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Or perhaps Futurama? This is my final weekend at the A. This one deals with the entire fourth season, which after this rewatch I might now consider my favorite of the show. The season can be a little offputtingly weird in the early going, and there are two all-time bad episodes back-to-back in the middle, but overall this is such a fundamentally solid and sound season of television. And whenever the show flirts with playing it safe, of losing its edge, it finds way to subvert expectations, as the Scarrans become an ever more present threat to the shipmates and the galaxy at large.

Crais defies easy categorization; even at his most villainous and unstable phase in the first season, there were signs of anguish and trauma that suggested he genuinely never intended to be the man he became.

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But what of Aeryn? She genuinely wants Crichton by her side when she prepares to join with Talyn, and her feelings endure beyond his tantrums and his verbal attacks to the extent that she can still show Talyn what it means to need someone.

That in and of itself is a sign of growth; it takes its own kind of maturity to deal with such uncertainty.

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Crichton looks just as foolish and petty as Crais or Talyn in his overtures to Aeryn, while her exration with the conduct of those around her is universal. Again, with John very much positioned as the outsider-literally at one climactic point-the story relies on Aeryn in a way that few recent episodes have.

More generally, this increased focus on Aeryn Sun allows Farscape to begin sketching out a new storytelling identity for itself after a second season-particularly a back half of the second season-that was so overwhelmingly concerned with Scorpius and wormholes.

But now, Scorpius is gone, at least temporarily, and so the show has to sort out just what John and Aeryn actually mean to each other when distractions are, if not exactly removed-Talyn is both stuck in a budong and trying to kill Crichton, after all-then at least reduced.

As ever, Farscape is hesitant to give its characters all but the narrowest of victories, especially in an emotional context. This plan is so bad, it has to be ours.

While Aeryn and the Talyn Crichton are forced to work through some difficult emotions and reach new levels of understanding of each other, the Moya Crichton finds himself at a loose end, desperately trying to convince his increasingly surly shipmates that a wormhole is right around the next star. The interpersonal dynamics are so much simpler on Moya than they are on Talyn; on the other ship, John is in close quarters with the person he loves most and the person-other than Scorpius, presumably-he hates most, but here John is just spending his days with a bunch of friends and Jool.

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That makes it all the more difficult for them to see a friend descend into obsession and self-absorption, especially when they know that this Crichton is keenly aware that he might be the inferior duplicate, if for no other reason than the other version is where he truly wants to be. After all, he just wants to go home.

Uh, bite me?

It took four seasons, but Kermit the Frog finally made it onto Farscape. Seriously, his little cameo always makes me sentimental.

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Futurama has just the weirdest lifespan. Both stories use an unexpected visit to 20th century Earth to generate fish-out-of-water laughs and deeply wrong sexual complications for the main character.

But the episode wrings a ton of pathos out of its scenario, as Crichton gets to go home again in multiple senses.

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Ironic, I suppose, considering his mom is repeatedly referred to as a peacemaker. Instead, focus on Chiana, who slips into the all-important role of Karen Shaw. Farscape is such an odd time capsule.

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This episode aired in Januarywhile the Battlestar Galactica miniseries would air in December of the same year-in between, the Iraq War would begin. I can only guess what it was like to watch this episode at the time it first aired, though I can imagine the discomfort of those who had come to see this show as escapism from a world knocked off its axis.

Watching it now, this is the one episode of the series that feels genuinely dated in a way that goes beyond ropey special effects or old pop culture allusions.

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Everything in the Uncharted Territories is essentially timeless, but this episode transports one back to a period when the effects of September 11 were their still at their most visceral. Bad guys always see me, because my plans suck.

People die. The dumbass.

There's Zhaan (Virginia Hey), an alien priestess who meditates in the nude. She killed her lover during sex and went to prison for it. Chiana (Gigi Edgley), a young thief whose sex-positivity Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins Gigi Edgley (3) Jessica Napier (3) Kym Wilson (3) Laura Stejskal (3) Michala Banas (3) Nadja Kostich (3) Raelee Hill (3) Sara Groen (3) Spencer McLaren (3) Amelia Barrett (2) Annalise Woods (2) Anthony Simcoe (2) Belinda Gavin (2) Ben Seton (2) Brett Tucker (2) Christopher Kirby (2) Christopher Morris (2) Claudia Karvan (2) David Hoflin (2 Set in northern Australia before World War II, an English aristocrat who inherits a sprawling ranch reluctantly pacts with a stock-man in order to protect her new property from a takeover plot

I help someone and they screw me. You are food and I eat. I may be going mad from writing so many of these, which is very on-brand for Farscape.

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What distinguishes this episode from similar ones in seasons past is the presence of Scorpius. And Aeryn might still be right about that!

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Crichton can have multiple motivations. Killing him would have been merciful. He presents a character who has lived with guilt and prejudice so long that it takes no great effort for Macton to get inside his head. I have a gun.

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Then what? Do you have any plan of escape? Never has Farscape so brilliantly lulled audiences into a false sense of security.

Chris Pine's nude scene reaction branded "ridiculous" Shane Bourne, Gigi Edgley, Blake Davis, Richard Wilkins and Samara Weaving. Avengers theory Either way, this is one ship that apparently spends a crazy amount of its spare time generating and editing fake sex tapes. and the entire sequence is a But some of Gigi Edgley's best acting as Chiana is just in how she looks at the young John talk about his frustrations and his dreams, assuring him that he will make it into space someday

And everything in the early going suggests that. A trip to a shady market in a Leviathan corpse is a classic premise for a standard-issue Farscape caper, with the business about shape-changing the perfect plot device for some mad one-off storytelling. Even that silly pun of a title suggests nothing too serious is afoot. Then Grayza shows up, and everything goes to hell fast, culminating with a crumpled Crichton next to a destroyed bioloid replica of the woman he loves, with no way of knowing if Aeryn is still alive.

But the entire exchange is a master class of tension. Some of that is in the basic stakes, as this discussion represents an existential threat to the entire galaxy rather, say, some petty local squabble between would-be prefects.

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While Aeryn is entirely capable of thinking in terms of overarching galactic security, she makes a point of discussing the matter in terms of her friend. The performances also elevate the potentially dry premise.

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Aeryn and Sikozu are intriguing characters to have listen in, as they are two of the most emotionally reserved shipmates. That they are so concerned signals just how big a deal this is, and Claudia Black and Raelee Hill play that to the hilt.

She drops the eccentricities of her past characters, leaving only the danger. While this episode only gives us a small sense of what to expect from her, she instantly appears a match for Grayza or any of the shipmates, Scorpius included.

That every significant character except Braca in the main portion of the story is a woman, and just about every interaction aces the Bechdel test, is just a lovely bonus. It was during the production of this episode, the last one to be shot for season four, that Farscape received its cancellation notice.

In the early going, the revived Doctor Who flirted with the idea that now is the time humanity at large becomes aware of aliens, with visitations and invasions making it impossible to ignore the truth. The show solved this by making people oddly blase about the whole thing before ultimately retconning that awareness.

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If anything, the fact the shipmates had no discernible agenda beyond saying hello and hanging out invites people to project their own preconceptions onto them. Faced with something so much bigger than themselves, people can only respond by making it small enough to fit back inside their boxes.

While a couple of the interviewees appear prepared to accept the aliens as they are and argue for someday joining the galactic community they represent, most just filter the beliefs and actions of the visitors through their own assumptions, be they positive or negative.

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Wilson Monroe as anything but a sensationalist, but then we have the advantage of getting to know the shipmates over the past four seasons. Somewhere the Cubs are winning the World Series. Explains a lot, really. That really must be a contender for the stupidest plot point in Farscape history, yet it becomes grimmer and scarier the harder the show commits to the premise.

Farscape has long been willing to dig deep and find the real horror lurking within a given madcap premise, but the casual, ruthless practicality with which Scorpius murders these alternate shipmates is so grim. It says a lot when the Scarran interrogator is the least scary part of the proceedings, as at least he is what he seems to be.

The Sebacean nurse Vreena, by contrast, remains impossible to read. Luxans make fine pilots, exceptional bodyguards, and superlative lovers. In the early going, she was amorphously eccentric, less a character and more a device to guide Crichton to various revelations without needing the show to bother with exposition. But somewhere along the way, the mad old woman turned serious.

So what else is there to do but to reactivate the bacteria and trust she can figure out a way to cure it later?

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Better to recognize its necessity and then get on with it, like when she chides Crichton for not killing the Kalish functionary. She does the only logical thing to give everyone a chance to save Aeryn, but the harshness of her course leaves innocents dead.

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And the show has grown to respect Noranti enough over the course of the season for that to mean something to her, and thus to the audience. Not that it lasts. According to the Herald SunRush will be joined by various presenters including Cate Blanchett, Rachael Taylor, Lincoln Lewis, siblings Anthony and Jonathan LaPaglia, Xavier Samuel and Rob Carlton. Carlton, who is nominated as 'Best Lead Actor in a Television Drama' for his portrayal of media mogul Kerry Packer in ABC's Paper Giantssaid that he would play his presenting role by ear.

The key is to make sure you look like you're having fun, so then if you bomb at least people can smile along with you as you're falling down in front of them.

Carlton also revealed that he has tough competition in his category from Alex Dimitriades, Jonathan LaPaglia and Don Haney. His Paper Giants co-star Asher Keddie, who played magazine editor Ita Buttrose, is also nominated for 'Best Lead Actress in a Television Drama'. He said that he would feel "terror" and "dread" while making the show, saying: "I'd get home from shooting, last thought before bed: Packer.

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