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It's so upsetting to hear about how someone hacked into the personal smart-phone accounts of stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton to steal nude photos. Not only is it a horrendous violation of privacy, it raises serious questions about the safety of storing any kind of important information in virtual spaces like the cloud. But if there are photos of Joe Manganiello out there, Kathie Lee is demanding to see them. HK : I love Jennifer Lawrence and this makes me just love her even more. KLG : Let's be very candid and honest like we always are: Some people look great naked and most people don't. KLG : I think this whole situation is just awful - unless there's at least one nude picture of Joe Manganiello.

Since his time on ShamelessChatwin has starred in a number of films and TV shows, and was most recently seen in Netflix's Another Life.

Joan Cusack (Sheila Jackson) In her Emmy-winning role as Sheila Jackson, Joan Cusack played a memorable part in Shameless as the kind and caring (if somewhat absent Goldie Hawn, 70, Flaunts Flawless Beach Body in Nude Swimsuit. By Antoinette Bueno AM PDT, June 17, This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors American Jonah Falcon, 47, says numerous A-listers, including "Oscar nominees and Oscar winners", have sought him out for sex thanks to his inch (34cm) member

Throughout the first two seasons of ShamelessLaura Slade Wiggins played the recurring role of Karen Jackson, Lip's friend-with-benefits who found herself suffering frontal-lobe brain damage during the end of her time on the show. When we last saw her, Karen was taken to Arizona to be tended to by faith healers.

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There is a moment in Season 5 where the character is referenced by Sheila, but that's the last we see or hear of Karen Jackson in Shameless. Given the severity of her character's condition, it seems unlikely that Karen Jackson will return to Shameless in its final season. When it comes to her departure from the series, Laura Slade Wiggins speculated in an interview with Talk Nerdy With Us that the writers wanted to return the focus back on the Gallagher family, which might explain why her character was taken off the show altogether.

Since her time on ShamelessLaura Slade Wiggins has appeared in a few high-profile movies, including Rings and 20th Century Womenas well as some popular television shows, such as Chicago P. As Karen Jackson's husband Jody Silverman, Zach McGowan first appeared in Shameless ' second season before he became a main character in Season 3.

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But his appearances on the Showtime series came to a close when Karen left for Arizona. Given the decision to take Karen off the show, it made sense that Jody Silverman would also leave with his wife in her time of need, thus keeping Zach McGowan off the show.

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Following his time appearing on ShamelessMcGowan has had several big roles, including Dracula Untold, TheAgents of S. More likely than not, however, television viewers know him best as Charles Vane on Black Sailswhich is often considered his most famous role - outside of Shameless, of course. Introduced as the eldest daughter of Frank Gallagher, Emily Bergl's Sammi Slott played a key role in the fourth and notably fifth seasons of Shamelessas part of the storyline surrounding Frank needing a liver transplant.

Alas, her tenure on Shameless didn't extend past this. At the end of Season 4, Sammi Slott is incarcerated after she tries to shoot Mickey. The last time audiences saw the character, Sammi was spending hard time in the slammer, and we haven't heard too much from her since then.

It's no secret that the character wasn't especially well-liked, with even the Gallaghers themselves turning on Sammi before she got locked up. There was never an official reason given for why Sammi and Emily Bergl were taken off Shamelessthough the actress didn't have trouble finding work afterward.

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In joining Shameless as Mandy Milkovich, actress Emma Greenwell took over for Jane Levy, who played the part in Season 1. Mandy is, of course, Mickey's sister who eventually forms a friendship with Ian from Seasons 2 through 6.

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It was in the sixth season of Shamelessthough, that Greenwell served merely as a guest star, where it was revealed that Mandy had become an escort after leaving for Indiana. After one of her clients died, Mandy fled once again, this time to an unknown destination.

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Though the writers surprised viewers by bringing Mandy back for that brief appearance in Season 6, the character hasn't been seen on Shameless since, and it looks unlikely that she'll return. Similar to Jimmy's brief "hello and goodbye" from Shamelessit seems that Mandy's brief Season 6 interlude was mostly used as a chance to bring official closure to this long-time character - even though Mandy's last exit from Shameless was notably more depressing and arguably unsatisfying.

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In an interview with Cosmopolitan following Mandy's surprise returnEmma Greenwell admitted she isn't sure if her character will return to Shameless again, though her lack of appearances since suggests the writers have wrapped with Mandy. After leaving, Greenwell joined the acclaimed Hulu drama The Path and was last seen on TV in Starz's The Rook.

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A Russian prostitute who had a complicated history with the main characters, Svetlana Fisher was initially a guest star role for Isidora Goreshter when she first appeared in Season 3. The role grew into a recurring role from Seasonsand Goreshter became a series regular for 7 and 8.

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Alas, Isidora was written out of the series after the eighth season. When we last saw Svetlana, she'd married a senile old man and finally moved out of Kev and Veronica's house.

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It would appear that Goreshter's exit is a classic example of the show writers not knowing what else to do with Svetlana and deciding to let her go for good. In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyGoreshter surprisingly admitted that she wanted her character to suffer a dramatic death, but the writers didn't want that to happen in order to leave the door open in case they decided to bring Svetlana back again.

She hasn't been on Shameless since, however, but Goreshter has appeared in other popular dramas such as Grey's Anatomy and Condor.

The Smoking Gun today revealed a cache of e-mails to and from various Bush-family members-many regarding former president George H. W. Bush's recent hospitalization-that were hacked and Celebrities who posed nude for Playboy magazine. 1. Terry Moore. Born Helen Luella Koford on January 7, , the Los Angeles, California, native worked as a model before she made her film debut at age 11 in 20th Century-Fox's Maryland 13 Most Surprising Actresses Who Went Nude. From Anne Hathaway in Brokeback Mountain to Kristen Wiig disrobing in Welcome to Me, take a look at 13 of the most unexpected nude scenes of all time

To be sure, these fine actors don't account for every single character who ever came and went on Shamelessbut they're among the cream of the crop. It's never fun to see some of your favorite characters leave, though it seems like most of the show's exits were due to storyline ebbs and flows, as opposed to there being lots of drama behind the scenes. Let us know the Shameless characters you miss the most in the comments below.

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Will is an entertainment writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. His writing can also be found in The Playlist, Cut Print Film, We Got This Covered, The Young Folks, Slate and other outlets. Intriguingly, you can read the figure with his back turned to the viewer as both defiant and, in being almost literally marginalized, melancholy. One can easily imagine Bush-a proud man but also an ex-president widely seen, even within his own party, as a failure-harboring both those emotions.

If this is indeed his work, I wonder how conscious he was about choosing these compositions. I wonder if it is true to the environment or an artistic flourish.

And the water imagery intrigues. The Democrat in me would like to think so, but as Bush is a devout Christian I wonder if the showering and bathing are meant to evoke baptism.

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And I will confess that, to my appalled surprise, I find them strangely heartbreaking. Politics Business Hollywood Style Culture Royals Celebrity.

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