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Actress Tell Me a Story. Danielle Campbell is an American actress best known for her role as Davina Claire On the CW Original series The Originals. She has starred in other works such as the Prison Break, Starstruck, and You Can Change Your Family. She lives in New York City, where she shoots the leading role on CBS All Actress Set It Up. Zoey Deutch was born in Los Angeles, California. She starred in Everybody Wants Some , Before I Fall , Why Him?

To kick off EW's I Want My Teen TV series - during which we'll bring you new content all summer long - we've ranked the 50 best teen television shows of all time. Before you start telling us all the reasons we're wrong, let us lay out our guidelines for how we defined a "teen show. We chose to include shows that prominently feature characters between the ages of 13 and 19 and tackle what we deem as "teen issues.

It also means you'll see shows that focus a lot on the parents, such as Friday Night Lights or Gilmore Girls. One thing you won't see? Anything we felt classified more as a "family show," with much of the drama taking place inside the family unit and therefore, inside the home. Think 7th Heaven and Blossom.

The horror genre has always been where the culture goes to process the issues of the day via fake which depicts 21st-century teenagers as dead-eyed soulless sex addicts Crystal Reed, who Crystal Reed was born in Detroit, Michigan and began to study dance at an early age. She attended Dort Elementary School in Roseville, Michigan, Roseville Junior High and Roseville High School, where she was president of the school's drama club was the dance captain. She also took part in a local Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers Reveal First Ever Same Sex Engagement In (Fake) Video How Judy Gotham And Swamp Thing's Crystal Reed Talks Differences Between DC Comic Shows

Admittedly, a couple of these shows toe the "family show" line - we're looking at you, Fresh Prince and Party of Five - but you'll find all of our reasonings in the blurbs below. READ MORE: How the teen TV genre has evolved, and why it's so powerful. Netflix, A motley crew of Black and brown teens are searching for hidden treasure and themselves in Netflix's On My Blocka much-needed series centering underserved communities whose high school experience is often relegated to the background. At the center of the L.

It's definitely not all doom and gloom, especially when fully immersed in their wild adventures are friends Jamal Brett GrayRuby Jason Genaoand Jasmine Jessica Marie Garcia. But a mysterious character named Chivo Emilio Rivera is often lurking around and he has homies of his own that rival the teen squad.

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As literal ceramic gnomes known as gnomiesit's easy to dismiss them but it's worth noting how they're never too far away from the mayhem. E4, Skins dared to be bold. Over three generations of characters, the British series provided a new look at the lives of teenagers. It showed viewers a slice of life in Bristol, a grittier tale compared to other stories about young people.

Fans will remember when Chris is taken away too soon; Naomi and Emily bravely admitting how they feel about each other, and the many of the show's powerful arcs and moments.

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Although some had issues with the sex scenes and partying lifestyle displayed, Skins often showed the consequences of risky behavior. What that doesn't take into consideration is the poignant storylines and how well it tackled controversial topics. From bullying to adolescent sexuality, mental illness, and more, Skins never shied away from the subject matter it delved into.

In the end, Skins ' legacy is in its stars, which includes Daniel KaluuyaHannah Murray, Dev Pateland Jack O'Connellwho went on to have incredible careers. ABC, Don't be a square.

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Gidget might be the oldest entry on this list, but making surfing and hanging out at the beach a priority while chasing boys under the golden California sun? With her phone line and lots of sass, Gidget Sally Field feels just as relatable today as a precocious teen who tries to explain the mysteries of youth to her bewildered dad Don Porterolder sister Anne Betty Connerand hapless brother-in-law John Pete Duel.

Gidget and her father share a real warmth for each other, underpinned by strong performances by both Porter and Field in what would be a star turn early in her career.

Others are steeped in sex, at his side, Scott must juggle his new lycan abilities with his romance with new girl Allison (Crystal Reed), (don't do angel dust, kids!) and fake teens

ABC may have prematurely axed Gidget after one season, but the suits with the roots knew they needed more Sally Field on TV, and quickly booked her on a show The Flying Nun with fewer bikinis and "sexteens" as Anne accidentally calls Gidget's beach bum buddies.

Netflix, This fantastically crass animated series may be populated by hormone monsters, talking pubic hair, and the ghost of Duke Ellington, but its vision of puberty is disarmingly real.

Somehow combining gross-out period jokes and insightful lessons on sexuality, Big Mouth feels a bit like the funniest, filthiest sex ed class you never took, following preteen friends Nick Nick KrollAndrew John MulaneyJessi Jessi Kleinand Missy previously Jenny Slate, now Ayo Edebiri as they learn to navigate new relationships and their changing bodies.

Add in Kroll and Maya Rudolph as the voices of the aforementioned hormone monsters, and you've got one delightfully gross ode to the weirdness of growing up. Hulu, Hulu's surreal sitcom was only included in our ranking after much conversation about when, precisely, a kid becomes a teenager.

But that ambiguity cuts to the emotionally delicate core of this seventh-grade saga. Co-creators Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine are grown-up performers playing fictionalized versions of their junior-high selves.

The characters Anna and Maya are best friends caught together in the nightmare landscape between childhood and adulthood: crushes, changing bodies, R-rated movies, an oncoming divorce, the lawless mood of up-all-night sleepovers. Millennials can appreciate how Konkle, Erskine, and fellow co-creator Sam Zvibleman capture every micro-detail of Y2K life.

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But the stunning leads transcend nostalgia and evoke a palpable edge-of-puberty awkwardness. PEN15 has a dreamy side, but the performances carry a painful realism. By comparison, even some great shows on this list look like twentysomething model mixers. and Beverly Hills Others are steeped in sex, drugs and general disfunction - cough, Euphoria - as kids battle against overwhelming odds to make it to graduation. One is unattainably aspirational, the other an important reflection of many people's reality.

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Derry Girls falls into neither category and is excellent because it's so universally relatable - even if you didn't attend Catholic school or grow up with your extended family living in your home.

The coming-of-age comedy, set in '90s Derry, Northern Ireland, follows a group of teen girls and one boy who are refreshingly average. They're curious about sex in so far as it's something on the periphery that they'll get to, they try to assert their individuality by refusing to wear their blazers to school, and they get excited by pop concerts and fried foods.

The show unabashedly explores that in-between part of life that you can't wait to escape because it just seems so torturous at the time, and instead of glorifying it, reveals it for what it truly is: a necessary mess.

MTV, Many teenagers find themselves struggling to live up to their potential, but it makes sense that the problem would be even worse for literal clones of Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi.

Clone High 's inventive premise - that the U. government secretly cloned every major historical figure they could think of, but then had no idea what to do with these pubescent legends other than stick them in a high school together - only made 13 episodes before the inclusion of Gandhi sparked outrage in India and the animated series was canceled.

Even so, that single season survived on YouTube thanks to its absurdist take on teen-culture tropes such as when Spanish conquistador Ponce de Leon pops up for one episode just so he can die and inspire a Very Special Message about the dangers of littering.

No wonder creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller The Lego Movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse went on to expand the possibilities of 21st century animation.

CW, All American brings a myriad of Black experiences to TV in a way few shows ever have. Based on the life of NFL player Spencer Paysinger, the drama follows teen athlete Spencer James Daniel Ezra as he moves from Crenshaw to Beverly Hills to achieve his dreams of playing professional football.

Seeing the lives of folks in both Crenshaw and Beverly Hills, separately and when they come together, adds to the spectrum of Black experiences the show can showcase.

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For example, when Layla Keating Greta Onieogou is coming to terms with her depression, the show spends a season deeply exploring her struggle. All American also tackles topics including gang violence and teen pregnancy. Plus, it's fun! We'll never forget the Black cotillion.

While balancing the joy and stark realities of being Black in America, the drama has been doing the inclusive storytelling that many hope to see more of. ABC, First airing in the late '70s and then garnering new pupils in syndication, Welcome Back, Kotter was a celebration of mediocre students and the teacher saddled with them.

Kotter Gabe Kaplan gets his name in the sitcom title as the beleaguered educator working at his old high school, but the "Sweathogs" -the group of lovable delinquents who give him a hard time and occasionally learn something - are the real heads of the class. Leading that pack is a young John Travolta as Sweathog-in-chief Vinnie Barbarino, the role that would launch his career, seated amongst classmates that reflect the show's diverse Brooklyn setting among them Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs' Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington and Robert Hegyes' Juan Epstein.

In addition to Travolta, the series' four-year run also gave viewers the unforgettable voice of nerdy, naive Arnold Horshack Ron Palillomade John Sebastian's "Welcome Back" theme a hit, and brought forth the insult "up your nose with a rubber hose!

Based on Sara Shepard's book series, Pretty Little Liars follows high school best friends Aria Lucy HaleSpencer Troian BellisarioEmily Shay Mitchelland Hanna Ashley Benson as they deal with the disappearance of their other bestie, mean girl Alison DiLaurentis Sasha Pieterse and her yellow tank top.

Allison \u0026 Isaac - 3x17 2/3

But when the girls start receiving mysterious text messages from an anonymous sender, the question becomes: Is Alison actually dead? The series, which revolutionized using social media to interact with a fandom, delivered countless shocking twists and multiple major reveals - including more than one "A" - in its seven seasons. And although its later seasons lost some of the spark of the original mystery, its impressive run earns it a place on this list.

Disney Channel, Growing up can be hard, but in the words of Lizzie McGuire 's enduring theme song, sometimes all you can do is figure it out on the way. This Disney Channel staple captures early-aughts adolescence in all its awkwardness, following the quirky, fashion-focused Lizzie Hilary Duffher best friend Miranda Lalaineand her lovesick pal Gordo Adam Lamberg.

The year-old Lizzie learns how to navigate middle school, from begging her parents for a bra to trying to avoid the mortal sin of being - gasp!

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But what sets the show apart from its similarly sunny Disney Channel counterparts is Duff's charming and all-too-relatable performance: She plays both live-action Lizzie and her animated alter ego, who narrates the show and always pops up in that familiar pink tank top and orange platform flip-flops.

Hey, it was the early '00s! MTV, The only thing MTV's Teen Wolf series shares with the Michael J. Fox film of the same name is just that - its name. Otherwise, showrunner Jeff Davis' dark, violent supernatural teen drama couldn't be more different from its lighter creative inspiration.

Tyler Posey stars as Scott McCall, a wannabe lacrosse superstar who gets his athletic wishes granted when he's mysteriously bitten by a werewolf. He soon finds out the world of werewolves and kanimas, kitsunes, werecoyotes, berserkers, etc.

is a lot more complicated than he thinks. Armed with his best friend Stiles Dylan O'Brien at his side, Scott must juggle his new lycan abilities with his romance with new girl Allison Crystal Ree unaware she comes from a long line of werewolf hunters.

It really brings new meaning to the awkwardness around meeting the parents, huh? Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Colton Haynes, Shelly Hennig, and Arden Cho also star in the suspenseful series that is equal parts heart-pounding action, nightmare-inducing horror, sexy romance, and pure, witty comedy. This Teen Wolf has teeth - but also lots of heart. Netflix, The fact that this teen thriller is the only series on this list that's not in English is a testament to the changing tides of how people consume TV shows.

Of course the global platform Netflix offers makes international shows more accessible, but it's also just hard to ignore a project that goes, "You thought the Gossip Girl threesome was scandalous?

How about a throuple that's out committing felonies? To build off the famous quote from Bong Joon Ho, once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, Elite offers something compelling for everyone, from murder mystery intrigue, to Spanish aristocracy, to how faith can impact romantic relationships.

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CW, Riverdale exists in a gonzo world where teens own speakeasies and have serial killer parents, but damn if it's not all the more fun for its off-the-wall qualities. Based on the beloved Archie Comics, the show brings to life the likes of Betty Lili ReinhartArchie KJ ApaVeronica Camilla Mendesand Jughead Cole Sprouse for adventures that are far from the wholesome Americana of the original comics.

Instead, it casts a noirish gleam over the town with pep, propelling its teens through a series of ever grimmer and more convoluted mysteries. We don't know what we love more, the near-perfect Lynchian first season that proved teen shows could be just as edgy as adult programming or its ingenious use of '90s teen heartthrobs like Madchen Amick, Skeet Ulrich, and the late Luke Perry lending the show an extra brilliant meta twist with its throwback to iconic teen culture.

Now if only we could actually grab a burger at Pop's - Maureen Lee Lenker. The girls' "twin thing" immediately kicks in, and six seasons of sitcom hijinks ensue, along with a generation of kids yearning for their own doppelganger.

The duo had an unbreakable bond, but it was refreshing to see brainy Tia and social butterfly Tamera come into their own identity outside of their sibling. And of course, Tia's spunky mom, Lisa national treasure Jackee Harrystole every scene and bumped up the show in EW's rankings. Not all fans loved the final seasons, as the twins headed off to college and the endearingly annoying Roger Marques Houston departed.

Still, the series helped shape TV's depiction of funny, flawed young Black girls that continued with MoeshaThat's So Raven, and more. Oh, and one last thing: "Go home Roger! HBO, What are teenagers really like today? I have no idea. But I love director Luca Guadagnino for trying to find out with this eight-part drama. Fluidity is normality for unlikely friends Caitlin brilliant newcomer Jordan Kristine Seamon and Fraser Jack Dylan Grazer.

They're army brats on a base in Chioggia, an Italian netherland of fast-food franchises, Hawaiian weddings, ancient churches, and the glorious Adriatic. Guadagnino's sumptuous filmmaking makes We Are Who We Are a true teen epic, and the episode-long party at the midpoint is certainly the most sensitive booze-and-videogames orgy ever filmed.

The show aims for heavy American Themes in every direction, with the election backgrounding dramas of race, homophobia, war, class, and some -isms that we don't have a name for yet. It's not all perfect; the last episode is.

HBO refuses to call We Are Who We Are a miniseries, so we can dream of more. CW, One Tree Hill was by no means a perfect series - the drama could be described as soapy at best and gratuitous at worst - and recent years have exposed just how problematic things were behind-the-scenes due to allegations made by cast members against creator Mark Schwahn.

But despite its flaws, this teen show was formative for any young person who watched throughout its nine-season run or continuously re-binges due to the constantly evolving, complicated relationships between the characters. The series follows estranged half-brothers Lucas Chad Michael Murray and Nathan Scott James Lafferty as their rivalry slowly transforms into a friendship. The writing is uplifted by a cast who all make their characters iconic, from Sophia Bush's Brooke Davis to Hilarie Burton's Peyton Sawyer to Bethany Joy Lenz's Haley James and so many more.

The earnest friendships, all-consuming romances, and shocking twists cemented its legacy as one of the best teen TV shows of all time, even as it consistently got wackier and wackier in the later seasons. Plus, we can thank One Tree Hill for giving us Gavin DeGraw.

WB, "No flights, no tights.

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Created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the WB drama brought the Superman mythology down to Earth and followed a young Clark Kent an endearing Tom Welling as he learned to control his powers, fought Buffy -like meteor freaks-of-the-week, and experienced all the firsts normal teens do at that age. Except those milestones carried even more peril because of his out-of-the-world secret and raised questions like, what would happen if Superman had sex with a normal human?

What does it look like when Superman is on drugs or in this case, red Kryptonite? Exploring how his abilities complicated his already complex relationship with love interest Lana Lang Kristen Kreukbest friend Lex Luthor Michael Rosenbaumand more was part of the fun and frustration at times.

Sure, Smallville could be conservative and leaned on the damsel in distress trope way too often, but it made the Man of Steel incredibly relatable and really took off once it figured out how to cleverly incorporate the DC mythos without ruining the show's grounded appeal.

MTV, Once upon a time, way back in the early-to-mids, two rockers sat around and riffed on MTV videos, and then well, they sat around some more and watched some more videos, and it was cool. Created and voiced by Mike Judge, Beavis and Butt-Head lived to headbang and headbanged to live through the drudgery of another day.

What they lacked in direction, ambition, and intelligence, they did not make up for in any other capacity; the metallic sound you just heard was not Pantera, but the sound of their dreams scraping against the limitations of their cinderblock minds.

But, like, whatever - they were boys being boisterous, heh-heh-ing at the principal for using the word "anus" okay, he actually said "entertain us" and killing time at their fast-food jobs by deep-frying a phone and chanting, "Cook!

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Buffy would come roundhouse kicking onto screens a year later, while Roswell crash-landed in so there was a space for a charming sitcom - adapted from a coming-of-age comic book - about a teenage witch Melissa Joan Hart who just wanted to fit in, while also taking advantage of all that her powers had to offer.

On the surface, Sabrina might've seemed frothy and borderline silly at times giant flans will do thatbut beyond the candy-cane rivers and dancing Mrs.

Mapletons, was a series that showed it's okay to be different, that traditional parenting isn't always the way, and that all teenagers struggle with secrets and containing their emotions and desires.

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It's just too bad they don't all have access to advice from a dry-witted animatronic cat. Fox, Right from the first "Don't Stop Believing," Ryan Murphy's ode to theater kids and high-school hierarchies became a hit faster than Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch could shoot off a sarcastic one-liner.

The show's early seasons were its best, parts of it haven't aged well, and its legacy can't be untangled from the tragedies and controversies that followed - but when Glee was good, it was good. Arkoff started the American Releasing Corporation.

Most important, A. invented the teen movie. Nicholson and Arkoff recognized that even though television was steadily bleeding away the adult audiences mainstream Hollywood had depended on for decades, teenagers were still flocking to the drive-in, looking for kicks.

started testing movie ideas on focus groups made up of actual teenagers. They cranked out 50 films a year, essentially pioneering the kind of youthsploitation that would one day make MTV into a cultural force. Then, on June 19,A. Watching a female gymnast while she works out on the uneven bars brings on his first on-screen wolf-out, which ends up being seriously bad news for the gymnast.

And it planted the teenage-werewolf story in pop culture like silver-bullet shrapnel. Documented teenage-werewolf sightings, mid- to-late 20th century:. named Robert Smith takes a job at the Mexican radio station XERF-AM. Posey gets excited, then becomes the wolf; she screams, and Posey starts tearing the bus apart.

The realer it gets, the more man-hours, the more expensive. Davis grew up reading horror-rack staples like Stephen King and Dean Koontz.

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Davis has also worked in features. For a while, he was one of those guys who do really well in Hollywood writing movies that never actually get made.

And, Crystal and I had fake rain dumped on us in one scene, for a couple of shots that turned out to be about two and a half hours. Crystal had to get tended to by the medics. REED: Yeah, I was Crystal Reed, Actress: Swamp Thing. Crystal Reed was born in Detroit, Michigan and began to study dance at an early age. She attended Dort Elementary School in Roseville, Michigan, Roseville Junior High and Roseville High School, where she was president of the school's drama club was the dance captain. She also took part in a local community theater and performed in musicals such as Crystal Reed from the "Swamp Thing" talks slime with Chris ParenteToggle header content. News Oct 6, / AM MDT. Crystal Reed from the "Swamp Thing" talks slime with Chris Parente

And he liked the idea of working with MTV at a moment when the network was trying to build a slate of scripted shows. MTV seems to shed its skin at least once a decade, as if part of its business model is becoming ever more unrecognizable to viewers fogyish enough to remember the heyday of the music video or even the salad days of Carson Daly.

The resignation in May of the longtime MTV Networks chairwoman and C. Judy McGrath, who started with the network as a copywriter in and was an architect of what it became, is probably the highest-profile change that has taken place at MTV lately. Loeb was When strange things start to happen, and Scott realizes that he has new powers and abilities, he quickly learns that his life will never be the same.

During this exclusive interview with Collider, co-stars Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed, who plays the mysterious new girl in town, talked about how much they identify with their characters, working with filmmaker Russell Mulcahy Resident Evil: ExtinctionHighlander on the pilot, and that they think people will be surprised with how much edgier this version of the Teen Wolf story is. Crystal also discussed the experience of making the sci-fi feature Skylinewhich started out as an independent film that is now being distributed by Universal Pictures on November 12 th.

Check out what they had to say after the jump:. TYLER POSEY: Whenever something good comes up that sounds like I could be part of the project, my manager and my agents send me in on it. I went in for the first audition and had great chemistry with the casting director and the people behind the desk, and they liked me.

I went back for a callback and met Crystal Reed, we read together for a chemistry read, and it felt really good. Then, they brought us all in for the network test. That was basically the audition process. CRYSTAL REED: It was a couple months for the whole process. There were multiple sessions.

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Okay, this should be interesting. And then, I read the script and was completely blown away because it was not what I expected at all. Then, I knew that I wanted to go in and hopefully be a part of it. Somehow, it all worked out.

POSEY: It was December of REED: And, we filmed the pilot in February. What was it about this story and these characters that you were able to identify with? Anyone who has been in high school knows that ambition.

They want to just get noticed and stop being an underdog or outcast. I think a lot of people can relate to that. I know I did. REED: My character, Allison Argent, is incredibly relatable. I think a teenage girl, a young woman or anybody knows those feelings of insecurity and fear. How much of yourselves do you bring to these characters and how different are they from who you are?

That really shines through and really shows that our chemistry is there. It brings a lot of us to the role. There are some specific circumstances where we would probably do things a little differently.

POSEY: I could almost see Crystal as Allison, but me and Scott are pretty different. Scott is very lost and wants to be noticed. I was never really an outcast. I was never really unpopular in high school. But, Scott and I just like to learn and grow. What was your first impression of the original Teen Wolf film, when you saw it, and what are the differences between that film and the version of the story in the TV series? POSEY: When I first heard about Teen Wolf for MTV, I knew the title immediately because I knew of the movie.

The film is completely different than the TV show. In the show, there are minor differences. In the movie, Michael J. He just grows into the werewolf.

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