corbin bleu naked, corbin bleu nude, high school musical   Corbin Bleu Fake Nude. Posted on: 13th November 13th November ; Bow Wow has a new album coming out this year titled 'Underrated' and we can't wait to hear it. The album has seen a few delays, making the anticipation as Jan 12, Cobin Bleu American Actor - Disney's 'High college Labels:hunks, male celebs,fakes, fake nudes, corbin bleu, corbin bleu naked, corbin bleu nude The Beautiful Life has enlisted Corbin Bleu nude to promote the new show. He is certainly up to the task. Wowza. Corbin Bleu Reivers (born February 21, ), known [ ]

Corbin took his hand off Zac's throbbing cock. I didn't know you were gonna cum so quickly, what were you thinking about? You just came in like a minute, when was the last time you jacked off? You are one horny dude. Corbin wasn't sure why he was listening to everything Zac said, but Zac did get him off, so he did owe him.

  Corbin Bleu Nude. The Beautiful Life has enlisted Corbin Bleu nude to promote the new show. He is certainly up to the task. Wowza. / ,8/5 Biography. Corbin Bleu does it's an actor, model, singer, songwriter, dancer and, well, just hunktastic. The Brooklyn native has made a wholesome name for himself in the High School Musical film series, but it's partnering with professional dancer Karina Smirnoff for Dancing With the Stars that we get to see his true bare-chested perv-formance is a sight for sore eyes CORBIN BLEU nude - 26 images and 4 videos - including scenes from "Dancing With the Stars" - "Nurse 3D" - ""

He scooted over to Zac and positioned his still naked body so he could get a more comfortable grip. Corbin wrapped his petit, soft hand around Zac's thick man meat and began to go up and down at a decent pace. A bit mesmerized, Corbin used the precum to lube Zac's cock. As Zac said this, he opened his eyes and looked at Corbin intently fulfilling his obligation.

Zac looked at Corbin and noticed that he was hard again. Do you like doing this? But it was too late, It all clicked for Zac. You like touching my dick.

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I mean Hearing those words come out of Zac's mouth was a harsh reality to face, but it did make sense of the recent events.

I am just trying to get off. Corbin pulled away.

So I found this really hot and sexy story online about Corbin Bleu and Zac Efron, and thought that you guys would all love it, so here it is: Corbin Bleu fakes (5) Corbin Bleu nude (5) Corbin Bleu nude fakes (5) Cameron Boyce Naked fake Hace 3 anos Wafflecakes Male Celebrity Fakes Corbin Bleu, Actor: Scary or Die, The Beautiful Life, Sugar; Born: February 21,   Corbin Bleu Nude 21 pics. Please tell us that you didnaˆt forget that guy with a curly hair form High School Musical franchise?! If you did, we are here to refresh your memory. But he is not that same kid as he was before. He has grown into a handsome man with nice and firm body! You probably want to relax and enjoy in some of his nude

Look at your dick! You are all boned up still! He was pretty excited, "Well, you promise you won't tell anyone? Corbin continued his hand job, this time at a quicker pace.

Zac also liked the control that he had over the situation, he was really getting off on it. He was at full mast again as well as he knelt in front of Zac. Hey man, if you want, you can suck it You are obviously gay, just put your mouth on my cock. This was different for Corbin, he just kept on doing what his best buddy said.

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A frustrated Zac grabbed Corbin's head and pushed it onto his cock. Alex D. Max Pirkis. Beau Mirchoff.

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