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As such, spoilers will be present within the article. Narcissa "Cissy" Malfoy nee Black , b. Although never officially a Death Eater herself, Narcissa believed in the importance of blood purity and supported her husband in following Lord Voldemort during the First and Second Wizarding Wars. Narcissa took necessary measures to protect her family, including lying to Voldemort about Harry Potter being dead during the Battle of Hogwarts , an act which saved the Malfoys from serving time in Azkaban following the Dark Lord's defeat. Narcissa survived the final battle of the Second Wizarding War and later had a grandson, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy , through her son's marriage to Astoria Greengrass. However, Narcissa disliked Astoria for her stance on blood tolerance. A young Narcissa left with her older sisters, Bellatrix and Andromeda.

It is also likely that she was aware of the wanderings of the Maraudersthe same group to which her first cousin, Sirius Blackbelonged, although due to her lack of esteem for him, in part because she considered him a " blood traitor " in her familyit is almost certain that she interacted little or not at all with him, just like her older sister.

Narcissa married Lucius Malfoywho was just as wealthy and pure-blood inclined as the Black family Narcissa descended from, between and September The couple had one son, named Draco Lucius. Narcissa thus continued her family tradition of naming children after stars and constellations, like her sisters Andromeda and Bellatrix.

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Narcissa's relatives: BellatrixRodolphusand Rabastan Lestrange before the Council of Magical Law. Narcissa's cousin Regulus Black was killed in the First Wizarding Warwhile her other cousin Sirius and sister Bellatrix were both sentenced to Azkaban after Voldemort's fall in When the time came for Draco Malfoy to begin school inLucius Malfoy wanted him to attend Durmstrang Institutewhich only admitted pure-blood and half-blood students and taught the Dark Artswhich closely mirrored the Malfoy family beliefs.

Narcissa, however, insisted that Draco attend Hogwarts instead so he would be closer to home, as Durmstrang was located in northern Europe. Narcissa attended the Quidditch World Cup in August with her husband and son, watching the game from Fudge's luxury box.

Inher sister and brother-in-law escaped Azkaban. That same year, Lucius participated in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries in an attempt to acquire a prophecy for Lord Voldemortwho had returned to power the previous year. members and members of the Order of the Phoenix.

Though her sister Bellatrix managed to escape imprisonment, Narcissa was distraught over her husband's incarceration, as well as Voldemort's subsequent treatment of her family.

That summer, she ventured to Severus Snape 's home at Spinner's En accompanied by Bellatrix, to discuss Voldemort's orders for Draco to murder Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Bellatrix creating an Unbreakable Vow between Narcissa and Severus in order to protect Draco.

Narcissa was hysterical and theorised that Draco was being sent on a suicide mission to punish Lucius for his numerous failures. Despite the pleading of her sister to the contrary, Narcissa brushed off Bellatrix scoffing when Narcissa claimed that "the Dark Lord [was] mistaken," and begged Severus to make an Unbreakable Vowwhich ensured that he would watch over Draco during his efforts.

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She also made him vow to execute the plan himself, should Draco fail to do so. Later that month, Narcissa went shopping for school supplies with Draco at Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasionswhere she had a heated confrontation with Harry Potter and his friends.

He taunted her about Lucius's imprisonment, and she responded by coldly alluding to the recent death of his godfatherafter which she haughtily departed with her son to Twilfitt and Tatting'sas she did not wish to shop at Madam Malkin's anymore. Throughout the school year, Draco enacted a series of unsuccessful attempts to kill Dumbledore, which eventually resulted in the Battle of the Astronomy Tower and Snape's fulfilment of his vow to Narcissa.

Lucius, Narcissa, and her sister Bellatrix talking to Lord Voldemort during the Meeting at Malfoy Manor. ByMalfoy Manor was being used as a headquarters for Voldemort. A meeting of Lord Voldemort's inner circle was held there, and the murder of Charity Burbage took place in the drawing room. The Malfoys were extremely uncomfortable with the arrangements, despite their claims that nothing would please them more than to host the Dark Lord.

After Lord Voldemort asked for a borrowed wand, Narcissa coaxed her husband into agreeing to give his wand to Voldemort; it was soon broken in the Battle of the Seven Potters.

Voldemort was still displeased with the Malfoys for Lucius's earlier failures and delighted in humiliating them by taunting their relation to werewolf Remus Lupin through Narcissa's niece, Nymphadora Tonks. Narcissa with her son, Draco fighting off Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. When Harry Potter, Ron Weasleyand Hermione Granger were caught by a group of Snatchers led by Greybackthey were brought to Malfoy Manor. Narcissa acted coldly and disdainfully towards Scabior but let them in, where she called on her son to identify the prisoners and recognised Hermione from their encounter a year earlier in Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions.

Narcissa clashed with her sister over who had authority in her home, and therefore over the prisoners held in her cellar: Harry, Ron, Dean ThomasGriphookGarrick Ollivanderand Luna Lovegoo the latter two of which had been held there for some time.

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All the prisoners escaped: Dean, Luna and Ollivander Disapparating with Dobby, while Harry and Ron went to save Hermione from Narcissa's sister, Bellatrix, who had used the Cruciatus Curse to brutally torture her with. Later, in the brief duel that followed, Narcissa was shocked to see her family's former house-elfDobbyopenly defying them.

He was eventually murdered by Bellatrix as the group escaped the manor. After Harry and his friends escaped to Shell CottageLord Voldemort severely punished the Malfoy family, but did not act as harsh on Bellatrix.

Towards the beginning of the battle, Draco lost his mother's wand in the Room of Requirementleaving it to be incinerated by Vincent Crabbe 's Fiendfyre. During the final phase of the Battle of HogwartsVoldemort attempted to kill Harry Potter in the Forbidden Forest using the Killing Curse. Voldemort demanded that someone check to see if Harry was, in fact, dead, a deed no one wanted to perform.

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Perhaps seeing an opportunity to discover her son's current condition, Narcissa volunteered. Seeing that Harry was still alive, she used the opportunity to covertly ask Harry if he knew of Draco's well-being.

In a whisper, she asked if Draco was alive. When Harry replied quietly that he was, Narcissa betrayed the Dark Lord and asserted that Harry was dead. She knew the only way her family would be reunited was as part of Voldemort's conquering army, thus proving she loved her family more than she supported Voldemort.

Harry Potter's final defeat of Lord Voldemort and the end of the Second Wizarding War. When the battle recommenced, Narcissa and Lucius abandoned the Death Eaters and searched frantically for Draco. The family was present for Bellatrix's death at the hands of Molly Weasley and for Harry Potter's final defeat of Lord Voldemort, thus ending the Second Wizarding War.

After the battle, the family was reunited in the Great Hallwhere they seemed uncomfortable with their predicament, but did not leave. However, as Narcissa betrayed Voldemort and left him, the entire Malfoy family was granted a reprieve and avoided incarceration in Azkaban. Narcissa Malfoy was described as tall, slim, "nice looking", and very pale, with blue eyes, long blonde hair, and a clear, cold voice. Despite her physical differences to her sisters, Bellatrix and Andromeda, Harry Potter did describe her as resembling Bellatrix somewhat, though Narcissa was as fair as Bellatrix was dark.

Narcissa's beauty was somewhat marred by her donning an expression that suggested that she was sniffing dung whenever she was in the company of those she considered her inferiors. Narcissa on the Black family tree tapestry. Narcissa was a very proud woman who frequently displayed a haughty and disdainful attitude, looking down upon others as she believed strongly in the importance of blood purity and valued her family's wealth.

While she treated most people coldly, [30] Narcissa was very loving towards her family as well as devoted to them. Narcissa had a close relationship with her sister Bellatrix despite their differing temperaments and personality traits.

Narcissa and her husband, Lucius Malfoywere shown to have an affectionate and loving relationship. Narcissa and Lucius both enjoyed being members of the social elite, and loved and spoiled their only child.

Unlike Bellatrix, who did not hold love for her husban Narcissa truly loved Lucius. Narcissa was very upset when he was briefly imprisoned in Azkaban and became defensive when others mentioned his failures. Narcissa adored her only child, Dracoand was very protective of him. Narcissa was terrified to the point of hysteria when Draco was ordered by Lord Voldemort to kill Albus Dumbledore.

Narcissa suspected that Voldemort meant him to fail as punishment for her husband 's failure in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

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To help him, Narcissa went to Severus Snape and begged for his assistance, whereupon she asked of him to make the Unbreakable Vow in which he promised to take over Draco's task if he failed. During the Battle of HogwartsNarcissa lied to the Dark Lord about Harry Potter 's death so she and Lucius would be able to search for Draco in the castle. Narcissa and her husband Lucius did not think highly of her, as she raised their grandson Scorpius to have a more tolerant view on Muggles and likely Muggle-borns, half-bloods, Squibs or even non-human magical creatures.

Because of this, family gatherings were often fraught with tension. It is likely they see Astoria as a blood traitor because of this. Her relationship with Scorpius is unknown.

Narcissa appeared to have a fairly affectionate and close relationship with her older sister Bellatrix. The two fondly called each other by their nicknames of "Cissy" and "Bella".

Bellatrix accompanied Narcissa to see Snape at Spinner's En in spite of her distrust for Severus Snape and belief that they should not discuss the task Voldemort assigned in secret. Narcissa was also one of the only people who was able to question Bellatrix's authority without unleashing Bellatrix's anger. It is not known whether Narcissa knew about Bellatrix's daughter from Voldemort, but Delphini was born at the Malfoy Manor. If Narcissa did know, then it is possible that she continued to keep this a secret for many years to come to protect not only her niece but also her own family from any public reaction to the idea that the Dark Lord had a child and this child was born at the Malfoys' home.

Narcissa's relationship with her other late cousin, Regulus BlackSirius's younger brother, is unknown, though judging by Regulus's inclination towards the pure-blood supremacist ideals of the Blacks, which led him to follow Lord Voldemort and become one of his Death Eatersthe same circle to which her husband belonged, it is likely that she and he had a good relationship and maintained contact, or at least held him in higher esteem than Sirius, who earned his family's repudiation for his rejection of their ideals.

It is unknown whether she knew of her cousin's betrayal to the Dark Lord in an attempt to keep the life of his house elf, Kreachersafe, but if so, it is likely that she regretted the event, rather than being outraged at the lack of loyalty to Voldemort that Regulus may have expressed to him at the end. The confidences between Kreacher, Regulus' house elf, with her and Bellatrix, could also be an indicator of the good relationship she may have had with his late master, beyond a simple response to the good treatment he may have received from the two of them, which led him to betray Sirius, in revenge for the mistreatment he had dealt with on his part, and was instrumental in his death.

Narcissa did not hold her late cousin Sirius Black or her older sister, Andromeda Tonksin high regard, presumably because they were both " blood traitors " who were disowned by the Black family.

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Bellatrix claimed that she and Narcissa had not seen Andromeda since she married Muggle-born wizard Ted Tonkswhich would have occurred in the early s. Harry Potterwhom she saved from Lord Voldemort. Harry held Narcissa in contempt due to his rivalry with her son and hatred of her husband.

Narcissa also held Harry in contempt for being Dumbledore's favourite student and associating with those whom she considered to be inferior.

When Voldemort "killed" Harry in the Forbidden Forest, she asked him whether Draco was still alive, as she knew that the only way she and Lucius could search for Draco inside Hogwarts would be as part of Voldemort's victorious army. Though she disliked Harry, she placed her family's welfare over Voldemort's goals. On confirming Draco's very much alive status, she plainly lied that Harry Potter was "dead". Harry was indeed not dead and was just pretending to be dead.

This action of hers was both very crucial and important, not only for Harry's survival but for Voldemort's final defeat as well, thus ensuring Harry was again protected by a mother's love, although indirectly.

Like Draco, Narcissa held Severus Snape in high esteem and trusted him due to him being an old friend of Lucius's since time at Hogwarts.

Unlike her son, she continued to invest her faith in him despite Lucius's imprisonment and Bellatrix Lestrange, her older sister, voicing doubts about him. When Draco was made a Death Eater and ordered to kill Albus Dumbledore as his first mission by Voldemort, Narcissa saw this suicide mission for what it was and went to Snape, who also knew Draco was being set up to fail, for help and got him to make an Unbreakable Vow to watch over Draco and take over if it seemed he would fail.

How she reacted to Snape being a double agent is unknown but it can be assumed she was sympathetic since she and Lucius had ceased to be loyal to Voldemort for similar reasons and the fact that he was the one who convinced Voldemort to free her husband from Azkaban and was the only Death Eater who continued to treat Lucius with respect after his loss of favour, something even her older sister didn't do.

Like most of the Blacks except Sirius, Narcissa was held in high esteem by Kreacher the House Elf. She in turn treated the attention starved house elf more kindly than her cousin did.

This enabled her to learn about Harry's love for Sirius Black. Thus she was able to provide intel to Voldemort that led to the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. It is unknown how Narcissa reacted to Kreacher accepting Harry as his master, if she ever learned of it, but she was probably sympathetic due to the fact she and her family, like her cousin Regulus Black, regretted being loyal to Voldemort. Unlike many others of the House of BlackNarcissa does not appear to be named after a star or constellation.

In that battle, they are instrumental in capturing Zero, and almost succeed in killing him in tandem with Luciano. However, Kallen ultimately interferes in the stolen Guren Seitenand strikes down all four members of the unit in one swift motion, freeing Zero and killing the quartet save Marika in the process. The largest military in the world, Britannia's armed forces are the primary antagonists of the series, divided into many hundreds of ground troops, Knightmare frames, Hoverships and specialized Knight groups.

Zero's constant harassment of the military have earned him many personal enemies, and several researchers, soldiers and commanders have become significant characters. Bartley Asprius ???????????Batore Asupuriusu is a portly and balding Britannian general who commands the Code R research team. After the assassination of Clovis, he is stripped of his rank by Jeremiah and sent back to Britannia as a prisoner.

He subsequently returns to the military under the command of Prince Schneizel. He oversees Jeremiah Gottwald's transformation into a cyborg and tries in vain to stop Jeremiah when he wakes up prematurely. After V. recruits Jeremiah, Bartley is ordered by the Emperor to help finish Jeremiah's modifications, which he does not seem happy about.

After completing his task, he expresses his desire to leave, knowing that the Emperor's plans could mean the end of the world. During the Black Knights' assault on the Geass Order stronghold, Bartley is killed in the attack. Before his demise, he sees C. and laments to the deceased Prince Clovis that they should never have captured her. Andreas Darlton ????????????Andoreasu Daruton is a confidante and loyal subordinate to the Second Princess Cornelia.

Darlton is an extremely tall, well-built man with a diagonal scar running across his face. He does not particularly care for the rampant racism that plagues the Britannian military, and makes it clear to Suzaku that effectiveness in serving a purpose is equivalent to merit in his eyes. He is also one of the few Britannians who actually approve of Suzaku's accession to knighthood. He is wounded attempting to prevent Euphemia's massacre, and later is put under the influence of Lelouch's Geass as part of a plan to capture Cornelia.

During the Battle of Tokyo, Darlton disables Cornelia's Knightmare Frame and is subsequently killed by the Gawain ' s Hadron Cannons. In the Code Geass picture book 8. Jeremiah Gottwald ????????????Jeremia Gottowaruto is an elite Knightmare Frame pilot deeply concerned with the maintenance of Purist supremacy within Britannian society.

He is somewhat overconfident and passionate about furthering his goals, both qualities that tend to make him rash and impulsive in battle. He was formerly a part of Empress Marianne's guard, and he is deeply affected after failing to stop her assassination.

Jeremiah is further disgraced after failing to get Suzaku Kururugi to his trial when Lelouch, as Zero, uses his Geass to compel Jeremiah to help them escape.

His impatient and impulsive action when trying to find Zero leads to his quick defeat at the hands of Kallen Stadtfel who has recently acquired the Guren Mk-IIwhen he tries to fight Zero at the Battle of Narita. He is officially listed as killed in action after this because everything suggesting otherwise was lost along with his Knightmare's signal.

In reality, Jeremiah manages to escape and staggers on to the street, where he is found by scientists. Jeremiah is subjected to a number of experiments by the scientists, now under Prince Schneizel 's patronage, who enhance his body with various cybernetic devices, such as a neural interface and a cybernetic left eye.

The latter also comes with the Geass Cancelera blue, inverted form of the Geass with about the same capabilities as Rolo's Geass that nullifies any effects done onto a person by the Geass, thereby making them able to experience Geass again but also allowing them to no longer feel its previous effects.

As the Black Knights take over of China is nearly complete, Jeremiah is sent to Japan by V. to eliminate Lelouch. However, while confronting Lelouch in a train station and resisting the Gefjun Disturber trap laid out for him, Jeremiah reveals he had a hidden motive for coming, demanding to know the reason why Lelouch became Zero and betrayed their people.

When Lelouch reveals his true name and intent to avenge his mother's death, Jeremiah swears his loyalty to Lelouch in order to redeem his failure to protect Marianne by revealing the location of the Geass Order and aiding in its destruction.

In the end, he assists in the Zero Requiem and retires as, ironically, a content orange farmer along with Anya. Gilbert G. Guilford ??????G?P???????Girubato. Girufodo is bespectacled man who was once known as the "Spearhead of the Empire". He is a confidante and personal knight to the Second Princess Cornelia who he's in love withand commands her Glaston Knights.

Though he initially pilots a Gloucesterhe switches to the more advanced Vincent model in the second season. In the first-season finale, he aids in putting down the Black Rebellion with the help of the Glaston Knights. Following Cornelia's disappearance during the rebellion, he remains in Area 11, dutifully awaiting her return. After Viceroy Carales is killed in the second season, Guilford serves as a temporary replacement. During the battle for Japan, Lelouch uses his Geass to make Guilford believe that he is actually Cornelia, turning Guilford to his side; however, this causes Guilford to eventually sacrifice himself to save Lelouch from the FLEIJA explosion.

He later manages to reunite with Cornelia after somehow escaping. Named in part for Glastonbury Tor in Arthurian legend, the Glaston Knights are a group of elite Knightmare Frame pilots under the command of Gilbert G. All five are the adopted sons of Andreas Darlton; their names are Alfred G.

Darlton, Bart L. Darlton, Claudio S. Darlton, David T. Darlton, and Edgar N. They dress in identical red uniforms and wear visors resembling the faceplate on Gloucesters. The Glaston Knights pilot Gloucesters equipped with missile launchers, but switch to the newer Gareth models prior to the Black Knights' attack on Japan. Their middle initials spell out the consonants of the word 'Glaston'.

The Glaston Knights are introduced in episode 21, having just arrived from the mainland, and are instrumental in defeating the Black Knights during their attempted rebellion in the first-season finale.

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In the second season, Alfred and Bart are killed during an attempted execution of the Black Knights captured during the rebellion; Bart's Gloucester is crushed by a G-1 Mobile Base, while Kallen kills Alfred. In the same skirmish, Lelouch uses his Geass on David to stage an attack on Rolo. David and Edgar are killed during the second battle of Tokyo by Chiba with assistance from Kallen and Tohdoh respectively.

Claudio escapes when the F. bomb detonates, making him the only surviving member. Kanon Maldini ??????????Kanon Marudini is a subordinate of Schneizel el Britannia, serving as a political and military adviser.

While celebrating Tianzi's marriage to Prince Odysseus, he makes a joke to Milly Ashford about being Schneizel's assistant in both public and private matters, only to wave it off shortly thereafter.

Kanon follows Suzaku to the Kururugi Temple in order to capture Zero; while there, he obtains conclusive evidence not only of the masked terrorist's identity, but also of the existence of Geass.

This evidence proves essential in convincing the leaders of the Black Knights to betray Zero. When Schneizel decides to stage a coup d'etatKanon notes that he's finally made the decision, but seems apprehensive about it. During the battle above Mount Fuji he is appalled by Schneizel's decision to use the F.

warhead to destroy the Damocles as a means of killing Lelouch; he is also surprised by Schneizel's willingness to sacrifice Nunnally. He is taken captive by a Britannian officer under the control of Geass, and he looks on as Schneizel himself is taken under control by Lelouch.

He is present when Lelouch announces his intention to control the world, and he is last seen being taken to execution along with the others who rebelled against Lelouch. Villetta Nu ????????Viretta Nu is an elite Knightmare Frame pilot and subordinate of Jeremiah Gottwald, though she is more collected than Jeremiah in battle. She is not of noble blood, but she supports Jeremiah and the Purebloods because she believes she can earn a title of nobility through them. Shortly after gaining the power of Geass, Lelouch uses it to make Villetta relinquish her Knightmare to him, leaving her confused about what happened.

Though she dismisses it at first, she begins to suspect Lelouch after Jeremiah experiences similar memory loss after odd behavior. When Jeremiah is supposedly killed during the Battle of Narita, Villetta steps up her attempts to find the connection between Lelouch and Zero with the help of Shirley Fenette. After discovering that Lelouch is Zero, Shirley shoots Villetta to protect Lelouch, giving Villetta amnesia.

She is found by Kaname Ohgi, with whom she lives for a time. He names her Chigusa ??? since she cannot remember her real name.

The two fall in love, but after unexpectedly regaining her memory at the end of the season, Villetta is disgusted at the thought that she ever loved an Eleven. She confronts him during the Black Rebellion and reveals her true identity, then shoots him in the stomach.

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This, however, does not kill him. In the second season, her knowledge of Zero's identity and of his Geass has earned her a title of nobility. She is employed by Britannian Intelligence to observe Lelouch for contact with C. at Ashford Academy, using the cover identity of a gym teacher. Villetta still seems to have feelings for Ohgi, breathing a sigh of relief when he is saved from his execution before quickly regaining her normal composure. After discovering their previous relationship, Lelouch uses the knowledge to blackmail her into hiding the fact he has recovered his memories.

When Lelouch leaves to attack the Geass Order, Villetta goes to the Chinese Federation to confront Ohgi, intending to kill him to eliminate her links to the Elevens. She hesitates when Ohgi admits he loves her. She is captured after an altercation with Sayoko, but is eventually released and leads Ohgi to believe Zero cannot be trusted. She remains with the Black Knights following this. It is revealed that she is pregnant with Ohgi's child and at the end of the series, she is married to Ohgi.

Even though she doesn't earn the title of nobility, she earns the title as the prime minister's wife and a mother. In the manga adaptation of the series, Villetta doesn't appear until the second season storyline, and, unlike the anime, she does not have a relationship with Ohgi. Instead of Villetta, it is Jeremiah who is shot by Shirley.

Also, since Knightmares didn't exist, Villetta was given a different Geass command by Lelouch: to look over at him and Rolo's irregular things.

Also, Villetta is the one possessed by Marianne vi Britannia instead of Anya Alstreim.

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Kewell Soresi ???????????Kyueru Soreshi is an officer of the Britannian Army. Kewell belongs to the Purebloods and stands by Jeremiah's side in scapegoating Suzaku Kururugi. When Jeremiah's incomprehensible actions lead to Suzaku's escape with Zero, he leads the rest of the Purebloods in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Jeremiah. He is killed by Kallen in the Battle of Narita. He has a younger sister named Marika ???? who serves as one of the Valkyrie Squadron pilots in the second season.

Lloyd Asplund ??????????Roido Asupurundo is an earl of the Britannian nobility and the head of the scientific research team Camelot, which is responsible for the development of the elite Knightmare Frame Lancelot. Lloyd was born a sociopath and views most people as nothing more than tools. He has a tendency to mock others and is often rebuked for this behavior by Cecile Croomy, his assistant. Prior to joining the military, he attended the Imperial Colchester Institute.

Rakshata refers to Lloyd as the Earl of Pudding ?????Purin Hakushakuas pudding is his favorite food. He is engaged to Milly Ashford in the first season, having agreed to the union mostly in the hope that he might obtain the designs of the Knightmare Frame Ganymede. Milly breaks off the engagement after she graduates in order to become more true to herself.

Towards the conclusion of the series, he willingly joins Lelouch's new regime. He works with Nina and Cecile to create a countermeasure to F. and assists Sayoko during the rescue of the hostages on board the Avalon according to Lelouch's orders so they are spared from the repercussions of his actions. Cecile Croomy ?????????Seshiru Kurumi is Lloyd's subordinate in Camelot and one of the Lancelot's developers.

She is a capable scientist in her own right, having designed the energy wing system used on the Guren Seiten and the Lancelot Albionand also a capable Knightmare Frame pilot.

Prior to joining Lloyd in the military, she studied at the Imperial Colchester Institute. She also acts as Lloyd's conscience, not hesitating to scold him or physically punish him for his unintentionally rude remarks or treating Suzaku as a "part" of a machine. Following Lelouch's accession to the throne, she willingly joins Lelouch's new regime.

deduces that Cecile's reason for doing so was because she had fallen in love with Suzaku, Lelouch's Knight of Zero. A recurring joke is that Cecile is a bad cook, though no one who eats it e. Lloyd points that out to her. Alicia Lohmeyer ???????????Arishia Romaiya is an aide and advisor assigned by Britannia to observe Nunnally upon her appointment as the new Viceroy of Area A quintessential Britannian, she regards Nunnally's pro-Eleven political stance with frigid opposition, but dutifully obeys regardless.

When Zero engineers the exile of one million Japanese during a second attempt at forming the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, she nearly starts a second massacre by firing upon the crowd; Suzaku disarms her to prevent it from happening again. She becomes more resentful as Nunnally begins to assert herself in the workings of the government, and even orders Kallen's execution while Nunnally is being evacuated from the second battle of Tokyo.

Alicia dies when the decoy ship she entered is consumed in the blast from the F. The Chinese Federation is an imperial monarchy that spans the Asian and Pacific regions, including parts of South Asia, and the majority of Southeast Asia.

Its political structure and organization appears to resemble Imperial China. The Emperor of the Federation was formerly an office that held absolute political power, but it has since been reduced to an effectively symbolic figurehead posting, "a symbol of the state and the unity of the people".

As with the Emperor of Japanthe individual who holds the title is regarded as a living divinity whose sovereignty is entirely ceremonial. True control of the nation lies with the governmental organization known as the " High Eunuchs " ???Daikanganpinyin : Da Huan'guan. Following the overthrow of the Eunuchs, the Chinese Federation becomes part of the newly formed United Federation of Nations, renaming itself the United States of China. Li Xingke ???(???????)Ri Shinkupinyin : Li Xingke is a military officer in the Chinese Federation, said to equal Lelouch in strategy and Suzaku in strength; however, he is limited by a deadly disease that causes him hemoptysis.

The son of a low-ranked official, Li climbed his way through the ranks of the government with the intent to transform it. He is fiercely loyal to the young Empress of the Chinese Federation; his devotion stems from when she insisted on sparing his life when he was supposed to be executed for giving medicine to a prisoner.

Years later, he was forced to leave the Forbidden City to attend a military academy, but promised the Empress that he would fulfill her wish to see the world beyond the Forbidden City. Xingke is extremely skilled in swordsmanship and constantly carries a sword by his side. He also pilots the Shen Hu Knightmare Frame. Li Xingke arrives in Area 11 as a bodyguard to the Federation's consul, Gao Hai.

When Gao Hai, under the influence of Lelouch's Geass, declares loyalty foremost to Zero rather than the Empress, Li kills him for committing lese-majeste. realizes his ambitions, and that his agreement to aid the Black Knights is to use the Black Knights to further own plans for China.

With a marriage of convenience set up for Prince Odysseus of Britannia and the Empress, Li stages a coup d'etat that is interrupted by Zero taking the Empress hostage and escaping. For the sake of Tianzi, he allies with Zero, who engineers a general uprising within the Chinese Federation.

The High Eunuchs lose their support from Britannian forces, and Li personally executes all of the High Eunuchs for treason on the spot.

After the United Federation of Nations is formed, Li is appointed as Commander-in-Chief of the Black Knights and leads the initial attack on the Kagoshima coastline as a distraction for the infiltration of Tokyo Bay, engaging the Knight of One in combat. After Lelouch becomes Emperor and takes the U. council hostage, Li is forced to concede command of the Black Knights to Prince Schneizel in order to ensure that the hostages on board the Avalon are not killed.

Once Lelouch has control of the DamoclesLi is arrested along with the rest of the U. representatives but is freed after Lelouch's death. The High Eunuchs are a group of eight men who use the Empress' power to control the Federation, leaving its people poor and starving while they live in opulence. All eight are executed for lese majeste against the Empress by Li Xingke, though not all at the same time.

Under the influence of Lelouch's Geass, he grants asylum to the Black Knights within the grounds of the Federation's consulate. Li Xingke executes him when he claims Zero is more important than the Empress. The other seven are introduced after the Black Knights are exiled, plotting to give up much of the Federation's territory to Britannia in exchange for being made nobles.

They are Zhao Hao ??(???????)Jao Haouthe only overweight member and the only one with a unique skin-tone; Xia Wang ??(?????)Sha Wana tall man with light-brown skin that wears glasses; Cheng Zhong ??(???????)Chen Jona short, older-looking man; Xiang Sheng ??(???????)Shan Shenanother pale-skinned man somewhat shorter than Gao Hai but apparently around the same age; Cai Li Shi ???(??????)Sai Ri Shia shorter man with light-brown skin and a few wrinkles; Tong Lun ??(?????)Ton Runa man around the same height as Sha Wang but with paler skin; and Huang Qian ??(???????)Fuan Shenthe oldest of the group with a prominent chin and many wrinkles.

They attempt to kill the current Tianzi and install a puppet Emperor in her place after her kidnapping by Zero, but they are tricked into admitting their deception to the public, causing a civilian uprising.

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Once they are abandoned by the Britannians for losing the faith of their people, Li kills them. Jiang Lihua [23] ???(????????)Chen Rifapinyin : Jiang Lihua is the young Empress of the Chinese Federation, although she has thus far been referred to only by the traditional title attributed to the Chinese Emperor: Tianzi ??Tenshipinyin : Tianzi"the Child of Heaven ". She is referred to as a "puppet princess" by the Eunuchs, who use her youth and lack of resolve, effectively allowing the Eunuchs to control the proceedings within the Chinese Federation.

In practice, she was effectively a prisoner within her own palace, never seeing the world outside the Forbidden City, which she disliked. As a young child, she rescued a young Li Xingke from execution for giving some medicine to a prisoner, and in return he promised to take her outside the palace walls.

In exchange for the titles of Nobles within Britannia for the Eunuchs, Schneizel is able to arrange a political marriage between Tianzi and Britannia's First Prince Odysseus. However, the ceremony is interrupted by Li Xingke and the Black Knights, who instigate a coup d'etat and place her back in control of the Federation, making them Lelouch's first allies in his global alliance.

After Lelouch becomes Emperor, he kidnaps Tianzi along with the other delegates of the UFN as political hostages in the war against Schneizel. After Lelouch abandons the Avalonin essence releasing the hostages, she is rescued by Xingke and asserts that Sayoko, Cecile, and Lloyd saved her along with the other U.

However, she and Xingke are both captured by Lelouch and are freed upon his death. The United Republic of Europia, also referred to as Europia United or the E. Due to the export of revolution and war throughout Europe, a man named Napoleon managed to seize much power and authority. After he attempts to form an empire with himself as emperor, the revolutionaries execute him via guillotine. This was the turning point of Europe's history, and with this the E.

U became a democratic region. The capital of E. is Paris, led by three presidents, and managed by the Council of Forty - all democratically elected by the people. The Council of Forty is based on a system established after the Revolution, and currently has over members.

With a declaration of war from the Holy Britannian Empire, the Council of Forty has to take charge of national defense and military matters as well. While they have been mentioned in the Lelouch of the Rebellion series, Europia has only made its full appearance in the Akito the Exile OVA series.

Europia United's collective military forces are divided into individual national forces referred to as "state armies," though the exact nature of these armed forces is not clear.

From what is shown, the only Knightmare Frames that the E. use are the Gardmare, Panzer-Hummel and Panzer-Wespe, along with the Alexander model specific to the W-0 unit.

Akito Hyuga ?????Hyuga Akito is the protagonist of Akito the Exile a year-old soldier who has lost his hometown. He is a military officer in European Union E. with the rank of lieutenant from a unit consisting of teenagers from Area 11 called W During the year a. Like Suzaku, Akito has a Geass command that he controls at will, allowing him to savagely kill his enemies in the battlefield, thus was given the title "Hannibal's Ghost".

Akito can also see spirits of his fallen comrades as he revealed he died once. Ryo Sayama ?????Sayama Ryo is a year-old man and the leader of a particular group that opposes the Mafia. He was recruited by Leila after he and his group fail to kidnap the E. general, Gene Smilas, and is part of the "W-0" group and pilot a Special Forces Unit, Alexander Type Ayano Kosaka ?????Kosaka Ayano is a year-old girl who is also in Ryo's group. She is constantly practicing katana.

Yukiya Naruse ?????Naruse Yukiya is a year-old boy who belongs to Ryo's group. He excels at collecting data and handling explosives. Since the war with Britannia began, The Council of Forty began recruiting a unit of non-EU citizens to fight in the front line, to prevent more casualties and deaths being inflicted on their troops.

The Elevens Japanese population from Ile de la Cite, an Island in Paris where they have been exiled by Britannia, were recruited by the EU with the condition that they and their families would be granted EU citizenship if they join the military.

The existence of this unit is unknown to the public and EU members and scientists are tasked at supervising them, while they participate in suicide missions that often sends pilots to their deaths. Akito was recently the only survivor in his last missions before Ryo and his group joined.

Their main Knightmares are the Alexanders. Leila Malcal ????????Reira Marukaru is a former Britannian aristocrat and a military officer in the E. As Akito Hyuga's superior, she is promoted to the next rank, as the Lieutenant Colonel and the new commander of the W-0 Unit. In her childhood, she received a Geass from C. Due to laying dormant for so long, it possesses a unique blue color, with its power being to connect minds.

Leila is also said to have feelings for Akito in which she comforted him in the 3rd episode of Akito the Exiled ; in the fifth and final episode, her feelings are confirmed when she kisses Akito. Oscar Hammel ????????Osuka Hameru is the vice captain of the Guard Troops in Castle Weisswolf, which is in the "W-0" base.

Sophie Randle ????????Sofi Randorua civilian brain science expert who was recruited from the private sector to work with the military group, "W Claus Warwick ??????????Kurausu Uorikku is Leila Malcal's aide-de-camp and lieutenant in the E. military's Special Forces Unit "W Joe Wise ???????Jo Waizu is an assistant researcher of Sophie Randle who loves sweets.

He joins the "W-0" on a mission. Anna Clement ????????Ana Kuremento is a genius scientist and the developer of the Alexander. She is a childhood friend of Leila Malcal. She has the rank of captain in the E. Hilda Fagan ?????????Hiruda Faygan is an assistant to Anna Clement. She calls Anna "boss" during their conversations. Chloe Winkel ?????????Kuroe Uinkeru is an assistant to Anna Clement. She accompanies for the military operation of W Sarah Danes ???????Sara Deinzu is an Operator working with W She has a businesslike attitude towards her work.

Ferilli Baltrow ???????????Ferirri Barutorou is one of Sophie Randle's subordinates and co-workers from the Private Sector. Olivia Reuel ?????????Oribia Roueru is an Operator who works for W Unlike Chloe Winkel and Hilda Fagan, she was originally in the European Union Army. Kate Novak ????????Keito Novuaku is a medical subordinate trained under Sophie Randle. Gene Smilas ?????????Jin Sumairasu is a general of the E.

Shin Hyuga Shaing ?????????????Shin Hyuga Shaingu is a Britannian knight of the Britannian Military and the leader of the Knights of St. He has a Geass which makes those he loves kill themselves or others, although he seems to not be aware of this limitation.

Jean Rowe ??????Jan Rou is a Britannian knight who works for Shin Hyuga Shaing. Michele Manfredi ???????????Mikere Manfuredi was the Grand Master of the Knights of St. Michael, and a former member of the Knights of the Round, once holding the position of the Knight of Two. Augusta Henry Velaines ???????????????Ogasuta Henri Hairando is the Britannian Archduke of Verance, who serves as suzerain overseeing the European territories of Britannia.

Andrea Farnese ????????????Andorea Faruneze is the Grand Master of the Knights of St. Michael Augustus ?????????????Mihyaeru Augusutusu. Gaudefroy du Villon ????????????Godofuroa do Viyon' is the Grand Master of the Knights of St. Raymond du Saint-Gilles ?????????????Remondo do San Jiru is the Grand Master of the Knights of St. Alice Shaing ?????????Arisu Shaingu is the Britannian, adoptive, little sister of Shin. Maria Shaing ?????????Maria Shaingu is the Britannian, adoptive mother of Shin.

Ashley Ashra ??????????Ashurei Ashuravoiced by Takuma Terashima JapaneseJoel McDonald Englishis a Knight of St. Michael that loves war.

Asura Team members are Johanne Fabius ?????????Yohane Fabiusuvoiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki JapaneseStephen Fu Englishblonde haired, sacrified member; Rene Laurent ??????Rune Roranvoiced by Ryota Osaka JapaneseNazeeh Tarsha Englishred haired and dark skinned; Jan Manes ???????Yan Manesuvoiced by Kaito Ishikawa JapaneseDonald Shults Englishpurple haired and wears glasses; Simon Mericourt ?????????Shimon Merikuruvoiced by Yuichi Iguchi JapaneseApphia Yu Englishblack long haired; Kuzan Montoban ?????????Kuzan Montobanvoiced by Natsuki Hanae JapaneseAustin Tindle Englishbald and equips earrings; Alan Necker ????????Aran Nekkeruvoiced by Genki Muro JapaneseAlex Eding Englishturquoise haired and eye covered; Franz Vallo ?????????Furantsu Vuarrovoiced by Yuki Ono JapaneseAlejandro Saab Englishbrown haired and the only overweight member.

Introduced in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrectionthe Kingdom of Zilkhstan was founded three centuries before the events of the series through the support of the Farlaf organization were previous a part of the Geass Order. This allowed Zilkistan to possess knowledge of C's World, developing the Aramu Gate to access it. Despite its lack of natural resources, the country employs its soldiers whom the Britannian Army considered troublesome. However, the peacetime caused by Lelouch's death threatens Zilkistan's livelihood as they kidnap Nunnally and use her to manipulate the collective unconsciousness for their own ends.

Shalio ????Shario is the King of Zilkistan and Shamna's younger brother. He is a fierce opponent in a knightmare. Shamna ????Shamuna is Zilkistan princess and priestess whose Geass allows her to send her soul six hours into the past every time she dies, giving her a chance to change the outcome of coming events.

Volvona Forgner ???????????Borubona Foguna is the commander-in-chief of Zilkistan. Sheesthal Forgner ?????????????Shesutaru Foguna is the Captain of Priestess Shamna's elite guard. Forgner's son. He has pride in his country. Belq Batoum Bitool ??? ??? ?????Beruku Batomu Bituuru is The warden of a large prison.

He's rowdy and loves to pick a fight and is a former bandit. Swaile Qujappat ????????????Suwairu Kujapatto leads a team of assassins, he is a cruel man who used to be with the Geass Cult. Genbu Kururugi ?? ???Kururugi Genbu is Suzaku's late father, the last Prime Minister of Japan prior to Ohgi's instatement, and host for both Lelouch and Nunnally Lamperouge during their exile as political hostages seven years prior to the start of the series.

When Britannia began its invasion of Japan, Genbu refused to surrender, preferring unending resistance against Britannia. In an argument over whether to stop the war against Britannia he was murdered by his own son, Suzaku.

suicide-girls-jane-doe-tattoos-redhead-image-resolution-xjpg download K suicide-girls-radeo-by-screampix-on-deviantartjpg download Find local and national death notices, funeral notices, obituaries, in memoriams, and acknowledgements at, plus a directory of over 3, UK Funeral Directors Online Canadian Death Indexes and Records. Alberta Provincial Archives of Alberta Death Indexes Includes indexes for Deaths, ; Deaths, ; Indigenous Deaths, ; and Overseas Deaths, Copies of the records can be ordered for a fee

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, the truth behind Genbu's death was covered up by his associates, who are later known as the Kyoto Group, and reported as seppukunoble suicide.

In Suzaku of the CounterattackGenbu is secretly working with Britannia to undermine Japan's leadership. Suzaku overhears his conversation with the Emperor and is forced to kill Genbu. In the Nightmare of Nunnally he decides to kill both Lelouch and Nunnally but before he can C.

kills him with Suzaku witnessing the act. Mao ?? is a Chinese orphan who was given the power of Geass by C. at the age of six. His power allows him to hear the surface thoughts of anyone within a meter radius, regardless of obstructions or eye contact.

Mao's Geass, as a result of continued use, is present in both eyes, and permanently active; as a result, the constant influx of thoughts from all around him drove him insane.

claims she abandoned him because he was not able to fulfill his part of their contract. In order to compensate for his uncontrolled power, Mao wears sunglasses to disguise his eyes and headphones which repeatedly play recorded words of encouragement and gratitude from C. in an attempt to block out the thoughts of those around him.

As a result of his lack of human contact, Mao is a fairly childish person, a fact only amplified by his insanity. The inability to read C. He refuses to accept that C. doesn't love him in return and pursues her relentlessly to the point of obsessive love.

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When Mao finds C. in Area 11, she tries to get rid of him after Lelouch argues that killing Mao would have been more humane. However, she fails and Lelouch saves her, using his Geass to use the local law enforcement, and make them shoot Mao. Mao survives with the help of Britannia's advanced medicine. After escaping custody, he then kidnaps and holds Nunnally hostage in the lower levels of the Ashford Academy, hoping to lure out and eliminate Lelouch in an elaborate game.

Lelouch collaborates with Suzaku and devises a strategy to rescue Nunnally resulting in Lelouch Geassing Mao to never speak again. As Mao tries to escape, C. fatally shoots him in the neck with a silenced pistol. Naoto Kouzuki ?????Kouzuki Naoto is the brother of Kallen Kozuki and a member of the Resistance forces intent on liberating Japan from Britannia.

He was killed before the start of the series, which spurred Kallen into taking up the fight against Britannia. Prior to his death, he was in charge of the Resistance cell being led by Kaname Ohgi at the start of the series. His death caused Ohgi to leave his job as a schoolteacher in order to lead the resistance cell and realize Naoto's dream of an independent Japan.

?????Bi Tsupronounced "Vee Two" is Charles zi Britannia's older twin, [25] but looks much younger because he has gained immortality through a Code at the age of ten. After C. succeeds C. as the leader of the Geass Order, a secret organization that studies and produces Geass users. As with C. His intent is to complete the contract with his brother to "kill God" in order to stop humans from fighting among themselves while remaining true to each other.

However, V. murdered Marianne when he saw her as a hindrance for his brother and sets up the official assassination, breaking his promise of mutual honesty between him and Charles when he lied of his part in Marianne's death.

Immediately prior to the First Decisive Battle of Tokyo, he appears before Suzaku and explains the nature of Geass, using Euphemia's uncharacteristic actions during the establishment of the Special Administrative Zone of Japan and his own insubordination at Shikine island to entice him.

He subsequently kidnaps Nunnally, resulting in Lelouch's sudden abandonment of the Black Knights mid-battle, causing their defeat. In the second season, V. starts to work behind the Emperor's back. During Lelouch's assault on the Geass Order, he pilots the Siegfried against the Black Knights, but is defeated by Lelouch and Cornelia.

Heavily wounded, V. manages to reach the Twilight Gate to the Thought Elevator in the Order's complex only to have his Code taken by Charles, causing him to succumb to his wounds.

These are characters present only in the spin-off media, such as the Nightmare of Nunnally manga and the video games. Castor rui Britannia is a character exclusive to the Nintendo DS video game and a member of the Britannian Imperial Family. His twin brother is Pollux rui Britannia. He pilots the Knightmare Frame Aquila. Castor possesses a Geass that allows for both telepathic communication with his brother, and making other people suffer headaches.

Pollux rui Britannia is a character exclusive to the Nintendo DS video game and a member of the Britannian Imperial Family.

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His twin brother is Castor rui Britannia. He pilots the Knightmare Frame Equus.

Euphemia joins her older sister Cornelia in governing Area 11, becoming the Sub-Viceroy. In the process, she meets Suzaku and begins a relationship with him after he becomes her Knight, or bodyguard. Toward the end of the first season, she deduces Lelouch's identity but after getting marooned with him for two days also ends up discovering his plans for change Wolf Suicide. 34, likes 13 talking about this. alt model at Narcissa "Cissy" Malfoy (nee Black), (b. ) was an English pure-blood witch, the youngest daughter of Cygnus and Druella Black (nee Rosier), younger sister of Bellatrix Lestrange and Andromeda Tonks, wife of Lucius Malfoy, mother of Draco Malfoy, and the grandmother of Scorpius Malfoy. Although never officially a Death Eater herself

Pollux possesses the same Geass ability as Lelouch, though when brought against one another his seems to be inferior. He is frequently mistaken for his brother, much to his annoyance. He possesses the same Geass ability as Lelouch, but it uses sound as a medium instead of eye contact. The effect is represented as a red wave like Rolo's Geass.

Suffering from amnesia, Rai is discovered by Milly and Lelouch at Ashford Academy, where he fell unconscious after escaping a Britannian facility. He is taken in as a temporary student, while trying to recover his memories. Although his face is never seen, he appears to be fairly young, has blue eyes and has grey hair worn in a similar style as Lelouch's. Rai's father is eventually revealed to be a member of Britannian royalty while his mother was a Japanese woman from the Sumeragi clan, the same clan Kaguya Sumeragi belongs to.

His mixed-blood status resulted in ill treatment from his other siblings. Hundreds of years ago, in order to protect his mother and younger sister, he bound himself in a Geass contract with an unidentified individual and his Geass ability allowed him to ascend to power. However, during a war with a neighboring country, while he was only trying to raise the fighting spirit of his people in a speech, he lost control of his Geass and accidentally ordered the people to fight to the death against the enemy.

This order caused not only his people, but his mother and sister who he had wished to protect, to charge to their deaths, leaving him with nothing. In his loneliness and sadness, he used his power on himself to make him forget all of this and put himself into a deep sleep inside a ruin similar to that found on Kaminejima. He was discovered by General Bartley, who put him in the same facility in Area 11 where C.

was held captive by Britannia. When he awoke, Rai used his power of Geass to escape the facility, ending up at Ashford Academy. Rai also appears as the protagonist of the second Nintendo DS game, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2: Geass Theater of Upper Board.

Along with the male design used in Lost Colorsa female design for Rai was made available. The character has a different role in the game, being a transfer student attending Ashford Academy for a month and lacking the Geass ability present in Lost Colors. Mariel Lubie ????????Marieru Rabie takes Cecile Croomy 's place as Lloyd Asplund 's assistant in the Suzaku of the Counterattack manga.

She had recently graduated from university prior to her recruitment to the military. Mariel quickly develops a close friendship with Suzaku and is often seen with him. Lenard Lubie ????????Renarudo Rabie is Mariel's father. Unlike most Britannians, he greets Suzaku like any other person without questioning his lineage.

Lenard was preparing to leave Area 11 and requested Suzaku to take care of Mariel while he's gone. Like Mariel, he was targeted a renegade Black Knights faction before Suzaku saved them. He is critically injured in an explosion and later dies. Alice ???Arisu is a tomboyish girl who is Nunnally's best friend and classmate, but is secretly an agent of the Irregulars assigned to the surveillance of Milly Ashford under the cover identity of a middle school student.

Alice's normal physical abilities have been augmented with cells originating from C. Designated by her unit to pilot a Knightmare Frame customized to exploit this ability, Alice serves as a highly effective point man on the field of battle.

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When her ability is active, a Geass sigil appears on her forehead. Alice's blood contains a chemical suppressant that minimizes the activity of C. A neutralizer for the suppressant may be administered to temporarily boost the effect of "The Speed" in battle, enabling movement of sufficiently high speed that it resembles teleportation. Dalque ???Daruku is a dark-skinned girl who serves as point man for the Irregulars. She possesses a Geass ability known as "The Power," which augments her physical strength by exaggerating the magnitude of macroscopic forces.

When her ability is active, a Geass sigil appears upon her forehead. Her Knightmare Frame cockpit is installed with synchronization receptors that allow expression of this ability as a highly effective frame strength enhancer.

Lucretia ??????Rukuretia is a pale-haired girl who is a member of the Irregulars. She possesses a Geass ability known as "The Land," which accurately maps three-dimensional terrain within a given range. The results of her perceptions are instantly submitted to her Knightmare Frame via a cockpit neuroimaging device and collated with GPS data before being distributed to her team for tactical purposes. She is typically partnered with Sancia, whose tracking Geass ability complements her own.

In the sidestory Nightmare of NunnallyMao a young Chinese girl who deserts the Irregulars. Like them, she has a Geass ability granted by an infusion of cell matter from C. A Geass sigil lights up in her left eye when she uses it. Her Geass ability is known as "The Refrain," which allows her to read and manipulate the minds of others through eye contact.

In addition to ordinary mind-reading, it allows her to render her victim catatonic by forcing them to relive past experiences, similar to the drug in the anime it is named after.

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Because C. After Alice breaks Mao's remaining suppressants, Mao lets herself die. Nemo ?? is a protagonist of the manga spin-off Nightmare of Nunnally along with Nunnally herself.

Nemo is a mysterious energy life-form developed under Code R using a sample of C. She is referred to by the Britannian military as a magical device ???madoki. Shortly after being released alongside C. in the Shinjuku Ghetto, she encounters and enters into a contract with Nunnally, granting her a Geass ability that allows sight of "the lines of the future," effectively giving her precognition.

She assumes an appearance resembling an albino Nunnally upon contract finalization, and the two of them come to share a single mind.

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Nemo's personality remains distinct from Nunnally and is said to be an expression of Nunnally's unconscious anger and hostility.

Normally disembodied and visible only to Nunnally, Nemo possesses Nunnally's body and temporarily restores it to a functioning state upon summoning the Knightmare Frame Mark Nemowhich they pilot as one. Their piloting style is thought by Cornelia to closely resemble that of the late Marianne.

Nemo means "nobody" or "no one" in Latinwhich may refer to her shadowy and enigmatic nature. Sancia ????Sanchia is a dark-haired woman who serves as a field captain for the Irregulars. She possesses a Geass ability known as "The Order," which accurately identifies the positions of targets within a given range and precisely calculates their probable movement trajectories based on all known variables.

The results of her calculations are instantly submitted to her Knighmare Frame via a cockpit neuroimaging device and collated with radar information before being distributed to her team for tactical purposes.

She is typically partnered with Lucretia, whose terrain-mapping Geass ability complements her own. She is older than her subordinates. Rolo vi Britannia ???????????Roro vi Buritania is Lelouch's twin brother, though his existence is unknown to Lelouch and Nunnally. In reality, he is not Lelouch's twin, but rather a clone created from the DNA of Charles and Marianne, and then brainwashed into believing he was the twin brother of Lelouch.

Rolo is involved with the Geass Order and known as The Cardinal. He pilots his very own customized Vincent Knightmare Frame. Like Nunnally and Lelouch, Rolo has access to Geass powers; his Geass, "The Ice", possesses the ability to halt one's experience of time and encases its victims in a layer of ice.

He is driven to find Nunnally, who has become key to obtaining the true power of the Geass through her connection to Nemo. By killing Nunnally and Lelouch, Rolo intends to take their powers to become the true Demon King and overthrow the Emperor.

Renya ?? is a seventeen-year-old boy from the Edo period with a mechanical left arm. Residing in a hidden village, he studies academic subjects alongside the arts of ninjutsu and has been chosen by the village's late leader Kouga to be his successor. Despite his poor academic standings and his lack of sword skills, Renya has been shown to be a capable fighter with shuriken and through his resourcefulness and sheer determination. When Renya's village is attacked by outsiders, he is approached by C.

Despite having difficulties to control it, Renya decides to use it to protect his friends. It has recently been revealed that Renya can no longer survive off consuming food and water and must continue to absorb the life energy from others to survive.

Introduced as Carla ???Karuraan intellectual girl who cares deeply for Renya and wants him to succeed so he can remain in the village, she often tries to help Renya improve his poor mathematical skills, but is usually refused and her methods insulted by Renya.

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Most of their friends suspect she has a crush on Renya. When the village is attacked by a group of samurai led by Isshin Sumeragi, Carla and her friends are captured. When Renya arrives to save them, Isshin Sumeragi's collaborator Alto Weinberg reveals that Carla is actually Claire li Britannia ???????????Kurea ri Buritaniathe next intended Empress of Britannia. Her parents had originally sent her to Japan due to unrest within the Britannian Imperial Family, where she adopted the role of Carla within the hidden village and befriended Renya and his friends.

Because she has become the target of the Knightmares, she reluctantly accepts Lord Weinberg's suggestion to return to Britannia, though with the company of her friends.

Anji ??? is Renya's childhood friend. Ever since Renya was made successor to the village leader, Anji has called him "Master", though Renya has unsuccessfully told him not to. Unlike Renya, Angie is quite skilled in swordsmanship. He faithfully accompanies Renya after being reunited with him after the attack on the hidden village.

Misuzu ?? is one of Carla's friends, a girl who frequently expresses doubt in the effectiveness of Carla's methods to improve Renya's academic standing. She teases Carla about having a crush on Renya. Misuzu, along with the rest of the group except for Renya, are captured after escaping the attack from their village. After being freed, she remains with Renya's group as they reluctant following Lord Weinberg's suggestion to go to Britannia. Shiori ? is one of Carla's friends, the youngest of the group.

She often has a playful side when Anji mentions Carla's feelings for Renya and often teases her with Misuzu. Like the rest of the group, she too is captured after escaping the attack from their village led by Isshin.

She remains with Renya's group after Carla is saved from Isshin and Mesh the Mish. Alto Weinberg ???????????Aruto Vainberugu is a Britannian soldier who demonstrates considerable skill in combat and wields twin swords. Though he is able to speak Japanese fluently, his unfamiliarity with the language often results in using the wrong terms when speaking.

Lord Weinberg arrived in Japan with C. in order to find Claire li Britannia, collaborating with the Sumeragi group in order to do so. However, Lord Weinberg is dismayed to discover the unnecessary bloodshed and violent treatment towards the villagers taken hostage. Among the hostages, he recognizes that Carla is the missing Claire li Britannia. It is implied that Lord Weinberg's reasons for accepting a mission to find Claire are related to redeeming his honor in some way.

Isshin's name suggests a connection to the Sumeragi family and he has been working with C. He reveals to Renya and his friends that the hidden village has secretly gathered supposedly deceased members of fallen noble families and overthrown lords in order to conceal their identities since the remnants of these families could possibly become powerful in the future, regardless of their lack of actual political connections. During the attack, Isshin fights Renya's teacher and survives the explosion from the teacher's suicide attack.

When he goes to find C. Futaba Sumeragi ? ??Sumeragi Futaba is the half-sister of Isshin Sumeragi who is driven to avenge her half-brother after learning that Renya was responsible for his death. While she is serious regarding matters involving the Sumeragi family and is an agile fighter in the ninjutsu arts, [29] she often finds herself in unexpectedly comic situations.

During her first encounter with Renya, she witnesses the power of his left arm when he uses it to kill the warthog pursuing her. Shocked by his power, she believes that Renya is some sort of demon. Mesh the Mish ??????????Messhu za Messhi is a Knightmare, an individual with super-enhanced abilities and does not appear to be human. By order of Sir Dash, he kidnaps Carla after Lord Weinberg identifies her as Claire li Britannia. He is described by the Japanese villages as a Karasu Tengu ???, Crow Demon.

He is apparently killed by the combined efforts of Renya and Arturo [29].

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