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Broward Chief Judge Jack Tuter also applauded Scott's decision. Francois "is going to fit in well. She's been with us for many years.

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There were six equally qualified candidates, and I'm very happy with the governor's pick. Her grandfather, Clement Romulus, was a judge, while her father, Gervais Francois, was a lawyer-turned-political advocate. Her father sought public office in Haiti but fled the country and brought his family to the United States under threat from political rivals.

Nobody followed the law. It was just crazy how the Constitution was ignored," Francois said. I knew what lawlessness could lead to.

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The next winter he also spent in New Orleans, and on his third visit, three years after his return from Europe, he was married to the lady above mentioned. In May he returned to Mt. Pleasant, and found the elder Larrimore on his sick bed, from which he never rose again. He died on the 14th of July. There was a great and splendid funeral, as his relatives and friends were numerous. His large property was left principally in the hands of his widow until her decease, after which it was to be divided among the three children.

In February, Mrs. Larrimore also died. The administrators upon the estate were John Green, Esq. My young mistresses, Jane and Elizabeth, were very kind to the servants. They seemed to feel under obligations to afford them every comfort and gratification, consistent with the dreadful relation of ownership which they sustained towards them.

Whipping was scarcely known on the estate; and, whenever it did take place, it was invariably against the wishes of the young ladies. But the wife of master George was of a disposition entirely the reverse.

Feeble, languid, and Page 35 inert, sitting motionless for hours at her window, or moving her small fingers over the strings of her guitar, to some soft and languishing air, she would have seemed to a stranger incapable of rousing herself from that indolent repose, in which mind as well as body participated.

But, the slightest disregard of her commands, and sometimes even the neglect to anticipate her wishes, on the part of the servants, was sufficient to awake her. The inanimate and delicate beauty then changed into a stormy virago. Her black eyes glowed and sparkled with a snaky fierceness, her full lips compressed, and her brows bent and darkened. Her very voice, soft and sweet when speaking to her husband, and exquisitely fine and melodious when accompanying her guitar, was at such times shrill, keen, and loud.

She would order the servants of my young mistresses upon her errands, and if they pleaded their prior duty to obey the calls of another would demand that they should be forthwith whipped for their insolence.

If the young ladies remonstrated with her, she met them with a perfect torrent of invective and abuse.

In these paroxysms of fury she always spoke in French, with a vehemence and volubility which strongly contrasted with the Page 36 calmness and firmness of the young ladies. She would boast of what she had done in New Orleans, and of the excellent discipline of her father's slaves. She said she had gone down in the night to the cell under her father's house, and whipped the slaves confined there with her own hands.

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I had heard the same thing from her father's servants at New Orleans when I was there with my master. She brought with her from New Orleans a girl named Frances. I have seen her take her by the ear, lead her up to the side of the room, and beat her head against it.

At other times she would snatch off her slipper and strike the girl on her face and head with it. She seldom manifested her evil temper before master George. When she did, he was greatly troubled, and he used to speak to his sisters about it. Her manner towards him was invariably that of extreme fondness. She was dark complexioned, but very beautiful; and the smile of welcome with which she used to meet him was peculiarly fascinating.

I did not marvel that he loved her; while at the same time, in common with all the house servants, I regarded her as a being possessed with an evil spirit, - half woman, and half fiend.

Soon after the settlement of the estate, I heard Page 37 my master speak of going out to Alabama. His wife had acres of wild land in Greene County, in that State, and he had been negotiating for more. Early in the summer ofhe commenced making preparations for removing to that place a sufficient number of hands to cultivate it. He took great pains to buy up the wives and husbands of those of his own slaves who had married out of the estate, in order, as he said, that his hands might be contented in Alabama, and not need chaining together while on their journey.

It is always found necessary by the regular slave-traders, in travelling with their slaves to the far South, to handcuff and chain their wretched victims, who have been bought up as the interest of the trader and the luxury or necessities of the planter may chance to require, without regard to the ties sundered or the affections made desolate by these infernal bargains.

About the 1st of September, after the slaves destined for Alabama had taken a final farewell of their old home, and of the friends they were leaving behind, our party started on their long journey.

There were in all slaves, men, women, and children. Previous to my departure, I visited my wife and children, at Mr. I took leave of them with the belief that I should return with my master, as soon as he had seen his hands established on his new plantation.

I took my children in my arms and embraced them; my wife, who was a member of the Methodist church, implored the blessing of God upon me during my absence, and I turned away to follow my master.

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Our journey was a long and tedious one, especially to those who were compelled to walk the whole distance. My master rode in a sulky, and I, as his body servant, on horseback. When we crossed over the Roanoke, and were entering upon North Carolina, I remember with what sorrowful countenances and language the poor slaves looked back for the last time upon the land of their nativity.

It was their last farewell to Old Virginia. We passed through Georgia, and, crossing the Chattahooche, entered Alabama.

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Our way for many days was through a sandy tract of country, covered with pine woods, with here and there the plantation of an Indian or a half-breed. After crossing what is called Line Creek, we found large Page 39 plantations along the road, at intervals of four or five miles.

The ct of the whole country was wild and forbidding, save to the eye of a cotton planter. The clearings were all new, and the houses rudely constructed of logs. The cotton fields were skirted with an enormous growth of oak, pine, and bass wood. Charred stumps stood thickly in the clearings, with here and there a large tree girdled by the axe and left to decay. We reached at last the place of our destination. It was a fine tract of land, with a deep rich soil.

We halted on a small knoll, where the tents were pitched, and the wagons unladen. I spent the night with my master at a neighboring plantation, which was under the care of an overseer named Flincher.

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The next morning my master received a visit from a man named Huckstep, who had undertaken the management of his plantation as an overseer. He had been an overseer on cotton plantations many years in Georgia and North Carolina. He was apparently about forty years of age, with a sunburnt and sallow countenance.

His thick shock of black hair was marked in several places with streaks of white, occasioned, as he afterwards told Page 40 me, by blows received from slaves whom he was chastising. After remaining in the vicinity for about a week, my master took me aside one morning, told me he was going to Selma, in Dallas County, and wished me to be in readiness, on his return the next day, to start for Virginia.

This was to me cheering news. I spent that day and the next among my old fellow-servants who had lived with me in Virginia. Some of them had messages to send by me to their friends and acquaintances.

In the afternoon of the second day after my master's departure, I distributed among them all the money which I had about me, viz. I noticed that the overseer Huckstep laughed at this and called me a fool; and that whenever I spoke of going home with my master, his countenance indicated something between a smile and a sneer.

Night came; but, contrary to his promise, my master did not come. I still, however, expected him the next day. But another night came, and he had not returned. I grew uneasy, and inquired of Huckstep where he thought my master was. Page 41 "But," said I, "master George told me that he should come back and take me levity him to Virginia. You are to stay here and act as driver of the field hands.

That was the order. So you may as well submit to it at once. Could it be that the man whom I had served faithfully from our mutual boyhood, whose slightest wish had been my law, to serve whom I would have laid down my life, while I had confidence in his integrity - could it be that he had so cruelly and wickedly deceived me? I looked at the overseer. He stood laughing at me in my agony. The overseer looked at me with a fiendish grin.

Your master has left you in my hands, and you must obey my orders. If you don't, why, I shall have to make Page 42 you ' hug the widow there ,'" pointing to a tree, to which I afterwards found the slaves were tied when they were whipped. That night was one of sleepless agony. Virginia, the hills and the streams of my birth-place; the kind and hospitable home; the gentle-hearted sisters, sweetening with their sympathy the sorrows of the slave; my wife, my children - all that had thus far made up my happiness, rose in contrast with my present condition.

Deeply as he has wronged me, may my master himself never endure such a night of misery! At daybreak, Huckstep told me to dress myself and attend to his directions.

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I rose, subdued and wretched, and at his orders handed the horn to the headman of the gang, who summoned the hands to the field. They were employed in clearing land for cultivation, cutting trees, and burning.

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I was with them through the day, and at night returned once more to my lodgings to be laughed at by the overseer. He told me that I should do well, he did not doubt, by and by, but that a Virginia driver generally had to be whipped a few times himself before he could be learned to do justice to the slaves under his charge.

They were not equal to Page 43 those raised in North Carolina, for keeping the lazy hell-hounds, as he called the slaves, at work. And this was my condition! a driver set over more than one hundred and sixty of my kindred and friends, with orders to apply the whip unsparingly to every one, whether man or woman, who faltered in the task, or was careless in the execution of it, myself subject at any moment to feel the accursed lash upon my own back, if feelings of humanity should perchance overcome the selfishness of misery, and induce me to spare and pity.

I lived in the same house with Huckstep; a large log house, roughly finished, where we were waited upon by an old woman, whom we used to call aunt Polly. Huckstep was, I soon found, inordinately fond of peach brandy; and once or twice in the course of a month he had a drunken debauch, which usually lasted from two to four days.

He was then full of talk, laughed immoderately at his own nonsense, and would keep me up until late at night listening to him. He was at these periods terribly severe to his hands, and would order me to use up the cracker of my whip every day upon the poor creatures who were toiling in the field; and in order to satisfy him, I used Page 44 to tear it off when returning home at night. He would then praise me for a good fellow, and invite me to drink with him.

He used to tell me at such times that if I would only drink as he did I should be worth a thousand dollars more for it. He would sit for hours with his peach brandy, cursing and swearing, laughing and telling stories full of obscenity and blasphemy. He would sometimes start up, take my whip, and rush out to the slave quarters, flourish it about and frighten their inmates, and often cruelly beat them. He would order the women to pull up their clothes, in Alabama style, as he called it, and then whip them for not complying.

He would then come back roaring and shouting to the house, and tell me what he had done; if I did not laugh with him, he would get angry and demand what the matter was. how often have I laughed, at such times, when my heart ached within me; and how often, when permitted to retire to my bed, I found relief in tears!

He had no wife, but kept a colored mistress in a house situated on a gore of land between the plantation and that of Mr. He brought her with him from North Carolina, and had three children by her. Page 45 Sometimes, in his fits of intoxication, he would come riding into the field, swinging his whip, and crying out to the hands to strip off their shirts and be ready to take a whipping; and this too when they were all busily at work. At another time, he would gather the hands around him and fall to cursing and swearing about the neighboring overseers.

They were, he said, cruel to their hands, whipped them unmercifully, and in addition starved them. As for himself, he was the kindest and best fellow within forty miles; and the hands ought to be thankful that they had such a good man for their overseer. He would frequently be very familiar with me, and call me his child; he would tell me that our people were going to get Texas, a fine cotton country, and that he meant to go out there and have a plantation of his own, and I should go with him and be his overseer.

The houses in the " negro quarters " were constructed of logs, and from twelve to fifteen feet square; they had no glass, but there were holes to let in the light and air. The furniture consisted of a table, a few stools, and dishes made of wood, and an iron pot, and some other cooking utensils.

The houses were placed about three or four rods Page 46 apart, with a piece of ground attached to each of them for a garden, where the occupant could raise a few vegetables.

The "quarters" were about three hundred yards from the dwelling of the overseer. The hands were occupied in clearing land and burning brush, and in constructing their houses, through the winter. In March we commenced ploughing, and on the first of April began planting seed for cotton.

The hoeing season commenced about the last of May. At the earliest dawn of day, and frequently before that time, the laborers were roused from their sleep by the blowing of the horn.

It was blown by the headman of the gang, who led the rest in the work and acted under my direction, as my assistant. Previous to the blowing of the horn the hands generally rose and eat what was called the "morning's bit," consisting of ham and bread.

If exhaustion and fatigue prevented their rising before the dreaded sound of the horn broke upon their slumbers, they had no time to snatch a mouthful, but were hurried out at once. It was my business to give over to each of the hands his or her appropriate implement of labor, from the tool-house, where they were deposited at night. After all had been supplied, they were Page 47 taken to the field, and set at work as soon as it was sufficiently light to distinguish the plants from the grass and weeds.

I was employed in passing from row to row, in order to see that the work was well done, and to urge forward the laborers. At 12 o'clock the horn was blown from the overseer's house, calling the hands to dinner, each to his own cabin.

The intermission of labor was one hour and a half to hoers and pickers, and two hours to the ploughmen. At the expiration of this interval the horn again summoned them to their labor. They were kept in the field until dark, when they were called home to supper. There was little leisure for any of the hands on the plantation. In the evenings, after it was too dark for work in the field, the men were frequently employed in burning brush, and in other labors, until late at night.

The women, after toiling in the field by day, were compelled to card, spin, and weave cotton for their clothing, in the evening. Even on Sundays there was little or no respite from toil. Those who had not been able to work out all their task during the week were allowed by the overseer to finish it on the Sabbath, and thus save themselves from a whipping on Monday Page 48 morning. Those whose tasks were finished frequently employed most of that day in cultivating their gardens.

Many of the female hands were delicate young women, who in Virginia had never been accustomed to field labor. They suffered greatly from the extreme heat and the severity of the toil. how often have I seen them drawing their weary limbs frown the cotton field at nightfall, faint and exhausted.

The overseer used to laugh at their sufferings. They were, he said, Virginia ladies, and altogether too delicate for Alabama use; but they must be made to do their tasks notwithstanding. The recollection of these things even now is dreadful. I used to tell the poor creatures, when compelled by the overseer to urge them forward with the whip, that I would much rather take their places and endure the stripes than inflict them.

When but three months old, the children born on the estate were given up to the care of the old women who were not able to work out of doors. Their mothers were kept at work in the field. It was the object of the overseer to separate me in feeling and interest as widely as possible from my suffering brethren and sisters. I had relations Page 49 among the field hands, and used to call them my cousins.

He forbid my doing so, and told me if I acknowledged relationship with any of the bands I should be flogged for it.

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He used to speak of them as devils and hell-hounds, and ridicule them in every possible way; and endeavored to make me speak of them and regard them in the same manner. He would tell long stories about hunting and shooting " runaway niggers," and detail with great apparent satisfaction the cruel and horrid punishments which he had inflicted.

One thing he said troubled him. He had once whipped a slave so severely that he died in consequence of it, and it was soon after ascertained that he was wholly innocent of the offence charged against him. That slave, he said, had haunted him ever since.

Soon after we commenced weeding our cotton, some of the hands, who were threatened with a whipping for not finishing their tasks, ran away. The overseer and myself went out after them, taking with us five bloodhounds, which were kept on the estate for the sole purpose of catching runaways.

There were no other hounds in the vicinity, and the overseers of the neighboring plantations used to borrow them to hunt their runaways. A Page 50 Mr. Crop, who lived about ten miles distant, had two packs, and made it his sole business to catch slaves with them. We used to set the dogs upon the track of the fugitives, and they would follow them until, to save themselves from being torn in pieces, they would cling into a tree, where the dogs kept them until we came up and secured them.

These hounds, when young, are taught to run after the negro boys; and being always kept confined except when let out in pursuit of runaways, they seldom fail of overtaking the fugitive, and seem to enjoy the sport of hunting men as much as other dogs do that of chasing a fox or a deer. While going over our cotton picking for the last time, one of our hands, named Little John, ran away.

The next evening the dogs were started on his track. We followed them awhile, until we knew by their ceasing to bark that they had found him. We soon met the dogs returning. Their jaws, heads, and feet, were bloody. The overseer looked at them and said "he was afraid the dogs had killed the nigger. Earlier the next morning we started off with our neighbors, Sturtivant and Flincher, and after searching about for some time, we found the body of Little John lying in the midst of a thicket of cane.

It was nearly naked, and dreadfully mangled and gashed by the teeth of the dogs. They had evidently dragged it some yards through the thicket: blood, tatters of clothes, and even the entrails of the unfortunate man, were clinging to the stubs of the old and broken cane.

Huckstep stooped over his saddle, looked at the body, and muttered an oath. Sturtivant swore it was no more than the fellow deserved. We dug a hole in the cane-brake, where he lay, buried him, and returned home. The murdered young man had a mother and two sisters on the plantation, by whom he was dearly loved. When I told the old woman of what had befallen her son, she only said that it was better for poor John than to live in slavery.

Late in the fall of this year, a young man, who had already run away several times, was missing from his task. It was four days before we found him. The dogs drove him at last up a tree, where he was caught, and brought home.

He was then Page 52 fastened down to the ground by means of forked sticks of wood selected for the purpose, the longest fork being driven into the ground the other closed down upon the neck, ankles, and wrists. The overseer then sent for two large cats belonging to the house.

These he placed upon the naked shoulders of his victim, and dragged them suddenly by their tails downward. At first they did not scratch deeply.

He then ordered me to strike them with a small stick after he had placed them once more upon the back of the sufferer. I did so; and the enraged animals extended their claws, and tore his back deeply and cruelly as they were dragged along it. He was then whipped and placed in the stocks, where he was kept three days. On the third morning, as I passed the stocks, I stopped to look at him. His head hung down over the chain which supported his neck.

I spoke, but he did not answer. He was dead In the stocks! The overseer on seeing him seemed surprised, and, I thought, manifested some remorse. Four of the field hands took him out of the stocks and buried him; and every thing went on as usual.

It is not in my power to give a narrative of the daily occurrences on the plantation. The history Page 53 of one day was that of all.

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The gloomy monotony of our slavery was only broken by the overseer's periodical fits of drunkenness, at which times neither life nor limb on the estate were secure from his caprice or violence.

In the spring ofthe overseer brought me a letter from my wife, written for her by her young mistress, Mr. Gatewood's daughter. He read it to me. It stated that herself and children were well - spoke of her sad and heavy disappointment in consequence of my not returning with my master, and of her having been told by him that I should come back the next fall.

Hope for a moment lightened my heart, and I indulged the idea of once more returning to the bosom of my family. But I recollected that my master had already cruelly deceived me, and despair again took hold on me. Among our hands was one whom we used to call Big Harry. He was a stout, athletic man, very intelligent, and an excellent workman; but he was of a high and proud spirit, which the weary and crushing weight of a life of slavery had not been able to subdue.

On almost every plantation at the South you may find one or more individuals whose look and air show that they Page 54 have preserved their self-respect as men; - that with them the power of the tyrant ends with the coercion of the body - that the soul is free, and the inner man retaining the original uprightness of the image of God.

You may know them by the stern sobriety of their countenances, and the contempt with which they regard the jests and pastimes of their miserable and degraded companions, who, like Samson, make sport for the keepers of their prison-house.

These men are always feared as well as hated by their task-masters. Harry had never been whipped, and had always said that he would die rather than submit to it. He made no secret of his detestation of the overseer.

While most of the slaves took off their hats, with cowering submission, in his presence, Harry always refused to do so. He never spoke to him except in a brief answer to his questions. Master George, who knew and dreaded the indomitable spirit of the man, told the overseer, before he left the plantation, to beware how he attempted to punish him. But the habits of tyranny in which Huckstep had so long indulged had accustomed him to abject submission on the part of his subjects, and he could not endure this upright and unbroken manliness.

He used frequently to curse Page 55 and swear about him, and devise plans for punishing him on account of his impudence, as he called it. A pretext was at last afforded him. Some time in August of this year there was a large quantity of yellow unpicked cotton lying in the gin house. Harry was employed at night in removing the cotton seed, which had been thrown out by the gin.

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The rest of the male hands were engaged during, the day in weeding the cotton for the last time, and in the night in burning brush on the new lands clearing for the next year's crop. Harry was told one evening to go with the others and assist in burning the brush.

He accordingly went; and the next night a double quantity of seed had accumulated in the gin house; and, although he worked until nearly two o'clock in the morning, he could not remove it all.

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The next morning the overseer came into the field, and demanded of me why I had not whipped Harry for not removing all the cotton seed. He then called aloud to Harry to come forward and be whipped. Harry answered somewhat sternly that he would neither be struck by overseer nor driver; that he had worked nearly all night, and had scarcely fallen asleep when the horn blew to Page 56 summon him to his toil in the field.

The overseer raved and threatened, but Harry paid no farther attention to him. He then turned to me and asked me for my pistols, with a pair of which he had furnished me. I told him they were not with me.

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He growled an oath, threw himself on his horse, and left us. In the evening I found him half drunk and raving like a madman. He said he would no longer bear with that nigger's insolence, but would whip him if it cost him his life. He at length fixed upon a plan for seizing him, and told me that he would go out in the morning, ride along by the side of Harry and talk pleasantly to him, and then, while Harry was attending to him, I was to steal upon him and knock him down, by a blow on the head from the loaded and heavy handle of any whip.

I was compelled to promise to obey his directions. The next morning, when we got to the field, I told Harry of the overseer's plan, and advised him by all means to be on his guard and watch my motions. His eye glistened with gratitude. He rode along by the side of Harry, talking and Page 57 laughing. I was walking on the other side. When I saw that Harry's eye was upon me, I aimed a blow at him, intending, however, to miss him.

He evaded the blow and turned fiercely round with his hoe uplifted, threatening to cut down any one who again attempted to strike him. Huckstep cursed my awkwardness, and told Harry to put down his hoe and come to him. He refused to do so, and swore he would kill the first man who tried to lay hands on him. The cowardly tyrant shrunk away from his enraged bondman, and for two weeks Harry was not again molested.

About the first of September the overseer had one of his drunken fits. He made the house literally an earthly hell. He urges me to drink, quarrelled and swore at me for declining, and chased the old woman round the house with his bottle of peach brandy. He then told me that Harry had forgotten the attempt to seize him, and that in the morning we must try our old game over again. On the following morning, as I was handing to each of the hands their hoes from the tool-house, I caught Harry's eye.

After breakfast Huckstep came riding out to the cotton field. He tied his horse to a tree and came towards us. His sallow and haggard countenance was flushed, and his step unsteady. He came up by the side of Harry and began talking about the crops and the weather. I came at the same time on the other side, and in striking at him beat off his hat.

He sprang aside and stepped backwards. Huckstep, with a dreadful oath, commanded him to stop, saying that he had determined to whip him, and neither earth nor hell should prevent him.

Harry defied him, and said he had had always done the work allotted to him, and that was enough; he would sooner die than have the accursed lash touch him. The overseer staggered to his horse, mounted him and rode furiously to the house, and soon made his appearance, returning, with his gun in his hand.

When within a few yards of Harry he stopped, looked at him with a stare of mingled rage and drunken imbecility, and bid him throw down his hoe and come forward.

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The undaunted slave refused to comply, and, continuing his work, told the drunken demon to shoot if he pleased. Huckstep advanced within a few steps of him when Harry raised his hoe and told him to stand back. He stepped back a few paces, levelled his gun, and fired. Harry received the charge in his breast, and fell instantly across a cotton row. He threw up fix hands wildly and groaned, "Oh Lord!

The women shrieked aloud. For my own part, I stood silent with horror. The cries of the women enraged the overseer. He dropped his gun, and snatching the whip from my hand, with horrid oaths and imprecations, fell to whipping them, laying about him like a maniac. Upon Harry's sister he bestowed his blows without mercy, commanding her to quit her screaming and go to work.

The poor girl, whose brother had thus been murdered before her eyes, could not wrestle down the awful agony of her feelings, and the Page 60 brutal tormentor left her without effecting his object. He then, without going to look of his victim, told four of the hands to carry him to the house, and, taking up his gun, left the field.

$ REWARD. - Ran away the subscriber, living on Herring Bay, Anne Arundel Co., Md., on Saturday, 28th January, Negro man Elijah, who calls him. self Elijah Cook; is about 21 years of age, well made, of a very dark complexion, has an impediment in his speech, and a scar on his left cheek bone, apparently occasioned by a shot When officers got to the man's home they found him naked, covered in scars, marks and bruises Extra has the hottest celebrity and entertainment news, photos, gossip, scandals, videos, games, music, movies, television, star sightings and more!

When we got to the poor fellow, he was alive, and groaning faintly. The hands took him up, but before they reached the house he was dead. Huckstep came out and looked at him, and, finding him dead, ordered the hands to bury him.

The burial of a slave in Alabama is that of a brute: no coffin, no decent shroud, no prayer. A hole is dug, and the body thrown in without further ceremony. From this time the overseer was regarded by the whole gang with detestation and fear - as a being to whose rage and cruelty there were no limits.

Yet he was constantly telling us that he was the kindest of overseers - that he was formerly somewhat severe in managing his hands, but that now he was, if any thing, too indulgent. Indeed he had the reputation of being a good overseer and an excellent manager when sober.

The slaves on some of the neighboring plantations were certainly worse clothed and fed, and more frequently and cruelly whipped, than ours. Whenever we saw them they complained of overworking Page 61 and short feeding. One of Flincher's and one of Sturtivant's hands ran away while I was in Alabama, and, after remaining in the woods awhile, and despairing of being able to effect their escape, resolved to put an end to their existence and their slavery together.

Each twisted himself a vine of the muscadine grape, and fastened one end around the limb of an oak, and made a noose in the other. Jacob, Flincher's man, swung himself off first, and expired after a long struggle.

The other, horrified by the contortions and agony of his comrade, dropped his noose, and was retaken. When discovered two or three days afterwards, the body of Jacob was dreadfully torn and mangled by the obscene buzzards, those winged hyenas and goules of the Southwest.

Among the slaves who were brought from Virginia, were two young and bright mulatto women, who were always understood throughout the plantation to have been the daughters of the elder Larrimore, by one of his slaves. One was named Sarah and the other Hannah. Sarah, being in a state of pregnancy, failed of executing her daily allotted task of hoeing cotton.

I was ordered to whip her, and on my remonstrating with the overseer, Page 62 and representing the condition of the woman, I was told that my business was to obey orders, and that if I was told "to whip a dead nigger I must do it. This was on Thursday evening.

On Friday she also failed through weakness, and was compelled to lie down in the field. That night the overseer himself whipped her. On Saturday the wretched woman dragged herself once more to the cotton field. In the burning sun, and in a situation which would have called forth pity in the bosom of any one save a cotton-growing overseer, she struggled to finish her task.

The Unlisted cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more Besides Lamberti and Navarro, other applicants are: Melody Fortunato, Craig Glasser, Scott Israel, Philip Sweeting, Wiley Thompson, Bruce Udolf, Edward Werder and Elijah Williams. Charlie Crist Al The former First Lady, 56, revealed some sad news about family life in lockdown back in September when she explained her daughters, Malia, 22, and Sasha, 19, were sick of her. Michelle appeared

She failed - nature could do no more - and, sick and despairing, she sought her cabin. There the overseer met her and inflicted fifty more lashes upon her already lacerated back. The next morning was the Sabbath. It brought no joy to that suffering woman. Instead of the tones of the church bell summoning to the house of prayer, she heard the dreadful sound of the lash falling upon the backs of her brethren and sisters in bondage.

For the voice of prayer she heard curses; for the songs of Zion obscene and hateful blasphemies. No Bible was there with its consolations for the sick of heart. Faint and fevered, Page 63 scarred and smarting from the effects of her cruel punishment, she lay upon her pallet of moss, dreading the coming of her relentless persecutor, who, in the madness of one of his periodical fits of drunkenness, was now swearing and cursing through the quarters, - the demon of that Sabbathless hell.

Some of the poor woman's friends on the evening before had attempted to relieve her of the task which had been assigned her, but exhausted nature and the selfishness induced by their own miserable situation did not permit them to finish it; and the overseer, on examination, found that the week's work of the woman was still deficient.

After breakfast, he ordered her to be tied up to the limb of a tree, by means of a rope fastened round her wrists, so as to leave her feet about six inches from the ground. She begged him to let her down for she was very sick. You are too proud a miss for Alabama.

Swinging thus by her arms, she succeeded in placing one of her feet Page 64 against the body of the tree, and thus partly supported herself, and relieved in some degree the painful weight upon her wrists.

He threw down his whip, took a rail from the garden fence, ordered her feet to be tied together, and thrust the rail between them. He then ordered one of the hands to sit upon it.

Her back at this time was bare, but the strings of the only garment which she wore passed over her shoulders and prevented the full force of the whip from acting on her flesh. These he cut off with his penknife, and thus left her entirely naked. He struck her only two blows, for the second one cut open her side and abdomen with a frightful gash.

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