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A HILARIOUS video showing a young girl sobbing while her parents make what sounds suspiciously like sex noises behind her has gone viral. The identity of the young girl and her parents is not known, but since being posted online has put viewers in hysterics. The girl wanders the house with tears rolling down her cheeks, as the noises grow louder behind her. It's not the first time parents have been caught out by their kids doing something they'd rather not wasn't seen or heard by their precious offspring. Kids have taken shaming their parents to extremes by revealing to their well-meaning teachers their home time antics, whether that's mummy's wine drinking habits or daddy's 'cocking' skills. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?

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BTS's 3J Reunion Dance Was Smooth Like Butter - See Their Slick Moves Here. by Chanel Vargas 3 weeks ago.

  Girl, 3, cries 'daddy' as stranger 'sexually assaults her in McDonald's loo' Christopher Puente, 34, is accused of sexually assaulting a three-year-old girl in the bathroom of a McDonald's in knitswhereitsat.comted Reading Time: 2 mins   Daughter & Daddy Love Bond ll You will Cry if you watch this video ll heart touching video ll father and daughter love ll must watch. Dr DisRespect fan. Daddy Daughter dance with the Dance Arts Conservatory. Conservatory. Daddy Vs   A TERRIFIED toddler cried out for her father, whimpering "daddy, daddy", while being allegedly raped in a McDonald's toilet, say prosecutors. The three-year-old girl's horrific ordeal was relayed Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

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Family Kids Who Love Moana and Raya Need to See the Trailer For Netflix's New Series, Maya and the Three by Alessia Santoro 23 hours ago. Entertainment News Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Mary J. Here are my thoughts:.

  My Child Cries When It's Time to Stay With Daddy. Be clear. If you appear uncertain about whether it's a good idea for your son to spend time with his father, he will pick up on your lack of confidence in the arrangement. By. Susan Stiffelman, Contributor. Author of Parenting With Presence (and Eckhart Tolle edition) and Parenting Without Power Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins   A year-old lady, Fatima Usman said that her year-old father Usman Momoh took her virginity at age 12 on the floor in their kitchen   Little Girl Cries When Dad Says She Can't Have a Boyfriend You'll Die Over This 2-Year-Old Girl's Response When Her Dad Says She Can't Have a Boyfriend September 11, by Kate Schweitzer

Be clear. If you appear uncertain about whether it's a good idea for your son to spend time with his father, he will pick up on your lack of confidence in the arrangement.

While you may wish that he didn't have to go to his dad's, hopefully you know that it is important that he have a real relationship with his father - and that is best established when they spend time together regularly. Try to get past any misgivings about whether it's good for your son to be with his dad so that he feels you are clear about its importance.

Make sure he knows that you have confidence in daddy's ability to take care of him. Sometimes children are anxious about going to the other parent's house because they they have overheard negative remarks about that parent and wonder if they're an entirely safe in their care. It is important that your son know that you are confident that Daddy is fully capable of looking after him.

If you have any hesitation or concerns, address them with your former husband. Avoid conveying to your little boy that you will miss him dreadfully while he's gone. Some children have a very difficult time parting from mommy or daddy because they are worried that their parent will be lonely when they are away.

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Let him know that even though you're going to miss him, you're going to spend some time with friends or catch up on a good book, so that he doesn't feel that he is abandoning you. Decide on a plan for staying in touch when the two of you are apart. Some children are greatly comforted by saying goodnight by phone or Skype when they are with the other parent.

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Other children don't do well with this arrangement; contact with the absent parent may stir up tremendous sadness over missing mommy or daddy. But if your son doesn't seem to be negatively impacted by regular contact with you when he's with his daddy, find a way to help him maintain a feeling of connection with you when you aren't together.

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Create rituals of separating and coming back together. Rituals are tremendously comforting to children in the midst of change and upheaval. Create a special handshake or little song that you two share when you reunite.

Help him bridge the separation by talking about what you'll do together when he comes back. He may also enjoy taking something of yours to hold on to, like a special scarf or photo of the two of you. I wish that there were simple words that I could say that would solve this challenging situation for you, but there really aren't any.

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